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Yet Another New Experience

I just keep racking up the new experiences this summer! Flying on a plane, going to Florida, attending my first PHA conference, wandering Disney World, and also dealing with my first tropical storm was just the beginning! This past Sunday, I added another new thing to the list: jet skiing!!! No, that is not me, or K. above. lol I do have a picture with me on the jet ski, but K. hasn't sent it to me yet! When I get it, I'll share! 
Anyway, it was such an awesome feeling!! We got the jet ski into the water, and I held onto it while K. parked the truck. When he got back, we climbed onto the jet ski, and before I knew it, we were taking off! I wasn't prepared for it! I wasn't sure how to feel at first, either. I thought maybe I felt a little seasick, but that lasted 2 seconds (THANK GOODNESS!!)! Then I felt like I was getting too winded, but nope! It was just WINDY! lol Then I realized I was just feeling a rushing experience! I was on the water, with a lot of other people,…

Disney Adventure!

Sooo, after the PHA conference last month, my phriend and her daughters and grand-daughter and I ventured on to Disney World! We were picked up at the Renaissance around 11am that Sunday, and off we went. It was a rather warm day, but wet and gloomy. I sat behind the driver, and soon we approached the Disney site. I took a picture of the entrance sign, which scared the poor driver because my flash went off and he thought it was lightning. Oops!!

Soon we were at our hotel, All Disney Sports. There was a bit of an issue with checking in, and I also couldn't find out where my oxygen concentrator was located. After what seemed like forever, we were told where our rooms were, but only one of them was ready. So we headed to that one, and I was able to rest for awhile. Eventually the other room was ready, and I went down to it with my luggage. Then I had to go find the concentrator. I walked back to the main building, past the pool area. Which was flooded. I had worn my jeans and sneaker…

Hoping For Better

Last week was a rough week for me healthwise, and it didn't even have to do with PH (thank goodness!)! I started out on Sunday/Monday and even into Tuesday feel run down, tired, and as if I was going to get a cold. I certainly didn't want to deal with a cold in July when it's hot out! Wednesday around 5:30 in the morning, I woke up suddenly and started to see a tiny bunch of stars. CARP. A migraine. I really didn't want to take an Excedrin Migraine, and I ended up laying back down. An hour later I woke up again and saw a ton more stars. Sooo I got up to take the Excedrin. I also got an ice pack. Since I started treating the migraine pretty much from the beginning, I never really got the headache, but I felt like crap for the rest of the day. All I did was take it easy and work on a necklace for my sister, Joan. Early in the morning on Thursday, I woke up with a terrible sinus headache. I actually couldn't determine which was worse, the migraine or the sinus headach…

PHA's 10th International Conference

I have been a part of the PH community since October 2003, when I started my first medicine to treat PH symptoms, called Tracleer. Included with the first shipment of that med was a flyer for the PHA, so I sat down one morning and typed in the url in the search bar. I spent that day, and most of the week, in total awe. It was an emotional time, reading so many stories of other people who had PH and felt exactly how I felt my entire life. The shortness of breath, the extreme fatigue, the not being able to do anything strenuous without feeling terrible afterward. I cried much of the time. It was an entire new world to me, a world which I actually felt I belonged. I was no longer alone.

While the message boards provided a huge wealth of information and personal stories, the chat rooms provided an instant connection. The first few times I ventured into the rooms, I felt totally at home. For anyone who hasn't had the experience of being in a chat room, I highly recommend it, although i…

My Adventure's Beginnings

I've been home from my trip to Florida since Wednesday night, and I'm still trying to recover from the time I spent there. I think I'm also still in shock. The trip included so many firsts for me: flying, going to a conference, going to Disney, actually being in Florida itself! Oh, and let's not forget my first tropical storm (thanks to Debby)! It was such a wonderful experience, most of it anyway. I wish it hadn't ended!

On the Thursday that I left, I was all set to go. I actually had everything packed, and thanks to making a list and crossing things off as I threw things into the suitcase, I didn't forget anything. Whew! My parents brought me to the airport, dropped me off at the entrance, and I began the first part of my adventure checking my suitcase and getting the wheelchair assistance. I made it through security with only one issue: not taking the backup batteries out of my carry on that were for my Evergo oxygen portable I was using. Oops, I didn't …