Saturday Clean-Up

It's been an up and down week. I started out fairly good, able to walk on the treadmill several times earlier in the week. That's always a plus! Sometimes I do ok, sometimes I just have to stop. I'm definitely not walking like I did after I started Tracleer. Back then I could walk up to 2 miles at a time. Now I'm lucky if I get to half a mile. It's very disappointing, but I guess just trying to keep walking is what counts.

Halloween was a busy day, and I wasn't home very much. I went down to my parents' for lunch, and Mandy and Ron brought the kids over. OH MY GOSH, they were adorable! My niece was a tiger, and she got her ROAR down pat! My nephew was a giraffe, and it was just funny seeing the giraffe strapped in a car seat. lol

After lunch, when the tired and cranky giraffe and tiger had had it, Mandy and Ron left, and I went back home to do a few things and rest. I was going back down to my parents' to pass out candy, and then leaving afterward to go to my friend, Dee's, house for pizza and snacks. I made haystacks, which are yummy, and brought them to my parents' and Dee's. Trick-or-treating was very slow at first, but around 4:30, suddenly kids were all over the place! My mom had gotten about 6 bags of candy, and I had 2, but a little after 6pm, we ran out. I had to have seen at least 100 kids between 4:30 and 6pm. It was crazy! It was fun, though, alot of cute costumes were worn! Quite a few parents had dressed up this year, too, and they seemed to be having fun.

I left for Dee's after driving my mom to Dairy Queen and back home. I was pretty tired by then, but I stayed at Dee's until about 9ish. I'm so glad I didn't stay later. Honestly, I don't know how I drove home. I was beyond exhausted. And very achy. My lower back and legs were killing me! I get like that every once in a while, and I hate taking anything for it, but I usually end up doing so. When I got home, I took a nice bath, and that did help the pain. It also made me sleepier. lol I struggled to stay awake until 11pm, when I had to take my last dose of Revatio, and then I went to bed. I woke up around 3am, though, barely able to move. I was just in so much pain, I finally took a Tylenol Arthritis. It did help me after awhile, but when I got up the next morning, I was just completely out of it.
So Thursday wasn't too much fun in the beginning. I felt like I never slept, I felt like a zombie. I tried getting a few things done, but I finally had to make myself lay down and try sleeping again for a bit. I got up feeling a little better. I was having my couch and loveseat taken out that afternoon, and the guys from the Community Missions came, as well as my mom. After the furniture was gone (I really hope someone who needs it can enjoy it as much as I did!), my mom stayed and helped me so much. She vacuumed, she swiffered, and put some laundry in for me. I don't know what I'd do without her sometimes. She even stayed for awhile when little Nick was dropped off for me to watch for an hour. He's such a cutie! Anyway, Thursday ended on a better note than it began. I was thankful for that.
Friday I went out shopping, hoping to get some toy ideas for my godson. I think he loves Legos, and pirates, so there's got to be some combination of the two. lol I had lunch with my mom, and after getting a birthday card, I dropped my mom off and had a nice nap back at home! It was a relaxing evening.
So far today, I've been slow moving, but getting things done that I needed to. Such as, washing my dishes (I think I used every spoon I had!), and cleaning all the fishies. Now with that done, I'm ready for a nap! I think Mittens is, too. He keeps staring at me. lol Anyway, I think I'll go do that, and then make jewelry later on.
Oh yes, and if you're wondering, I got rid of my couch and loveseat because Mandy and Ron bought new furniture for their living room. I'm getting the white couch, which will be perfect for my living room! When I'll get it is a goooood question! With my dad not allowed to lift anything heavy for a couple weeks, and Ron with an injured back, I might have to deal with an empty-looking living room for a bit. Thank goodness I kept my papasan chair!


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