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Got Crackers?



I've been so busy this week, either being out or being home and doing things around here. And I've been very tired from it all by the end of the day, but it's been a good kind of tired. I've gotten alot accomplished, from cleaning, to making jewelry, to putting gas in my car, to visiting with my sistore and my niece. I should have a "day-off" today, but I have stuff to do still! I will tackle the laundry and my dishes. I do feel tired today, but I'm just going to take my time with everything. And if I can't finish it all today, then there's always tomorrow!

Court did not go as planned on Thursday morning. The Judge asked my mom for the affadavit that Joseph was served, but she had never been told that SHE was the one who had to get someone to serve Joseph with court papers. It was rather frustrating!! So when she went to the City Marshals to get them to serve him, the guy told her that she was very lucky we had the judge we had. The other 2 judges …

I'll See You In Court!!!

This Thursday, my mom is going to court over the jerk who "lives" upstairs from me. I say "lives" because he doesn't actually live there much anymore. He stays every once in awhile. He moved in last December, and he was fine for a couple months. Then in February, he paid the rent rather late. But since March, he hasn't paid anything at all. And he's spewed a bunch of bullshit and lies to my mom, and it makes me so mad.

"Joseph" told my mom back in November when he saw the place that he worked at a church. I say "Joseph" because that is his name. Anyway, we found out he works at a church alright: he is the pastor at the one he works at. A pastor. Who is not paying his rent. And I want to ask him: Joseph, do you preach to your congregation to lie, cheat, and steal from your fellow man? Because that is just what he is doing.

We also found out that before Easter, Joseph and his fiancee (yes, apparently he has a fiancee!) went to Williamsvi…

PH-related News of the Week

Last Tuesday, my parents and I made the trip to the Cleveland Clinic, so I could have my 6 minute walk and assess how I've been doing since I was last there in April 2006. My walk wasn't as good as the last time, and I knew it wouldn't be. I've been rather tired the past several months, and my exercise capacity hasn't been as good either. A few years ago, I was able to walk 2 miles on the treadmill, and nowadays, I'm lucky if I can go past a 1/2 mile. So I asked my PH doctor about Revatio, and he said I could try it. Yes, if you clicked on the link to see what Revatio is, you'd have noticed that it has the same ingredient as Viagra. Now after you stop snorting and thinking all sorts of silly thoughts, I will tell you that Viagra originally wasn't intended for the sole purpose it's being marketed for today. It was being tested for helping with heart-related issues. They just discovered a wonderfully "uplifting" side effect along the way th…

May Days

It's been a busy week, and weekend. I'm still pretty tired on most days, but I've perked up a little. Not a lot, but a little. I went out last week a couple days to get groceries and run errands. I exercised a bit more, too, but found that I was a little more tired after doing so. But I'm trying not to get upset over it. I go to Cleveland this Tuesday, so I will discuss it with my PH specialist. The tiredness is a real drag, especially when the weather is slowly trying to perk up!

This weekend was very nice, and mostly family oriented! Friday night was my mom's birthday, so we all went over to Mandy's house to have dinner. I went over early to try to help Mandy cook, and I ended up entertaining my niece instead. I said I felt bad for not helping her, but Mandy said I was helping more than I knew!! So we had dinner, and then dessert, and then Ron got some help from Rick in moving the new couch and love seat down into the basement. That took quite some time, but t…

Kickin' Some Ass

I came across this video, and I found it hilarious!!

What Are you Gonna Do To The Monster - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Little Miracles

Every once in awhile, God shows that He really does listen.

Today, being that it was the 3rd of the month, I was supposed to get my disability check in the mail. So when I saw the mailman pass my window, I checked my mail soon after to see what else I got besides my check. Lo and behold, my check isn't in the mail. I was really upset about this, considering that after 6 years of being on disability, I have never had this happen. All I could think of was, maybe it got delivered to a neighbor? Maybe it got lost in the mail? Maybe there was a change I wasn't aware of? It was rather late in the day to really do anything about it, so I just said a little prayer to God. I never pray for money, for I don't believe it's that important in our lives, but I asked God to let me have answers about this tomorrow, and to allow me to let go of the worry until tomorrow. For there really wasn't anything I could do until tomorrow anyway. So, I took a nap and after that, got up and mad…