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We're In The Money...

It's hard to believe that a week ago, I was in Horseheads! I don't know where the week went, but it flew. Anyhow, here's one of the things I did while I was there!

My grandma had bought tickets to see the play, 42nd Street. It had been a while since I've even been to a play, and I hadn't seen that one. I had heard about it, but wasn't exactly sure what the storyline was about. So I was excited to go because my grandma doesn't always have an opportunity to bring her grandkids to something like this (she has over 25 grandkids, and several great-grandkids!), and I was going to see a play I hadn't seen before!

Saturday morning rolls around, and grandma announces she's got a sore throat that is not going away. So she is not sure about going to the play. However, she does decide to go to an outdoor festival thing going on in downtown Elmira (coincidentally across the street from where we'd be seeing the play). When we got back home, she definitel…

Almost Bedtime

I realized I haven't written since my birthday, and then I also realized that I went away last Friday, and came back yesterday. lol I know I was busy the week before my trip, too, so that's another reason I haven't written in a while. Anyway, I went to my grandma's house in a little town called Horseheads, NY. It's right near Elmira, and it's a quiet area for the most part. It's about a 3 hour drive from my house, and usually very beautiful the closer we get there. The trip was very nice. I saw family that I haven't seen in quite some time, and it was so great seeing them! The one thing I took home from the trip: my grandma's sore throat. Grrr! So now I'm sick, and slowly (ever so slowly) am I getting better. It's so annoying not to be able to take a decongestant, or else I'd have this dumb cold gone by now! Ugh!! Anyhow, I plan on writing more about my trip, but right now, I need to get some sleep. Hopefully I'll be able…

Whoo Hooo, 30!!

Today is my 30th birthday! Some of you may think, "OMG, she's gone mad!! Celebrating being 30?? Oh my!" Well, I think of it as quite the opposite! I think of it as 30 years that I might not have had, considering my health conditions, and that my parents were told I might not live past the age of one. So, I thank the Good Lord for another year, and I pray that I might have 30 more!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

I'm having a party at my parents' house tonight with a bunch of family and friends. I'm looking forward to it, because they all mean so much to me. More than I can explain in words. I think they are a reason I'm still here after 30 years, because they show me such love and support when I'm going through tough times. I love them all, and I thank them also for giving me such happiness!

Ok, before I get too mushy, I'm off to rest a bit before getting changed and going to my parents'. I hope you all have a great day! :)

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A Sad Loss

Being part of a support group is wonderful. You slowly start to feel like the other members are family, for the most part. They are people who really can sympathize with you, because they know exactly how you feel and your emotions since they also deal with the same thing. For over 2 years now, almost 3, I have belonged to PHA, and I read the message boards at least twice, sometimes 3 times a day. I've also participated in weekend chats, and chats on Wednesday nights. I've gotten to know many people, and I care about them all. We all support each other when we're down, or even when we have good news. We welcome the newcomers with open arms. It's wonderful to feel like part of a group who truly cares about each other. And I'm not even sure if I"ll meet any of these people because we are all over the country, all over the world.

With this all being said, we have lost a member of our "family." A wonderful woman who had PH so long, has died from it. W…

Not A Happy Camper!!

I am rather irritated.

Because of my health, I haven't worked in about 5 years. Since I haven't worked in that long, I usually have no reason to get up very early in the morning anymore. Once in a blue moon, but not all that often.

Today I awoke to the lovely sound of 2 shitzu's scream barking at the top of their little shitzu lungs. Mind you, their wonderful pal, the golden lab, decided to also join in the ruckus.

It was still dark outside when this occurred!! It could have been the middle of the night for all I knew, but according to my watch after I activated Indiglo, it was 6am!!!

6am people!! I do NOT get up at this hour!!

After contemplating two very tempting options (one being yelling a obscenities out the window, the other one involving hurling a heavy object out the window), I decided on the third option of turning over and trying to go back to sleep. Somehow, I managed to drift back off into Lala Land. Only to be awoken about an hour later by a very loud sound. …

School's In!

Today was the first day of school in my area. I heard the buses driving around this morning, a sound I need to get used to again. So all the kids are back in school! I felt bad only for the little ones starting their first year in preschool and/or kindergarten. Not only were some of them most likely afraid of leaving their parents, but we had a huge thunder and lightning storm this morning as well! I did NOT envy those poor teachers who might have had to deal with both issues!! lol

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Wow! Our schools started here on August 15. The school where my sister teaches in Florida started on August 5. That is way too early. Lori Comment from helmswondermom - 9/10/05 8:04 PM


I haven't been writing too much lately. Mostly, I haven't had too much to say. Shocking!! The past couple of days, I have been feeling miserable. And I almost wish I had a real cold, but it's allergies. After almost 30 years of not having any allergies, the past couple of years I've started to slowly develop them. This summer, whenever it's been cooler, my allergies have been driving me nuts. I'm exhausted, and I can't breathe!! This is bad, considering I already have a lung problem!! The oxygen doesn't help any with that either. I was given a generic Claritin prescription that I can only take once a day. I was only taking it on days that I felt lowsy, but my doctor's nurse told me to try taking it once a day, so it's in my system. So, I'm going to try that for a week, and hopefully it'll make some sort of difference. If not, I'm about ready to try my sister's vacuum idea. LOL

I haven't made jewelry in a while, but I thi…

Hurricane Katrina

This week has shown that, as much as the US can help assist other countries when they have some sort of disaster strike, it can't help it's own people. The federal government has showed such a poor display of helping the citizens down in the Gulf coast. Regular citizens have responded overwhelmingly, though. They have reached out more help than the government has!! In my neck of the woods, there was a collection of supplies and donations this morning. The radio station sponsoring it only meant to fill 2 semi-trucks with goods. Instead, they filled TEN TRUCKS!!! Ten trucks of food and supplies for the people who have been devastated by the storm. They also raised over half a million dollars! These are ordinary citizens with huge hearts, willing to give their time and money to help people they don't even know. And where has the government been? Why did it take almost 4 days for Bush to finally tour the area and start talking to the people? I laughed at how they said he didn&…