Hoping For Better

Last week was a rough week for me healthwise, and it didn't even have to do with PH (thank goodness!)! I started out on Sunday/Monday and even into Tuesday feel run down, tired, and as if I was going to get a cold. I certainly didn't want to deal with a cold in July when it's hot out! Wednesday around 5:30 in the morning, I woke up suddenly and started to see a tiny bunch of stars. CARP. A migraine. I really didn't want to take an Excedrin Migraine, and I ended up laying back down. An hour later I woke up again and saw a ton more stars. Sooo I got up to take the Excedrin. I also got an ice pack. Since I started treating the migraine pretty much from the beginning, I never really got the headache, but I felt like crap for the rest of the day. All I did was take it easy and work on a necklace for my sister, Joan. Early in the morning on Thursday, I woke up with a terrible sinus headache. I actually couldn't determine which was worse, the migraine or the sinus headache. I think the last one won, though!! I spent most of the morning/early afternoon trying to treat that, and finally it was almost gone by the time my family went on a picnic. I was happy about that, since it was a lot of fun! Sooo, Friday morning I got up and....whoa, no headache! My neck was bugging me a little, though, so I went to massage it like I sometimes do. Two seconds later, omg. I don't know what I did, but somehow I got a pulled muscle in my upper neck/shoulder area on the right side!!! NOOOOO!!! I couldn't even move for like two minutes because it hurt so bad. I ended up spending the day icing the area often, and not doing too much else because I couldn't turn my head much! I was just so frustrated!! I was able to go out to dinner with my sistores and friend, but I wish I could've spent more time doing something else more productive than nursing a pulled muscle!

Saturday I woke up with nothing extra wrong! lol  The neck still hurt quite a bit, the ice packs were helping slightly, and I also tried some heat. I took an Advil from my mom to see if that would help the pain (Tylenol and Excedrin didn't so anything for it), and it seemed to help a little bit. My family and I crossed into Canada for Joan's 30th birthday party, and so I was happy not to be in so much pain during that event! It turned out to be very nice, and Joan enjoyed herself!

Today I was still in some pain, but it hasn't been as much. I took one more Advil, but I think I'm done with taking the pain meds for my neck. I'll keep icing and heating if I need to do so, though. I'm going to try my best to be headache-free, pain-free, and pulled muscle-free this week!!! I hope I can just go back to my normal routine!!


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