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I haven't posted in about a week and a half, and I really should have been! There has been so much to write about. I've been so busy, that by the time I got to blogging, I just was too tired to do it. Sooo anyway, here are some happenings!

I became an aunt again last Friday, June 22. Little Sean was born in the afternoon, all 8lbs of him. He's sooooo cute, and looked alot like my BIL when I first saw him. But, I can definitely see my sistore, too! Children surely change as they grow up, so I'll see both Mandy and Ron as Sean changes. Just like I do when I see Hailey. They've all been home since last Sunday, Ron having a week off for paternity leave. I've only been over once since they brought Sean home, since they are trying to get the little guy adjusted to his new life. Hailey is also trying to get used to the newness of a baby around, and being that she just turned 2 the day before her brother arrived, it's a very trying time for them all! But they will g…

Aggravation On A Wednesday!

I swear, I truly wish I had a rewind button so I can start this week all over again. Better yet, I think I'd rather have a fast forward button so this week would be over!!

Today started out alright. Got up, had breakfast, checked stuff online, exercised (a mile, I might add!), got dressed, hid from what I can only assume were Jehovah's witnesses coming around the neighborhood. I was also waiting to hear from my sister or my mom about the baby, since Mandy had to go to the hospital for an ultrasound. The baby is fine, just late, and doesn't seem to want out any time soon!

Anyway, I decided to relax for a bit before making dinner. I kept getting phone calls. Two were the ones that have me aggravated. One was from my PCP's nurse. My doctor doesn't want me to come into her office to take Revatio, I need to go to Cleveland. Fine, this is just great. I guess I can understand her not wanting to have me in the office, but what a friggin' inconvenience. So I call my PH sp…

Aggravation On A Tuesday!

Well this day is almost over, thank goodness! It wasn't terribly horrible, I just was aggravated once again for different reasons. Since I'm pretty beat, I'm just going to give a short recap on what happened:

My internet was out almost all day. After thinking it was my computer, calling Time Warner to fix it, then being told someone was going to have to come out to my house on Thursday, my sister told me hers didn't work, either, when she got home from work. Aha, another Time Warner issue, and sure enough, when I called back, they said internet service was down in my area. Figures! I didn't get it back until 8:30. Geesh!

I called my PCP's office again, since I figured she didn't get my message from yesterday. I talked to her nurse. I explained to her my situation regarding Revatio and needing to take it in the presence of doctors. She said she'll talk to my doctor about it tomorrow, when she'll be in the office. I'm praying my PCP will just agre…

Aggravation On A Monday!!

I woke up this morning all excited about calling the office of the PH specialist here in Buffalo. I am getting my Revatio tomorrow from Accredo, so I needed to call to see when I might be able to come in an take the first dose. I stated before that my PH specialist at the Cleveland Clinic likes to have patients starting Revatio to come in to take the first dose. They monitor blood pressure, and check other stats for a couple hours after taking it, to make sure the patient is ok on it. Being that the Clinic is a bit over a 3 hour drive from my house, going back there to take one pill is a bit inconvenient. So, I had asked about taking it at the office of the specialist here, and my doctor said that would be fine.

So, I called this morning, and the nurse manager for patients on Revatio told me that I would have to start the pill with my own doctor, since he is the one who is going to be monitoring me. She didn't even seem to care that I have to drive 3 hours for one pill. She did see…

More Good News!!

I found out last night that a new drug that has been in study trials for a few years is now FDA-approved for PAH!! It is called Letairis (ambrisentan). It works very much like Tracleer (bosentan, which I'm on), except the risk of liver failure is much less with Letairis. This is just wonderful news!!! It means there is yet another treatment option available for people with PAH. There are a couple others still in studies right now, but hopefully soon they will be available. This is just very good news for PH patients! Every new treatment put out there makes me believe more and more that one day, they will have a cure!!


Good news!! My Revatio will be here by Tuesday!!

The only problem is that I was just called now, which means I have to wait until Monday to call the PH specialist's office in Buffalo to set up an appointment to take the first dose. UGH. And who knows how long of a wait I might have for that?? Hopefully not that long!

I'm just happy that the new medicine will be here, and very hopeful that it will help me out alot! Keep your fingers crossed!!

School Walks Lead To Memories!

I live in the vicinity of 3 schools, and this time of year with the weather being nice and school winding down, I see many "walking" field trips to the nearest ice cream place or restaurant. Today I saw two groups of kids, one in the morning, and then one again this afternoon. The kids are well behaved, for what I could tell, and they looked like they were just enjoying the stroll!

The second group of kids belonged to my former 4th grade teacher, Mrs. P. I can't believe she is still teaching, although she is by no means ancient. Actually, I feel like the ancient one! I went to a Catholic grade school, where I still go to church today, and it was only 2 blocks away from where I used to live and live now. Mrs. P. was the first in a series of new teachers I had from 4th grade to 7th. Mrs. P. was a great teacher, but there was soooo much work to do for her class that I started heart palpitations that year. I had to wear a holter monitor for a week, and I was supposed to press…


Baby daisies starting to grow out in the backyard.
Red daisies in my neighbor's yard, I love them!! Really cool purple flowers in my neighbor's yard. She told me what they were, but I can't remember!! Starts with a C though! I have been taking alot of pictures lately of flowers. My camera is soooo awesome, the pictures come out incredible, and I can't believe that I took it! I'm hoping in another couple weeks to go to the Rose Garden in Hyde Park here. The flowers would be just gorgeous! Maybe I'm starting a new hobby??

Where'd The Week Go??

It's hard to believe it's already Friday. The week just flew! Tuesday I was out most of the day, getting bloodwork done, and then shopping for things I needed. I also bought my cute little niece her birthday present. I got her a lawnmower that blows bubbles! She is going to love it, and I have a feeling the dog will love it, too. Cleo is crazy!

Wednesday was kinda blah, but my mom and I went to get some groceries, and that was the extent of it.

Thursday was interesting. Joseph had come in the morning (again, he did Wednesday, too) for the rest of his stuff. Because I was spying, I called my mom to let her know he was here. After about 15 minutes, I saw her on the sidewalk when he was putting a big box in his van. She asked for the keys, and then she just let it all out! She asked why did he do this, she said he thought he was a nice guy and then she flat out called him a liar and a cheater. He was responding so quietly to her that I wanted to yell out the window, "Joseph, …

Apartment For Rent!!

Today was court day, again, for my mom vs. Joseph. For some reason, I had a bad feeling about it, but I don't know exactly why. I might have felt bad, but it had nothing to do with Joseph. I ended up waking up this morning with a terrible migraine. So I didn't end up going to court with my mom. However, she came to my house after court with a huge smile on her face, and paperwork for Joseph's eviction!! Whoo hoooo!!!

My mom said Joseph never showed up in court. SHOCKER!! So she won automatic eviction. My mom called the City Marshals again, and the guy came over this afternoon to serve Joseph. When he went up there, apparently the door was open, so the City Marshal knocked a few times and called out. He walked around the apartment and then taped the eviction notice on the door. He told us that he would be back on Friday at 10:30am, so that we can move Joseph's crap out of the apartment if Joseph doesn't show up before then. My mom just plans on moving his stuff (wh…