Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Way too long since I last had a thought!

Well, so much has happened since the last time I wrote, that I don't know where to begin. I guess I'll just write about sort of losing a best friend. Another one, that is. Well, I haven't really lost him yet, I'm just trying to lose the feelings I've had for him for the longest time. He hurt me pretty bad, and couldn't be honest with me about how he felt. And that's pretty much why I don't know how to be friends with him right now. I get outrageously jealous when I think he's with someone, or even when I don't know if he is. And that's not fair to either of us. Why do guys suck?? Everyone agrees with me. lol That was the very short version of one thing that's happened since I last wrote. I think I'd take up the whole internet if I typed about all the details. lol

I have also found out that I will be an aunt! My sister is going to have a baby right before her year anniversary in June. I am excited! But, I'm still getting used to it. Right now, I've been so looking forward to my best friend's baby, that knowing I was going to be a biological aunt for the first time has caught me off guard. I hope the baby will be a girl. I think there are enough boys in her husband's family. lol Of course, there aren't many boys in our family, either. As long as it's healthy, that's all that matters really!

Christmas is coming soon, and I'm happy to know the family will be together, soon. I miss not being together like we used to growing up. Everyone has their own life, it just seems weird to not be around each other all the time. To be young again, and have everything seem so simple! That's what I wish for sometimes! It sucks looking back, and realizing how innocent we are growing up. lol

Well that's it for now. It's not much, but it's at least something. Maybe I'll think of something deeper to write later! I hope! lol Until next time..... :)