Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Go Bo!!

AOL has Bo Bice's new single available to listen to. I listened to Vehicle, and I must say I love it!! Have a listen, if you'd like!

My Niece!!

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL??? I love her so much already, and she's now a week old!! Yaaaay!!!

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Awww....how sweet! Comment from fitzzer - 6/29/05 9:04 AM

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Long Day

It's been a long day. And I really didn't do anything. I've been dog-sitting, since my family went to a wedding out of town yesterday. Shelby is a cutie, and I love her, but I am just not cut out to take care of a dog! I am definitely a cat person. I don't have to worry about Mittens needing to use the bathroom or when he needs to be fed. And I don't have to entertain him constantly. Shelby, on the other hand, is sooooo different. She woke me up at 5:30 this morning to go outside. Unfortunately, I don't have a fenced in yard, so I had to go with her. Oy! Then, after being out for over 10 minutes, and watching her pee 3 times, she came back in and peed on my blanket. Oy!! She peed on my comforter yesterday afternoon, too. Ugh!! My mom thinks she has a bladder infection. Ya think??? Anyway, Shelby has been pretty good this afternoon, I have to admit. I'm going to take her back down to my mom's in a little while.

Besides watching the dog, and finding out about my friend's father, I haven't felt good at all today. My ear was totally hurting, which is silly since I've been on an antibiotic for it for 5 days now. Maybe it just decided to hurt today, I don't know. So, I did manage a nap, and I made Shelby take one, too.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. I can go up and see my little niece!! Mandy and Ron wanted today to themselves, no visitors. That is because today was their one year anniversary. It's hard to believe they've been married a year, and even harder to believe they have a baby. But Hailey is so damn cute, and I'm very happy for them. So much has changed in their lives, and they definitely consider themselves a team. I hope that never changes for them.

Well, guess I better take Shelby for a walk. I won't say that word out loud until I'm ready. She LOVES that word! And I better do it soon, because Mittens keeps stalking Shelby. He hates that she's been here the whole time. I feel like I've been babysitting 2 kids since yesterday! LOL

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Oh, the joys of parenting! LOL. Your niece is such a little teeny weeny cutie!!! Congratulations on being an aunt! Stop by:http://journals.aol.com/cyndygee/TheRealWorldofcyndygee Comment from cyndygee - 6/30/05 1:43 AM

My cat used to love dogs. I think she thought she was one. Comment from luvmort - 6/28/05 5:12 PM

Sad News

One of my best friends called me this morning to tell me her father passed away last night. I feel terrible for her and her family. He had not been doing well for several months, and it is a blessing that he is no longer suffering. But still, he had 9 children, and a very loving wife who will miss him very much. I pray that they will be able to be strong and support one another during this time. I also pray that I can be strong for my friend, even though I have been very sad for her all morning.

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(((((((((((((((Colleen)))))))))))))) I know you were dreading this news. I am so sorry.Comment from maidothemist - 6/27/05 6:42 AM

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

Last Sunday, I went to see Cyndi Lauper in concert at the Bear's Den at the casino. She was fantastic! The venue was so small, since it used to be the Little Theater in the Convention Center before the Center was turned into the casino. We were 3 rows from the stage, and when she came out, she came out on the side we were on. My first thought was, "she is too cute!!" She was joking around with the crowd, making comments to people and such. It was too funny! She played a lot of her old songs, a few new ones, and some cover songs. But the absolute best was when she played Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at the end!! That song is one of my 2 favoritest (I know, that's not a word) in the world!! (If I knew how to add music to my journal, I'd have that song playing!) The crowd was up and dancing, and she went up one side to dance with some of the fans! I was jealous, wish she had come over to us! lol It was a really good show, though, and I'd definitely see her if she came again!

Now if only A-Ha would get back together so I can hear Take On Me, my other favoritest song in the world......

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I saw her a number of years ago and her a capella version of "True Colours" was amazing. Comment from luvmort - 6/28/05 4:49 PM

how fun!!!!!!! and welcome back! Comment from maidothemist - 6/27/05 6:44 AM

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!!

It's official folks, I'm back!! The computer has been up for a couple days, but I finally got back online today. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! How I miss having my own computer! Sure, I was able to check my email on my mom's computer, or my sister's. But trying to write online at my audience seemed to attract an audience. Mainly, my mother. lol Seriously, she would often hover over me to "tell me something" as I typed email. Oh well, that's done and over with! I have my new computer, and hopefully I'll have it for a zillion more years to come! lol

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'bout time! Comment from luvmort - 6/28/05 4:48 PM

Friday, June 24, 2005

Good News All Around!

First of all, I am an aunt!!! My sister had her baby on Tuesday after a 14hr labor, but everything turned out okay. Hailey was born at 6:30pm, weighing 7lbs 12oz, and measuring 20 1/2" long. She is the spitting image of Mandy, and truly a little doll!! Mandy and Ron brought Hailey home yesterday, so now I can go up and visit daily for a month before they move by August. Yaaaaaaay!! And so far, I haven't heard the baby cry above me. She's either a quiet cryer, or the ceiling is a lot better insulated than I thought!

My second piece of good news is that my new computer came yesterday! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! It's all set up, and I even transferred files from the old one that I had saved on CDs. I still don't have internet access yet, until Ron can do it for me. Considering he's a little busy with the baby at the moment, I can wait another couple days if I need to. But then I shall be back up and running!!

That's all for around here. Oh, I haven't been feeling well, and I told my doctor on Wednesday that my lungs have been feeling funny. I feel really run down, and almost like I might be getting sick, but not really. It's strange. She gave me an antibiotic (since my ear was really red, even though it felt fine to me), and told me that she didn't want me going away this weekend. I was supposed to go to my cousin's wedding. But I honestly haven't felt like I could even make it traveling, I just feel so tired. So I'm following my doctor's orders!

That's my update! I'll be back soon, and catching up on a lot of journal entries! lol

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Welcome back. Comment from luvmort - 6/28/05 3:50 PM

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Computer Woes :(

Well folks, the inevitable has happened. My computer has died. :( I can no longer turn it on, and it's not even worth the money to fix it since it's considered "old." Five years isn't old in my opinion, but in computer years, it's probably about a million years old. So, I won't be able to write in my journal quite often until I figure out how to get a new one. I'm at my mom's right now using hers. She only lives down the street, so I could come harass her every day to use the computer. lol We'll see. Anyhow, hope all of you are enjoying yourselves, doing whatever you are doing. I have been getting my journal alerts, but it's so hard reading them all and catching up when I'm not on my computer on a daily basis! So, I'm sure I'll be reading a lot when I get back online for good!

Oh, and my sister hasn't had her baby yet. Her due date was yesterday, and nothing! A lot of people say she doesn't even look like she'll be ready for another 2 weeks. Thank goodness they aren't saying that in front of her, for she would definitely attack someone. lol

Talk to y'all soon! :)

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Don't cha think your Mom would love a daily visit from her favourite melondaughter? Comment from luvmort - 6/13/05 8:22 AM

lolol remember- soph was 2 1/2 weeks late... Comment from maidothemist - 6/12/05 7:41 PM

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Pimpin' A New Show

I usually never watch tv once all my shows end for the summer. But NBC had to start a new tv show every Thursday that I now enjoy watching! It's called Hit Me Baby One More Time. It's actually quite entertaining! The artist or band plays their song that made them well-known during the first round. The second round is their version of a song that is out today. There have been some interesting covers, let me tell ya!

The first week's winner was Arrested Development. How I LOVED that group back in the 80s! This week's winner was Vanilla Ice. Kinda funny. I wanted The Knack to win, but whatever. They only take the audience vote. It's so funny to see some of the bands come back and sing their hit song. Some of the members just look so old. The guys in Flock of Seagulls kinda scared me last week. lol But, it's a fun show to watch, and good songs are played!! I'm not sure how long it's supposed to run, but it's a least one show I will watch this summer! Besides my soap (Passions, another NBC show. Hmmmm).

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"Passions" is so much fun! Comment from luvmort - 6/11/05 6:13 AM

I was going to watch this last night to see if it's any good, but forgot! Glad to hear it's worth the watch. Ought to be interesting to see what ev1 looks like now. ~ Lori Comment from fitzzer - 6/10/05 8:20 AM

An Outing Last Night

I had a blast last night with my friends! We had such a good time chatting and laughing, as usual. I always enjoy my outings with my friends. They mean so much to me, as do my three sisters. It's no wonder that I have been around as long as I have, because I have such support from my family and friends. Ok, before I start bawling from sentimentality, I shall end now.

Today was certainly hot. Ok, no surprise there, it's been hot all week. The humidity is what killed me today. Obviously not literally, or I wouldn't be typing this. I usually hate air conditioning, but I had to turn it on in my apartment since I was having a hard time breathing. It truly does make a difference! I'm not complaining about the weather, though. I live for this time of year, I am definitely a summer person. I would much rather take the heat than the cold any day. I know, some of you out there must think I'm crazy. That's ok, I am.

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Dude- I am glad you had fun! BUT LET ME SAY- that starbucks story is INCREDIBLE! And when is this baby coming. I think.. you should ask if you may be in the room - that is my opinion! IT is unbelievable! Comment from maidothemist - 6/11/05 2:39 PM

You are crazy. I hate summer, you get naked and you still sweat...wait...naked?...sweating?...what the hell am I saying?...I LOVE SUMMER! Comment from luvmort - 6/11/05 6:12 AM

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

An Outing Tonight!

I am going out for coffee tonight with a bunch of friends. I am really looking forward to it! I haven't been to Starbucks in like 2 months, I think. I am craving a frappacino, YUM!! The funny thing about Starbucks, is that I think only one of my friends drinks coffee. So we say we're going for coffee, but we never drink it! Go figure!

I still have a bunch of money on my Starbucks card, which I acquired after the very DUMB and IGNORANT remarks from an employee there a year ago. We had gone one night for coffee, and I drove. Since it was so busy, there weren't many parking spots, so I opted for the handicap spot. Which is fine and dandy, since I have handicap license plates. So we all go in to Starbucks, and say hi to a couple friends who were already their waiting for us. In the commotion, I wasn't paying much attention to things being said, until I suddenly realized that all my friends were staring at me with big wide eyes. Erin said to me, "Did you hear what he said?" I looked behind the counter, and one of the guys working there was going on about something. So Erin said, "He just said 'Well if you are going to park in the handicap spot, you might as well walk in with a limp!'" I could NOT believe he had the nerve to say that!! Most of my friends wanted to kick his ass, and believe me, I felt like it, too!

However, when I went up to order something (I still think we should have left, but we didn't!), I said something to him about it. This was after Erin said something to him, too. I told him that first of all, it wasn't his business who parked there, he was there to make coffee, not to patrol the lot. I also told him that I am handicap, not that it was any of his business. And do you really think all handicap people have handicaps that are noticeable?? No, I don't think so!! He kept apologizing, but he wasn't sincere. I knew it because he would say, "I'm sorry, but I have to keep an eye out for those people." I just wanted to slap the dude!

Anyway, we all go have our "coffee," talking all about the incident and other things. A couple days later, I decide to make a little comment on Starbucks website. I complained about what happened, and told them where the location was that it happened at. I never expected anything, maybe an email. Well, a few days later, I got a call from someone at Starbucks' customer service center. We talked about the incident, and the girl apologized profusely for his behavior. I gave her more details about the location, and she told me the district manager would be calling me about him. I also was given some Starbucks coupons, and a $100 gift card! Whoo hooo! So, I still have quite a bit of money on it, which is nice! Anyway, I am hoping the district manager talked to the guy about what he said. I still can't believe he had the nerve to say that! However, he's not the only one I've come across who has made a comment about me parking in the handicap spot. At least I speak up and say something. Ignorant fool!! lol

By the way, it's been a while since I've seen the ignorant dude working. Hmmm......

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People are so ignorant! I'm glad to hear Starbucks followed up with you on it. Makes me have a good impression about the company itself. What a jerk that guy was though. GRRrrr! ~ Lorihttp://journals.aol.com/fitzzer/PurpleSnapdragons Comment from fitzzer - 6/8/05 11:34 AM

Ho Hum

I feel like I haven't been writing all that much lately. I guess because all that much isn't going on. Here's what I've been doing:

Making jewelry.

Browsing Ebay and buying beads for said jewelry-making.

Some laundry.

Some reading.

Grocery shopping.

Waiting for a baby to finally decide to make it's debut.

So that's about it, folks. My life is pretty dull at the moment. Busy, but dull. My cat's yawning, even he's bored!

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Having a life is no reason to apologize. I only blog as much as I do because I am bloody addicted to it. Comment from luvmort - 6/8/05 1:27 AM

Monday, June 06, 2005


It's an absolutely gorgeous day today! It's warm (although for some people, they probably feel like they are melting), and there is a very nice breeze blowing around out there. I have every window in my apartment open, and it's just yummy nice in here! Of course, my sister will want the a/c on pretty soon, so I'll turn it on, but keep my vents closed. I am not one who loves a/c! And people think I'm nuts. That's ok, I am!

So what's the best thing to do on a sunny, breezy day like this? Laundry! I am washing some sheets and my blanket. The blanket is out on the line now, with about 15 clothespins to hold it down. I sure hope it doesn't fly anywhere! I like hanging laundry outside, except for 2 things: 1) I live on a corner with no fence around the yard, so I'm afraid someone stupid would try to steal something; 2) I'm always worried on windy days like this that my laundry is going to fly around the neighborhood!

Here I go, back outside to play laundry guard! lol

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stuff. Stuff, and More Stuff

There have been many happenings....well..happening lately. At least it seems like it. Or maybe it's just because I haven't written in my journal in the past several days. Well anyhow, I went to a Hawaiian BBQ on Monday for Memorial Day. It was at my BIL's parents' house. It was quite nice, actually. While we were there, I talked to one of the women who will soon be officially part of the family (her son is marrying Mandy's SIL in a couple weeks, ewww). Anyhow, she owns a shop down in Lewiston. She sells fancy stuff, dresses and jewelry, and she is also a seamstress. Did I mention that she sells JEWELRY?? So, I went over to chat to her about her shop. As soon as I mentioned that I have been making jewelry, she cut me off and said "Oh, bring it in, I'll look at it!" Well, smart little me had already brought my stuff, so I went and got it from the car. She took 2 of my sets that she thought would go well with a purse and scarf she had, and asked how much I wanted for them. She is going to try selling them for me, and I hope she can!

I went down to her shop yesterday (with some of my stuff again), so I could see what she was selling, and what I could make for some of the dresses she had in the store. She showed me a gift shop that was attached to her store, and she asked if I'd want to sell my bracelets in the shop. I said it would be fine with me if it was ok with the lady who owned the shop!! So, I left her with my 36 bracelets that I had made. Whooo hooo!!! I certainly hope this is the beginning of a beautiful business partnership! LOL

Let's see, what else? Well, my Mandy is now off of work since last Friday. She looks like she wants to pull the baby out herself half the time. lol She is due any day now, and for some reason, I feel fiercely protective of her. I can't explain it. I guess it's because I want to be there when the baby is going to be born. No, not IN the room with her. Just at the hospital. And if she is going into labor when she is here, and her husband is at work, I want to be able to help get her to the hospital. Or if she goes into labor in the middle of the night, I want to go with them. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's my excitement about her having this baby. I just don't want to feel like I'm intruding! I'm just anxious, that must be it!!

Well ok, maybe that much stuff isn't going on with me. I thought I had more to write about, but apparently I'm on brain overload. So, this ends tonight's recap of my life right now. Have a good night!
And yes, I said good night, and I have a sunny picture with this journal. Doesn't seem to make sense, but's that ok. It doesn't have to.

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Congratulations on selling your jewelry. It bodes well that two businesses are willing to showcase your wares. Good luck. Comment from luvmort - 6/6/05 8:31 AM