This busy week keeps trudging along. My nephew had his preschool graduation on Wednesday morning, in which he totally refused to participate. lol He just sat there on the chair and didn't sing, didn't stand, didn't say the poems. At least he wasn't the only kid not to join in. The boy next to him sat straight in his chair the entire time, and a little girl cried. Better luck next year, I guess!

My niece's Kindergarten graduation went a lot better. There was a picnic lunch first, which was nice, but hot. And then we all went into the auditorium and listened to the kids sing three songs, and then each of them got special awards from their teachers. My niece had Best Artist award! She really is quite talented! After everything was over, I brought my mom back to the vet so she could pick up some meds for Shelby. Poor Shelby has an infection of some sort. She's been getting laser treatments, too, to see if the pain she has in her back legs will get better. She's about 14 years old, which is pretty old for a dog. I don't know, though, personally I feel my parents are going to need to make that painful decision soon of letting her go. Guess we'll see what happens.

I haven't felt all too great this week, despite everything I've been trying to do. I got home today with no energy and a lot of pain in my face and my one leg. I napped for awhile, but nothing felt all that better. I feel completely worn out. I'll be up for an hour in the morning and feel as if I need to go back to bed. It's so frustrating. Tomorrow evening is my niece's dance recital, and then Saturday night is the stag and doe. I just hope that I can get through them both. On that note, I need to get myself into bed!


CL said…
I will loan you a couple of extra spoons to get you through the day today. Hopefully more to share tomorrow. (((hugs)))

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