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Cleveland, Resting and Birthdays, Oh My!

This past weekend flew by so quickly! It's hard to believe it's already Monday again. So, I'll sum up the weekend (which means, I will elaborate on everything lol).

Friday was spent with my Dad at the Cleveland Clinic for my annual check up. We left a little after 6am since my first appointment was at 10 and it takes about 3 hours to get there. But, I'd been up since 4:45 for whatever reason, so I was rather tired! When we got to the Clinic, I had my first appointment, which was an echo. The technician who did mine was so thrilled because he never gets congenital heart defects, and he said I was the most exciting case he was going to have all day (granted, it was 10am, I sure hope I wasn't the only interesting case lol). After that was over, I got some blood work done, and then my Dad and I had time to eat some late breakfast/early brunch before my next appointment. The Clinic has different cafes in many of their buildings for people to get something, and the one w…

Is It Summer?

Actually, yes, it is still technically Summer even though it's September! I think people get to this month and automatically thing that it's Fall because most kids go back to school, the weather starts getting cooler, and the leaves start changing. Pumpkin-everything becomes available, and people long for Halloween. Oh my, just stop!! I am never ready for this change!!

Today's weather, and the weather for the rest of the week, makes it sure feel like it's still Summer! Where was this weather for most of the ACTUAL Summer?? I spent a lot of time on my front porch this morning and afternoon because it was warm and beautiful out! It made me happy! Sadly, I got rid of my two pots of flowers since they were pretty much done growing. But I still have my chair on my porch in the hopes that I can still use it for a little bit longer before I have to store it.

I had originally planned to do a lot more than I did today, but I am trying to live by a thought of "Because You C…


I AM trying to blog more. At least, I keep telling myself that, and then I don't end up writing something because by the end of the day, I'm too tired or I forgot what I wanted to say. I need to just jot things down. lol

It's already the second weekend of September, and it's almost over. I have a love-hate relationship with the month, because it means summer is on it's way out and I have to wait FOREVER for it to come back (the HATE part), but it also means it's my birthday month (the LOVE part)! And then that is over, and before you know it, Christmas is here (HATE/LOVE at the same time lol)!

I don't know what I'd like to do for my birthday this year. I just saw on my Facebook memories that two years ago, I went to a Paint Nite with a bunch of my friends and two of my sistores. That was a lot of fun! Last year, I had dinner with my family, which was nice. This coming weekend, which is my birthday weekend, is kind of busy. Friday I have to go to Clevela…

A Field of Happiness

In the last week or so, I began seeing Facebook posts from local friends of a field of sunflowers in an area about 20 minutes east of me. I have seen a field of sunflowers once before, several years ago while on a trip with my mom to her hometown of Horseheads, NY. Right before we arrived there, I spotted sunflowers galore from the highway, and it was just so awesome! So, when I started seeing the pictures of friends enjoying the beautiful flowers, I knew I wanted to go for a drive! I did so on Friday afternoon. It was bright and sunny, although a little cool for my liking, and the drive was pretty easy. I knew I had arrived at the location of the field when I saw tons of cars lined up on the side of the road, where usually people aren't allowed to park. And then I saw the sunflowers. I was already in awe before I pulled over, and very excited!! My mom didn't want to come out with me, so I got out of the car and carefully crossed the road to the sunflowers. I could tell the po…