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Happy Thanksgiving

Today was a nice Thanksgiving, spent with my family. It seemed to be very low-key, which was just fine with me. I spent all afternoon yesterday making my strawberry banana bread, and my pecan pie, so I just relaxed this morning for awhile before getting dressed and going to my parents' house. I got over there a little after 1pm, and helped make some of the items we were eating for dinner. My mom bought a turkey breast since it was only my parents, Joanie and I eating dinner. We also had mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing (not homemade this year), green bean casserole, corn, and cranberry sauce. It was very yummy! I felt like I overate, even though I really didn't take too much. We cleaned up, and watched some tv and then Mandy called us to say they were home and we could come over for dessert.

Mandy's was nice, too. We had pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cheesecake pie, and lemon meringue pie. It was quite tasty! My niece kept making requests for Shake Your Booty, which I have on my…

Not Too Shabby Of A Day

I woke up tired, as usual, but I was determined to actually do a few things out and about before I had to host chat this afternoon. I finally got myself dressed and ready to go around noonish. First stop was the credit union. I chatted with Joanie for a few minutes. We compared arm soreness that we both were still experiencing from playing Wii games on Sunday! After I left, I mailed a few things at the post office, and then went to a Dollar General closer to my house. It was so incredibly nice out! We had an odd warm day, and the sun was out, and it just felt good. I got home, and hosted chat for about an hour. Seemed like people were busy today, but it is the holiday season, so it's understandable!

After that, I noticed my sister, Joan, in front of my house with a rake. Then my dad showed up with a rake and a lawnmower. I thought to myself "Well this should be entertaining!" So I went out there with my coat on, and decided to hang out and get more fresh air! It still w…

Trying Not To Get Sick!!

I have felt so exhausted lately. Friday, I tried exercising, and felt so tired after that I had to rest. I didn't even walk 1o minutes. I tried exercising on Saturday, too, but felt the same way. Sunday I kind of felt odd, but didn't do anything about it. Sunday night, I felt so worn out and felt like a cold was coming at any moment. I piled on the extra vitamin C, acidophilus, and Tylenol. I had some tea, too, since I was rather cold despite all my layers. I also ate some honey and lemon. I went to bed with 3 pillows, just so if I did get sick, nothing would go into my lungs. This morning I woke up feeling ok, still wondering if I was going to get something. But I kept up with the same routine as last night, and as of now, I have no cold. I'll got some rest this afternoon, and I think that helped, too. But I'll keep it up! I just don't want to get sick. I haven't had a head cold in a little over 2 years. Which is BEYOND unbelievable because I grew up having a…

Just a Quick Update Before I Nap!

I saw my gyn today. Well, really the nurse practitioner (who I just love!). She changed the pill I've been on, and it will hopefully help me with future issues I've been having. I sure hope so! I've been miserable on the pill I've been on, so I'm looking for a definite change! I also have to get bloodwork done tomorrow, to see if I'm anemic after all this. Hopefully that'll come out fine. I'm now off to take a nap, because I came home a little while ago. I went to Mandy's house on the way home, and stayed for a couple hours. It was nice! The kids are toooooo cute!! I'm beat, though, and just relieved that I don't have kids because they certainly can poop you out!!

Tired Of Being Tired!

I just haven't felt peppy lately, and it's driving me nuts. I was too tired earlier today, and I hadn't done anything! While in PH chat, though, I wasn't the only one who was dragging, so I guess that's good. I layed down for a nap around 3:30, and slept for an hour. It did help some, but I'm going to bed in a bit. I'm trying my best to do things around the house during the day, but I just get so tired, that I end up just taking a nap for a little while. I'm hoping this changes soon!

My weekend was alright. I went to Mandy's with Joan, and played with my niece for awhile. I was tired when I got home, but didn't really nap. I just relaxed and watched a movie in the evening, and enjoyed my nice used couch!! It's sooo comfy! Sunday, I went to church, and had my parents over for lunch. I made homemade chicken and barley soup on Saturday night, so I had plenty to share! I worked on a necklace later on, and then had to lay down. It's a never-en…

Do You Know What November Is?

*I have sent the following to friends and family for PH Awareness Month! I wanted to post it here, too!*

Do you know what November is? The month of Thanksgiving. Yes, but..................

The month of Veterans Day. Yes, but...................................

Did you know that November is Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month?

Do you know what Pulmonary Hypertension is?

Pulmonary Hypertension is a disease where the blood vessels in your lungs constrict and make it harder for your heart to pump blood into your lungs to get oxygen. This causes the right side of the heart to enlarge and overwork.

Do you know the warning signs of PH? Shortness of breath, chest pain, extreme fatigue, being light-headed, fainting.

Did you know that PH is hard to diagnose? Many of the symptoms of PH can mimic other ailments and diseases.

Did you know there are many reasons for one to have PH? Some people may never find out why they have this disease. Others have it because of a congenital heart condition, or …

Rainbows and Final Jeopardy!

Sometimes the most unexpected things can make a person so wonderfully happy. I had two instances today in which I experienced unexpected events, and it has just made me smile for most of the day and evening!

The first occurred during my outing to several stores. The weather in Niagara Falls today was mostly wet, raining on and off. When I left one of the stores I had gone to, the sun was peeking out in one section of all the dark gray clouds. I turned into the parking lot to head to another store, when I looked out the window to my left. I had to hit the brakes. There in the sky was a huge arching rainbow. It was just such a wonderful feeling to see it, since it's been I don't know how long since I had seen one last. I find rainbows so magical and mystifying, even though there is science and logic to their existence. I took a couple pictures with my camera phone. Even though I'm sure someone who would see the pictures would say why did you take a picture of an empty storefr…

Silly Tiger!

I don't usually post pictures of my niece and nephew. But I wanted to post this pic of my niece, because you can't see her face. I just think it's so funny, a tiger on a Sit-n-Spin!

My last post has highly irritated me, by the way. Blogger, for some reason, stopped letting me do paragraphs. So near the middle to the end, it looked like I wrote one huge paragraph. I tried fixing it 6 times, but to no avail. Please, I am an English major, I know about paragraphs. So I'm sorry if it seems all jumbled, but it's not my fault!!

Saturday Clean-Up

It's been an up and down week. I started out fairly good, able to walk on the treadmill several times earlier in the week. That's always a plus! Sometimes I do ok, sometimes I just have to stop. I'm definitely not walking like I did after I started Tracleer. Back then I could walk up to 2 miles at a time. Now I'm lucky if I get to half a mile. It's very disappointing, but I guess just trying to keep walking is what counts.

Halloween was a busy day, and I wasn't home very much. I went down to my parents' for lunch, and Mandy and Ron brought the kids over. OH MY GOSH, they were adorable! My niece was a tiger, and she got her ROAR down pat! My nephew was a giraffe, and it was just funny seeing the giraffe strapped in a car seat. lol
After lunch, when the tired and cranky giraffe and tiger had had it, Mandy and Ron left, and I went back home to do a few things and rest. I was going back down to my parents' to pass out candy, and then leaving afterward to go …