Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some Thoughts!

This is just a quick entry! I need to go lay down for a bit. I'm tired, and I'm sure it stems from doing a 6mw on my treadmill about an hour ago. Yesterday I felt like I had enough energy to try to start walking again. I did 10 minutes, and then some stretches. My body felt stunned, it seemed like! I haven't exercised since mid-November. I'm worried that my 6mw in two weeks isn't going to get me far since I haven't been walking. Anyway, I was tired yesterday, and I'm tired today after walking. And last night, my left lung was a little achy. Not terribly, but it was enough to wonder if I should start walking again. I'll see what happens later on today. If my lung doesn't like me, then I won't continue until I talk to my doctor. I think it's a little obvious, though, that I'm still not quite over the pneumonia.

On another topic, my Grandma (my mom's mom) turns 85 today! She doesn't look anything near 80s or even late 70s. She's doing well health-wise. Seems like she could keep on going for many more years! My mom went to Horseheads, NY today, where she grew up and where my Grandma and many of her family still live. A bunch of her family are going out to dinner with my Grandma, and my mom is going to surprise her. Only one of my aunts knows she's coming. I would have loved to go, too, but I thought it would have been a rather stupid move. I can't even get through exercising, I wouldn't be able to make a 3-hr trip and visiting with family! I made my Grandma some pairs of earrings, though, and a cute card. So hopefully she'll like it! Happy 85th Birthday, Grandma!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Favorite Gadget!

My favorite gadget arrived one fine September day.
I grabbed it from the UPS man's hands right away!
On top of my bed, I scrambled to open the box.
There was my favorite gadget, about to knock of my socks!

I unwrapped it from packaging, and giggled with glee.
The gadget was red, my favorite color, you see!
I read the directions, and programmed this and that.
Soon my gadget was up and running, and boy it was phat!

My favorite gadget can do so many things.
Like tell me who wants me with a variety of rings.
Cyndi Lauper says girls just want to have fun when a friend wishes to say hi;
Michael Jackson belts out Billie Jean when family gives it a try!

If I see something I like, I push a button and snap!
My gadget takes a picture and holds onto it like a trap.
Sometimes, if I feel like it, I can hit a different button and record.
Then my gadget holds on to every single action and word!

The best part about my gadget is that it can hold
Over 400 wonderful songs of my choosing--I feel like I struck gold!
I can use it as a player if I don't feel like talking,
And the nice thing is that it has earphones I can use while walking!

My favorite gadget allows me to communicate and sing.
It lets me take pictures and video of anything!
Without my gadget, I'd feel so all alone.
My favorite gadget is my LG Cherry Chocolate phone!!

Please see Judi's blog for Artsy Essay rules and how to enter!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Music, and New Hope!

Whew, how I love trying to find music! In order to get music on the music player I've been using for my blog, I have to do a search. Some songs don't show up, some show up but aren't the right length, or they don't work. So I used Google to look for love songs since my little PH brain wasn't working today, and I came across so many songs that I love! I would have kept putting songs on the playlist, but I really didn't think anyone had time to sit for hours listening to it. LOL So, I just put 22 songs on there. Hope you enjoy them! They fit the theme going on in my blog right now, at least I feel they do!

Well I'm off to find something else to do. Maybe I'll continue writing out recipe cards to put into the very nice bamboo recipe box Lisa got me for Christmas! I need to get some cookbooks off my counter! lol

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh, And One More Thought...

...I was just opening my mail a bit ago. For some reason, I got this whole survey/paperwork thing for being in the Republican party. The survey asked all sorts of questions that had to do about things they don't support that the Democrat party does. It also asks if I can contribute money to the Republican National Committee, and if I can stand the fact that Hillary Clinton may have a chance at becoming our next President. This is all fine and dandy, except for one little thing.


How I got this crap in the mail is beyond me!! I haven't changed parties in the over 14 years I've been registered to vote! I have to say that I'm highly offended. I wrote on the stupid survey that I am a registered Democrat and that I am offended that I received the survey! I put it in their prepaid envelope. I had to laugh at the fact that right on the front of it, it says something about putting my own stamp on the envelope to help save much needed funds. Cheap bastards!! You send me crap when I'm not even Republican and you think I'm going to save you money from your mistake?? I think not! I would have said the same thing if it was the Democrats sending me this stuff!

By the way, I may be a Democrat, but I don't always vote that way. But I surely am not voting for another Republican president, and if that means I don't vote for president because I don't like the Democratic candidate, then I don't vote for president. And sorry if I've offended any of you! I'm not bashing political parties, I guess I'm just annoyed that someone obviously does not have the correct information!!

Ok, NOW I am off for that nap....

Wishing For Naptime!

First of all, I dyed my hair a reddish color, like I usually do. I still think I need a better dye job, but I'm not rushing out to get it done. I've learned my lesson. Unless I have my hair cut incredibly short (and we all know that'll never happen!!), I will never dye my hair again! And doesn't it figure, last night Kat finally emailed me back to ask me if this weekend was alright to come over. UGH. lol

Secondly, I think you can all see that I've gotten my blog ready for Valentine's day. lol I was tired of the snowy look, and I was bored (I guess dyeing my hair didn't cure my boredom), so I thought what the heck? I'll go for a change! I am still trying to pick out new songs that fit the Valentine theme. Any suggestions??

Thirdly, I've been waiting for the oxygen guy to come today. He called me this morning and left a message saying he needed to check the numbers on my machine, and wanted to know if I'd be home today. So I called back when I got up, and since then (it was 9:30am when I called, it's now after 3pm), I've been waiting. I am sooooooooo tired, and want to take a nap, but I just know that if I go lay down and start to fall asleep, he'll show up at the door! lol I really hope he comes soon!

Fourthly, it's been snowing pretty much all day, but not really accumulating much. Despite the fact that it says it's 31 degrees, the blowing winds make it seem like it's alot colder. I feel like I've been in a snowglobe all day though. At least it's been pretty!

Fifthly, the doorbell rang around 11-something this morning, and I thought it was the o2 guy. But it was my mom, and she asked me if "we could come in and visit?" I was like who is we? I looked at the van, and my little niece was in there! So my mom got her out, and they both came inside. I haven't really seen her (despite the half an hour I saw her at the funeral home Thursday) since Christmas. We played for awhile, she tried finding Mittens, I fed her lunch. And then we danced, upon her insistence! I think someone will be taking dance lessons when she is old enough. lol It was alot of fun seeing her (and my mom), despite my exhaustion. I wish I could go over to Mandy's house more, but she definitely understands why I haven't been able to.

Sixthly, I don't know why I'm counting my thoughts. lol I guess for right now, I'll just go lay down, because I quite honestly can't stand to be awake any longer. Maybe Joe got confused on what day he was supposed to come. Usually, he's in the area on Wednesdays. Beats me why he called to come today! I would have been home either way! Oh well, off to my nap!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Well....I can't say it is a terrific job. It's not horrible, but it's not perfect, either. Taking a picture isn't going to show anyone anything, so I just have to wait til someone actually sees me so they can tell me what they think! In the meantime, I'll just have to deal with it! And save up more money to buy more dye, perhaps.

One another aggravating note, I finished drying my hair, and went to unplug the hairdryer. One of the prongs was melted and came completely out of the hairdryer and was still sticking in the socket. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat. First of all, how safe was that??? Not at all safe!! Secondly, apparently something is wrong with the socket, because this is the 2nd hairdryer that melted in probably 6 months. I guess I won't be drying my hair in the bathroom anymore!! And now I'll have to go out within the next couple days to get another hairdryer!! UGH!


I finally got my hair cut a few weeks ago, and then I bought the dye to have it dyed again. However, I've usually had my friend, Kat, come and dye it for me. Kat didn't answer my email last week, and Kat didn't call me back yet from yesterday. Soooooooooo, my dumb ass decided to try and dye it myself this morning. Why??? Because I thought "Well, my hair isn't as long since I had 3 inches taken off. And it's not as thick since I got it relayered. And I am bored, and the bathroom is the warmest place in the house right now, so why not just hang out in there and dye my hair?" I think I am stupid!! I am about to go dry it, and see what a big mistake this probably was. Eeeeeek!!!! I'll keep you posted!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tired of the Exhaustion!

I had such an exhausting day today. And I was tired about an hour after I got up! I had to go to the funeral home around 10am for Ron's grandfather's service. My mom called about 10:30 to ask if I was ready, but I didn't think I was going with her. But I did! She got me, and we spent time at the funeral home with Ron's family before Mandy came with the kids. After awhile, the minister arrived, and she did a short service. It was really nice. I didn't know Ron's grandfather all that well, but I know he was very much loved by his family. Everyone in his family was very emotional, but the one who broke my heart was Josh. He's in 4th grade, and I think this was the first major death he experienced for his young age. He practically bawled through the whole service, and I just felt so bad for him. He was really close with his great-grandfather. Anyway, after the service, the immediate family stayed to say a private goodbye. My mom and I waited in the hallway because my mom was wondering if Mandy needed help with the kids while they were at the cemetary. Mandy came out awhile later, and she told me that Josh's mom told Josh to cut out the crying. I thought it was so friggin insensitive!! It really irritated me that she would tell that to her obviously very upset and grieving 10 year old. The whole time I was there, I never saw her try to comfort him. That was my one huge aggravation of the day for sure!!

My mom and I didn't go to the cemetary afterward. We went to lunch near the mall area where my doctor's office was. It was a nice lunch, although I had breakfast foods! We stayed awhile killing time for a bit. I was still completely exhausted, though. Finally we left and went over to the medical building. After my fun appt with the gyno (whoopee! lol), my mom brought me home. I knew she really wanted to see if Mandy and Ron were home, but I couldn't even think of doing that. By the time I got home, I was starting to get that sick to my stomach tired feeling. So I ended up taking a 2 hour nap. I felt a bit better, but still tired. Not utterly exhausted, though.

I plan on staying inside for at least the weekend. We are getting very cold temps, and I don't want to go out if I don't have to! Besides, I have no money to spend on anything, I'm stocked up with groceries, so I don't really need to go anywhere! I just hope I can get alot of rest!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Guess What I Finally Got??

FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! Ok, it may sound so silly, but I haven't been able to get groceries for at least a couple weeks. I was getting desparate! I had been feeling too crappy to go out, and I thought I couldn't just give my mom my Foodstamp card to get me stuff (come to find out today, my caseworker told me I could. Now I know for next time!). I was feeling iffy this morning, but just decided to go anyway with my mom to get me some food!!

We started out at Aldi's, where I like to go first for many of my food items since it can be so much cheaper than starting out at Wegman's. I felt pretty good going through the store. It was also very quiet in there, not alot of people shopping, so it made it easier to get through! My mom asked if I wanted to go anywhere else, and I said maybe Wegman's since I wasn't feeling bad. There are things at Wegman's that Aldi's doesn't have, and vice versa. Anyway, we finished up there, and went over to Walmart, since I had to get some of my vitamins and a few things I couldn't get in my quick trip to the Dollar General on my way home from the dentist yesterday. After that, I was still feeling pretty good (and feeling pretty shocked at that!), so we went to Wegman's. After maybe an hour in there, I was done!! I can't tell you how ridiculously happy I was to have food! And a variety! I plan on making tacos, beef and barley soup, and a pizza. Not all at once, though! ha! Anyway, by the time we got home, as happy as I felt and not really tired, my left lung was screaming a myriad of obscenities at me. :-( But the fact that I now have so many options to eat really overshadows the pissed off lung!!

Some sad news on the homefront....Mandy's husband's grandfather died last night. He was in the ICU in a coma. He had been very ill for quite some time. Several years in fact. His family honestly didn't think he'd make it to Mandy and Ron's wedding, and that was in 2004. He was dealing with lung issues, what exactly I don't remember. I do know that at one point, they tried taking him to the Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion. Anyway, I didn't know Ron's grandfather that well, but he seemed like a nice guy. I know he loved his grandkids, and his great-grandkids! He will be sadly missed.

Some sad news on the PH front....We recently found out that one of our phriends, who had had cancer the last time we heard from her, and was facing surgery, died back in August. She used to post alot on the boards, and someone took notice that she hadn't posted since July. A few other phriends did some searching and found out she was gone. I am sad that we didn't happen to find out sooner. And I made it a point to everyone on the PH boards to please let people in their lives know how much that board means to them, and how to post on there if something should happen to them. I told Mandy about it a while ago, so I'm covered. I hope we don't lose another phriend any time soon, but if we do, I hope their family will let us know!

Well, now I must rest for a little bit before I make dinner. Now the question is....what should I make?????

Friday, January 11, 2008

Just Plain Aggravated!

I just haven't felt myself since, oh maybe late fall. I think for awhile I was worried that Revatio wasn't helping me at all. But then I had a glimpse of hope that it was working when I decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, and I did pretty good! Not my usual tiredness that comes along with going up and down the stairs with boxes and tree parts. I felt alright, and then slowly started getting really very tired quite often. Which, usually, is not a surprise to me since I go through that every once in awhile. But then I find out I had pneumonia. It was a little shocking since it came out of nowhere, and I thought having the pneumonia vaccine a few years ago should have prevented that. Of course, I find out later that it works like the flu shot, in that it doesn't prevent all types of pneumonia. Fabulous.

So I spend the month of December taking 2 antibiotics and spending an awful lot of time sleeping and taking it easy. I went out here and there for necessity, like groceries and stuff I needed during the month. But for the most part, it was just a month trying to slowly get ready for Christmas and trying to actually store enough energy to get through that day. It worked, for the most part. I got through Christmas, but I was so dang tired by the end of the night that I was actually in physical distress, and went to bed way early!

So now I'm still trying to recover from pneumonia. The PH doctor I saw last Friday, who I started seeing a year ago so he would be familiar with me if I should ever need to go to the ER around here, said that for a "normal" person, it could take 3-4 months to recover from pneumonia. We all know I'm not normal, so for me it could take twice as long. TWICE AS LONG. How frustrating is that?? Every time I think I'm starting to feel good, I do something that makes me end up back at the beginning, and I have to start recovering all over again. Now I'm picking and choosing my battles. Do I go out one day to Walmart because I desparately need things, or do I go to the grocery store because I'm so low on food? I can't go to both on one day or I'll totally screw things up and my lung will be screaming at me!! It's a very aggravating thing to go through, and it sometimes just gets me upset!

To top it all off, I THINK I might be getting a cold!! Yesterday I felt very run down, and I felt like a head cold was coming on. I did everything I could to try to stop it: drank tea, ate lemon and honey, took Tylenol, took extra vitamin C and acidophilus. I drank as much water as I could, and rested quite a bit. So today, I feel a tad bit better, but like everything decided to reside in my face. It doesn't hurt to touch, though. So I don't know what I have??? But because I don't want to chance getting worse, that means another day that I can't go out to the stores. UGH!!

I think I need to hire myself a personal assistant. A female, preferably, since I think I could only pay her in jewelry. LOL

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I truly love music. I have it on almost all the time during the day. I've got a radio in the bedroom and the living room. I have my computer with lots of songs on it. My phone is my own mp3 player, and I recently got a shower radio! My mom thinks I seriously do not need to have so many devices to play music, but I can't help it. Music is a constant for me. It's one thing that helps me get through tough times, and I find much of it comforting!

So it's only fitting that I found a way to include music in my blog! Now I know some people find music on websites annoying. For this reason, I put the playlist of music near the top. The music should start automatically. If you don't want to listen to it, click on the player once, and then click on the little pause button near the top left corner. Then you won't hear the music!

I chose music that isn't too hip hoppy, or metallic. lol I live wide varieties, but I know lots of people at least don't appreciate the dance music or the rock. I'll try changing it from time to time, since I always here new sounds and songs I end up liking alot!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Do'!

I keep meaning to post entries, but by the time I remember, I'm exhausted. I have things to tell about my Friday, but I will try to do it tomorrow! I just wanted to post a picture of myself that I took after I got my hair cut yesterday afternoon. I had about 3 inches taken off. I just can't be brave enough to chop off 10 inches for Locks of Love!!! If I did, my hair would be near my chin. I just can't have it that short!! lol Anyway, this is the hair cut, now I need to get it dyed!!

Banana Bread Recipe!

I promised several days ago to post the banana bread recipe I use, and I keep forgetting! So here it is! Enjoy!

Banana Bread
2c all-purpose flour
3/4tsp baking soda
1/2tsp salt
1/4c butter, softenend
1c sugar
2 large eggs
1 1/2c mashed ripe bananas
1/3c plain low-fat yogurt
1tsp vanilla extract

*Preheat oven to 350.

Lightly spoon flour into dry measuring cups; level with a knife. Combine flour, baking soda, and salt, stirring with a whisk. Set aside.

Place sugar and butter in a large bowl, and beat with a mixer at medium speed until well blended (about a minute). Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Add banana, yogurt, and vanilla; beat until blended. Add flour mixture; beat at low speed just until moist. Spoon batter into 8 1/2 x 4 1/2" loaf pan coated with cooking spray. Bake at 350 for 1 hour, or until tooth pick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes in pan on wire rack; remove from pan. Cool completely in wire rack.

***I use a little less sugar, about 3/4c, just because the yogurt I buy isn't always low fat. I also add chocolate chips to my batter, about a handful or so. Another reason I reduce the sugar a little!***

****Another variation I've done is to have 1c mashed bananas, and 1/2c of mashed strawberries, to make strawberry-banana bread. This is tasty in the summer!****

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Year, An Anniversary, And Friggin Cold Temps!

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Happy 2008!! It's hard to believe that we are already 8 years into the 2000's. I feel like just yesterday, I was all excited about it turning into the year 2000. I really don't know where the time has gone. It seems the older I get, the faster the year goes by. And the more I forget. LOL

Today is my 9th anniversary of moving into my apartment. Ok, talk about time flying!! So much has happened to me in the 9 years since I've been here. My health changed. I had to quit my job. I got a cat. I got my masters degree. I met new friends, and lost a few old ones. I've repainted 3 rooms in the house to make it more my own style. It's been so nice being able to live down the street from my parents. I'm independent, yet I have the help so close to me if I need it. I love living here and having this place as my own!

It is freezing here today, and will be pretty cold tomorrow too. I think it's been 16 degrees most of the day, and the wind chills have been even worse! I was supposed to get bloodwork done this morning, but I cancelled it. There was no way I was going in this cold weather when I'm still trying to get my lungs to get better from pneumonia. So I've stayed home today, and most likely I will tomorrow, too. I made a banana bread this afternoon, which smells sooooo delicious!! I might have some as dessert or a snack later on this evening!

Well now it's close to dinner time, so I must think of something to do with shrimp. lol