Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh Snap, June's Over!

I'm finding it really hard to believe that June will be over in another hour. This month was just so busy with things going on every weekend, and things going on most days during the week. I don't like that it's already July!! It'll be another busy month for us, with 3 bridal showers for Joan, a baby shower for my friend, and I'm sure other stuff in between. My sister, Lisa, will be up for about a week with her little guy, so I'm looking forward to that! I just really hope the days will go by a bit slower, because I want to enjoy my summer!!

This past weekend was such a great one! Saturday and Sunday was an inaugural art and music festival on Main Street downtown, and it wasn't too bad. Mandy bought space for a booth, and she actually sold quite a bit of her beautiful glass items. I was happy for her! I walked around with Joan on Saturday after she picked me up to go, and saw some really neat things, some really odd things, and some very pretty things! One thing I loved was this booth that was selling necklaces made of ribbons. You can wear them at any length. If you don't want to wear them long, you can pull the ends to make them short, like a choker, or anywhere in between. I bought a really pretty blue and purple one, and put it on shortly after we left the booth. I decided I loved it SO much, that maybe they'd make good Christmas gifts for a few people!! So on Sunday, I went back to the booth and shopped again! The lady was surprised to see me again, but she helped me by showing me different colors. She also asked me why I was wearing oxygen, and asked if I had asthma, so I got to teach her about PH. Kind of a win-win situation, if you ask me!

Here is the necklace I bought! :)

There was also a booth near the ribbon necklaces with a variety of hand-painted glass items that were really beautiful. Joan really liked some of the ring holders, and we eventually went back so she could pick one out for her birthday next week. I had wanted to buy a few gifts at that booth on Sunday when I went back, but the people had not come for Sunday. I was sad! I had a card for their website, but unfortunately, the site said the account was suspended. Darn!! There are also phone numbers, so maybe I'll try calling to find out if they even know about their website! I would like to buy something more from them, but that's kind of hard to do when you can't find it online!

Joan and I left the festival to meet our parents and aunt and uncle at a local restaurant for lunch. It was very yummy! I enjoyed a small salad, and a cup of their nacho soup. Mmmmmm. I could go for some again. lol After that, Joan dropped me off at home so I could take it easy until that evening when we were going to a party. I tried to take a nap, but it just didn't happen! So, Joan, Rick and I went to the party around 5-something I think it was. We had lots of food, several drinks, and a good time! I danced with a couple ladies on the back deck to Michael Jackson! We eventually decided to leave, and I sure did sleep good that night since I had a full day!

Sunday was busy, as well. I got ready to go back down to Main Street around noon, so I could see my friend and his buddy play acoustic guitar on the main stage. I did get to hear them, but I was so busy chatting with a few people, that I didn't technically watch them play. But they were good! I hung out with Mandy and Joan for about an hour after I had shopped again, and then I left to go downtown to meet a PH friend. His name is Bob, and he lives in Japan! However, he was over in Canada for the weekend for a family wedding, so while he was on this side of the world, we decided to see if we could meet up. I waited outside of the Starbucks across from the casino, and he showed up a minute after the time we had said we'd meet. Talk about prompt! It was SO nice to meet him, too! I treated him and his dad, who had come along, to beverages, and Bob and I went outside to chat while his dad stayed inside to work on some taxes. Bob and I talked about a variety of things, from our PH journeys, to our phriends in chat, to Niagara Falls and living here, and about Japan. He showed me a magazine-type book of the earthquake and tsunami that happened over there several months ago, and the pictures were just amazing. It's so hard to believe the devastation that happened! He did say many areas are rebuilding, but some just not fast enough. Anyway, after about an hour and a half, we said our goodbyes after a picture, and I headed home. It was just such a great weekend, and I felt truly blessed that I was actually feeling well to enjoy it all!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Where'd The Week Go?

I can't believe it's Friday night already. I don't know what the heck happened to the week, but it sure went by fast. The one very good thing about this week was that I felt a lot better than I did last week. Except for a headache here and there in the beginning of the week, I got through the rest of the days feeling pretty good, although tired. For that, I am thankful!

Tuesday I had to bring my mom to the eye doctor. She has diabetes, and her eyes need to be checked to make sure everything is ok with her eyes physically. Since they had to put in drops to dilate her eyes, I drove. It sure isn't that easy to try driving after those drops! After her appt, we had lunch at Applebee's, and then went to Walmart. Seemed like we were out forever, and I guess we were. I left the house at 10:30ish to pick my mom up, and we got back home after 4. Tiring!! Dinner was very very casual for me, since I didn't have the energy to cook. I watched a Netflix movie after eating (which I didn't really care for), and got online for awhile before going to bed!

Wednesday my mom and I went to Dollar General for some wrapping paper and cards, and then to the City Market. I got some yummy peaches and plums, but there wasn't much else to really buy. I pretty much took it easy after going back home. For dinner, I tried a new recipe that my sister recommended: Quinoa and black bean chili. It was delicious, although quite a bit spicy! The recipe calls for chipotle adobo, which I've never had, and I had no idea that it was so hot! The recipe also had jalapeno peppers, but I skipped that altogether, and I'm glad I did. I can't imagine how much hotter my mouth would've gotten if that was in it, too!! lol It made a huge pot of chili, so most of it went into the freezer on Wednesday night. I just love leftovers!

I was happy to be at rehab on Thursday, since I hadn't gone since last Tuesday. It felt pretty good to exercise! When I got home, my friend, Dee, came over to have lunch out in the backyard with my new table and chairs. She brought some food over since she has food allergies, but she asked what was in the chili, and found that she could actually eat it! So, we both had chili, fresh salsa and chips, and carrots. It was so very nice out at that point, I almost didn't want to go in! After an hour, we did though, and Dee left for home. And an hour after that, it downpoured. Perfect timing!! Thursday evening we went to Mandy's to celebrate my niece and nephew's birthdays that were earlier in the week. My niece turned 6 on Tuesday, and my nephew turned 4 on Wednesday. I can't believe how fast they are growing up!! Wish they'd stop that!! lol

Today I had a low key day around the house, taking my good old time to clean something, and then go back online and putz around. By late afternoon, I took a nap with Mittens (always so comforting!!). I had a quick dinner, and then went to an art gallery opening with my friend, Dee, and her parents. Dee had a couple pieces in the gallery, which were very nice! One was a purple betta fish, which she painted, and the other was photography of bull dogs. We were there for an hour or so, enjoying (mostly) the other paintings and such. Afterward, we went to Dairy Queen for some sundaes. We sat in the car eating them and chatting for about half an hour. It was nice! After I got dropped off at home, I watched my Netflix movie, which was Little Fockers. It was alright. Not as funny as the first two, I thought, but not terrible either.

Tomorrow is a busy day, with an art festival to go to, and a party in the evening, so I must get to bed!! Sure hope this weekend doesn't just whiz by!! lol

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not Your Typical Night Time Story


Paying People To Stay Home

Paying People To Stay Home

This article doesn't describe my exact health situation, but it could really fit anyone trying to deal with a chronic illness. Everything written in it pretty much describes how I feel about not being able to work. Never, ever would I have thought of "retiring" at the age of 24, barely after starting my teaching career. If it wasn't for my doctor telling me to quit my job as a preschool teacher, I truly believe I would be dead today. I have spent years feeling guilty about not being able to work. Even though "I look good" on the outside doesn't mean that I feel fantabulous on the inside. I've often wondered if I could handle going back to work full time, or even part time, and I know the answer to that is no. I may be able to do ok at first, but on a regular basis, I just don't think my health would stand up to the daily grind, and I'd be back where I started 11 years ago when I stopped working. So I really do appreciate this article, and I hope others are able to understand that many people on disability feel this way, especially when it doesn't look like we are sick!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Game Over

Yesterday I still felt pretty crappy. I was trying to figure out how to rest up, make it to Aldi's quick to buy some flowers for my nieces (one biological, one through my best friend) for the dance recital, and then actually make it to said dance recital. Luckily my mom called me to ask if I needed to still go to Aldi's since she was going out to the bank, and I said yes. She picked me up and we spent maybe half an hour in the store. I got home and tried to eat something before going to lay down for awhile. My parents got me later to go to the dance recital, which was very good. Both kids did great jobs with their dance numbers! We only stayed for the first half of the recital, and took off during intermission. I'm glad, too. I still felt pretty nauseous, and I kept getting chills and then hot spells during the show. When I got home, I took my temperature, but I didn't have a fever. By the time I went to bed, I felt as if someone had both hands around my neck and was squeezing. Sure didn't feel right to me.

I got up this morning feeling almost the same way I went to bed. No one was squeezing my neck, but I still had a bad headache. I kinda felt queasy, but hungry at the same time. I ate a little, then spent some time talking on the phone, then tried to get a little fresh air. I eventually tried to have a little lunch. Well, I'm not sure how much time it was later, but lunch decided not to stick around. I got sick. That hasn't happened in I don't know how long. My head hurt even worse afterward. Two Excedrin Migraines hadn't helped the headache, and the ice packs weren't alleviating the situation at the time either. I finally thought that maybe I've had a migraine for the past couple of days, but not one I've experienced before. Usually I have pretty concrete signs of getting one, but nope. I didn't know what to do about the stag and doe. I felt terrible about having to miss it, but I wasn't sure if I could even make it since I wasn't exactly in great shape. So I just called Mandy to let her know I didn't think I was going. Hopefully Joan would understand. I spent much of the afternoon laying in bed, sleeping on and off (while Mittens snored next to me). I had some broth in the evening, and spent a few hours just watching stuff on tv. I finally took another Excedrin around 9ish since I still had a bad headache. It's sort of calmer now. I just hope I can actually sleep tonight since I had the pill so late, considering it has some caffeine in it. What I'm hoping for more is that I feel better tomorrow. I'm thankful this isn't anything PH-related, but it sure doesn't help to feel so beat down like this. So I almost made it through this busy week. I tried my best, even though I mostly felt crappy. I just really hope I didn't let Joan down. :(

Friday, June 17, 2011


This busy week keeps trudging along. My nephew had his preschool graduation on Wednesday morning, in which he totally refused to participate. lol He just sat there on the chair and didn't sing, didn't stand, didn't say the poems. At least he wasn't the only kid not to join in. The boy next to him sat straight in his chair the entire time, and a little girl cried. Better luck next year, I guess!

My niece's Kindergarten graduation went a lot better. There was a picnic lunch first, which was nice, but hot. And then we all went into the auditorium and listened to the kids sing three songs, and then each of them got special awards from their teachers. My niece had Best Artist award! She really is quite talented! After everything was over, I brought my mom back to the vet so she could pick up some meds for Shelby. Poor Shelby has an infection of some sort. She's been getting laser treatments, too, to see if the pain she has in her back legs will get better. She's about 14 years old, which is pretty old for a dog. I don't know, though, personally I feel my parents are going to need to make that painful decision soon of letting her go. Guess we'll see what happens.

I haven't felt all too great this week, despite everything I've been trying to do. I got home today with no energy and a lot of pain in my face and my one leg. I napped for awhile, but nothing felt all that better. I feel completely worn out. I'll be up for an hour in the morning and feel as if I need to go back to bed. It's so frustrating. Tomorrow evening is my niece's dance recital, and then Saturday night is the stag and doe. I just hope that I can get through them both. On that note, I need to get myself into bed!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Exhausting Day And A Shout Out

Yesterday I didn't do too much. A lady I know came over to see how to alter my dress for my sister's wedding in September. Mandy came over with the kids so that Mrs. C. could also fix my niece's dance costume. After Mrs. C. left, Mandy, the kids and I hung out on my front porch for maybe an hour. The kids played with sidewalk chalk for quite some time before their focus shifted to matchbox cars. Eventually they left, and I got my dishes done, some stuff ordered on Amazon, and dinner made. I was pretty tired when I went to bed, but didn't think I'd be even more exhausted when I got up this morning. I wanted to go back to bed while showering. Not good! Somehow I managed to get 3 loads of laundry done, but when my stuff was in the dryer, I finally tried taking a nap for awhile. I had broken sleep because stuff kept waking me up: a phone call, the doorbell, and then my alarm to take my 3pm medicine. Eventually I tried just laying on the bed again, Mittens joined me, and I sorta got some rest. I did feel a bit better in the evening. I'm just hoping my entire week isn't like this. I think it's the busiest week I'll have in the next couple months. My nephew graduates from preschool on Wednesday morning. My niece graduates from Kindergarten on Thursday. Friday is her dance recital, and then Saturday is the stag and doe for my sister and future brother-in-law. I'm finding it overwhelming! And especially if this tiredness crap doesn't go away. Ugh. Crossing my fingers that everything works out!!

I'm going to give a shout out to a fellow blogger I somehow "met" many months ago. I'm jealous because she lives in the Cayman Islands, and she gets to wear sandals way more than I can in a year!! lol She has been participating in a 100-day Photo Challenge, and her final day is on Wednesday! I'm quite impressed that she has kept up with it. I have read her blog every day and wonder if I can do the challenge myself. I'm not too sure, but maybe I'll try it sometime?? Anyway, besides celebrating the end of the Photo Challenge, she will also be celebrating her 2 year blog birthday on Wednesday! In honor of these special accomplishments, she is having a "Picture Perfect Giveaway!" She's making the entry for this contest quite easy, including mentioning her giveaway in a blog post (which I am doing now! hehe). If you are interested in taking a look at her blog, please visit Such Life In the Tropics (which can also be found by scrolling down and finding the button with the starfish underneath my list of blog friends to the left side of the screen!). Happy Reading!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today I spent time with my 2 best friend's as we celebrated Eve's wedding from last September with about 100 people. The predicted weather for today was full of thunderstorms and clouds, but the actual weather turned out to be mostly cloudy with some brief appearances of the sun. It was pretty comfortable! The restaurant was right on Lake Erie, and it was so relaxing. Everyone seemed to enjoy the easy atmosphere! I'm happy for Eve. Her husband seems to be a lot better than the first one, and he even likes us! lol I've seen how much he's been supportive to her in many situations, and especially most recently with her brother's passing. So I truly wish them much happiness and love for the rest of their lives! It really was a great afternoon!

Process of Elimination

I'm sure at some point I've blogged about this topic, but being that I can't remember much lately, I'm going to bring it up again. Just for my own sake. Ever since the end of September last year, my mouth has been driving me nuts. Something didn't feel right for awhile, and trying to describe it was even worse. I had no words for it really. So, I didn't bring it up to any of my doctors right away. Dumb? Yes. But, I just didn't have a way to let me doctors know exactly what I was dealing with since I didn't know what to say about it. Anyway, I actually thought it was a side effect from taking cephalexin, which is a type of antibiotic. I was on it for acne. I thought it had caused some staining some of my teeth, and so I eventually tried stopping it in December, right before Christmas. But after being off it if for a bit over 2 months, my mouth still felt the same. In February, I decided to go back on the cephalexin, but just one pill a day instead of two.

Meanwhile, my mouth was terrible in the winter, and in January, I went to the dentist to make sure it wasn't dental issues. He took an xray, and said my mouth and gums couldn't be in better shape. He told me to talk to my doctor about it, which I did a couple weeks later. She had no ideas, and by then, it had started to get a little better, so I thought that maybe I was on the mend. But winter turned into spring, and although things were much better, my mouth was still not the same. By the time I went to my dentist again for a regular cleaning (didn't know it would be my last one forever with them, sniff), I actually had a way to describe the feeling! I told my hygienist that my face feels tingly when I touch it, or if something blows on it, like the hair dryer, or even the wind. I thought that perhaps this was something neurological. The dentist thought that might be it, too. So, several weeks after that visit, I saw my primary doctor again, and this time I had a way to explain to her what I was feeling. She asked me a bunch of questions, and said that she would write me a script for bloodwork to check my Vitamin B12, magnesium, and folate levels the next time I had to get my monthly bloodwork done. I hoped for some sort of news with the bloodwork results, but I just wasn't sure that was it since I take multivitamins and I eat pretty good.

I went for the bloodwork on Monday. In the meantime, I had started experiencing a burning feeling to my tongue for at least the last 2 weeks. It's as if I scalded it on a hot drink, but I never did. I didn't know what to make of this symptom, so I googled "burning tongue." The results I got were showing something about post-menopausal women and lack of estrogen, and how some women feel as if they had a burning tongue because they had lower estrogen in their system. It dawned on me that, although I am not near menopause, I have been taking non-estrogen birth control pills in the past year after being on regular birth control pills for over 10 years. Hmmmmmm. This was interesting! I waited anxiously the next several days for my bloodwork results before my nurse finally called me on Thursday to say that everything came out fine and dandy. So, I told her my theory about the birth control. She said she'd have to ask my doctor, and she'd get back to me. So while waiting, I was chatting with a good phriend about everything, and she looked up burning tongue and progestin (progesterone), which is the type of birth control pill I now take. She sent me a link to a site that had at least 10 women commenting on a burning tongue sensation while taking or using some type of progestin. OHHHH! Sooo, maybe that really IS my issue! I called my nurse back to tell her that I was going to call my gyno about the problem. She told me to let her know what happens. So, at my phriend's pushing, I called my gyno's office and talked to a nurse there. She discussed this with the nurse practitioner, and called me back. She said that while they've never heard of progestin pills being a problem, I could try going off the pill for a month to see if anything gets better. I told her ok, and that I really think that being on an estrogen pill for 10 years, and then being just on progestin caused the mouth problems, and once again, she emphasized that they've never heard of this. I said to her, "Really? Why don't you try using the internet?" lol ANYWAY, yesterday was the first day I stopped taking the pill. I'm a little nervous about it, and at the same time, so hopeful that this is the cause for all the problems in the past 9 months. Although, if it IS the problem, I don't know what's going to happen about being on a birth control pill. But, that has yet to be determined!! Gotta fix one problem at a time!! lol

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Mittens Playing Around!

And So It Begins

June began on Wednesday, which means that hopefully the summer weather will stick around for awhile since it's the season I like most. June also begins an incredibly busy summer, especially on the weekends. I had thought about going to meet an author in town today, but then decided to just stay home and take it easy. Besides that, I was just really tired. Starting next weekend, however, the fun begins. I will be busy every single weekend from June 11th until July 31st. I feel overwhelmed. I'm glad to have things planned, but also, I just want to take it easy! Of course, I'll have the weeks in between, but it doesn't feel the same. This month I have a couple parties, a dance recital, and a stag and doe (which is like a bachelor/bachelorette party in Canada) for my sister and her fiance. Next month is shower month. Three bridal showers for Joan, three weekends in a row, and a baby shower the last weekend of the month. Like I said, an incredibly busy time!! I just fear this summer is going to fly by, and then we head into the colder months again. Not what I look forward to at all!!