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Sad News For Pet Owners

I heard today that some of the recalled pet food announced earlier this week was found to have rat poison in it. Rat poison. They are still trying to figure out how that happenend, and how really bad the situation is. In the meantime, I feel so very sad for the owners who have already lost pets to this, and the ones who are watching their pets suffer. Pets aren't even considered a pet in some households, they are considered a member of the family. I know I consider Mittens my kid. I just couldn't imagine watching him suffer like that, and feeling so helpless about what to do for him. I am just so thankful I don't feed him any canned food, so he's not affected by this. I don't know what I'd do without my baby!!

The Tulips Are Coming! The Tulips Are Coming!

I love tulips!! They are my most favorite flower! They are starting to sprout around my house, and my mom tells me they have been coming up down there. I'm actually jealous because she has a TON of tulips around her house, and some of them are so huge and gorgeous!! At least she is nice enough to cut some of them and let me have them. :-D I can't wait to see all of them in full bloom!!

Spring Has Sprung!

Well, spring is officially here, and it sure feels like it! Yesterday wasn't too bad of a day, it was a little rainy in the afternoon, but the sun was out in the morning. And it ended up being in the 50s. Today isn't so bad temp-wise, but it sure has been a very rainy day! And very windy! I went out to mail an ebay item, and I was so happy to have my hair in a ponytail. It was nice to get a little fresh air though!

I felt pretty good this morning, and I was all ready to exercise. I put on my sneakers, cranked up the oxygen, and began. I put my hands in my pockets (I usually do this while walking), and lo and behold discovered that I hadn't taken my Tracleer!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPSSSS!! Needless to say, I didn't walk very far, and I was kinda tired doing it. I was a little bummed out! I can't believe I didn't take it, I got sidetracked pouring myself a bowl of cereal this morning and forgot. :-(

So because I was tired from exercising, and then getting dressed …

Not A Bad Day Afterall!

I called my mom to ask if she had to go out anywhere today, and yay, she did! So she picked me up and we ran some errands, and then she had to babysit my cutie pie of a niece. We were running a bit late getting back to the house, so she didn't drop me off at mine, and I ended up staying there for the rest of the afternoon and evening. I sort of didn't really want to stay, but I'm so glad I did anyway! Hailey is just too cute, and we had fun!

Hailey and my mom and I danced to Benny Goodman songs, and it was cute! Then I taught her to "dip." She found it hilarious! She kept saying "dip, " and she would tilt her head to one side. lol Then she tried dipping while on my lap eating dinner, and almost got my jaw! I had to tell her no dipping at the table! lol

As exhausted as I am right now, I had a nice time with my niece. She's just way too cute!! :-)

What the Bleep???

It is snowing here once again!! I don't think it's going to accumulate, but it's SNOWING. I want it to stop! I'm just so ready for spring, it's not funny. And to make matters worse, I really need to go out to run a few errands. The snow is making me want to just stay inside!! But tomorrow it'll be alot colder. I can't win!

This weekend was so-so. I wasn't feeling great. I'm not sure if I'm starting a cold or what. My nose has been rather stuffy, and I've been tired. I have been getting some things done, though, so at least that's something. I went to breakfast with the family yesterday morning, and then to church, but that's it. I just read and slept for the rest of the day. That's what I want to do today, but I need to go out in this SNOW. BLAH!

Eve is coming Thursday for the weekend. I can't wait to see her! Another reason why I'm hoping I'm not sick!! She is coming home to surprise her dad for his 70th birthday. Bu…
After having a pretty good day yesterday, today started out kinda iffy. I woke up with an earache. I didn't take anything for it until about an hour ago. It's not bad now, I just hope it won't get any worse! Last thing I need is to be sick. Noooooooo.

There are issues going on with my housemate. Although it's hard to call him that since he hasn't really been in the house for more than 10 minutes all month. I wouldn't really care all that much if he had already paid the rent. But he hasn't! And I KNOW he got his check in the mail because I saw it. My mom is not happy, and I can't say I blame her. I don't know what to tell her. She tried coming over to talk to him when I heard him come home earlier today, but by the time she walked d0wn here, he was gone. I just hope this gets resolved soon. Next month the water bill be due, and I have a suspicious feeling that I'll be paying for it by myself until he shows up at some point to give me his half. Gr…

New Look!

Ok, so I haven't worked on jewelry yet. However, I am pretty impressed with myself right now!! If you haven't already noticed, my blog has a new look! Since all sorts of settings and backgrounds for blogspot was set up a couple months ago, I discovered how to fanagle with html. Soooooo, after about 40 minutes of playing around with all this stuff, I have a purply looking blog! Now, considering my favoritest color is red, some may be wondering about the purple. I decided, for now, to have purple since it's the color to represent PH. And since I talk about PH on my blog as much as I can, I found it appropriate! So, please let me know how you like the look! If you do! Or if you don't. I don't really mind hearing opinions! lol
I haven't been doing too badly lately, feeling a tad bit more energized most days than the last time I posted. I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine with my sistore, Mandy, on Tuesday, and it was wonderful! It made me wish for more days like that now. But, this is March in Western New York, and the weather during this time can turn from spring-like to winter-like even within the day! So every good day we get, I try to take advantage of it!

I walked a mile today, and felt alright doing it. I'm resting now, as if that makes any sense. lol Actually, for me, it does make sense. I'm glad I exercised, but if I feel I need to rest a bit after, then I need to. I told a PHriend of mine today that I sometimes feel like I should be exercising more or longer than I do sometimes. I actually think this every day. But then I tell myself, every day, that I am not a NORMAL person, and that I can't often do what someone else might be able to do. If I can walk a half a mile one day, and on…