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Today I watched the animated movie from Pixar called Zootopia. I met my sister at the theater with the kids since they are on spring break for two weeks. It was the first time I'd ever seen a movie in 3D, and as much as I thought it would probably make me sick (which is why I've always avoided such movies), I actually did ok with it! It was a cute and funny movie, but also had a great message behind it. I got a little emotional with the one song included in the film by Shakira. It's called Try Everything. Hopefully the link works and you can listen to the words.

I enjoyed the movie, and on my way home I kept thinking about how crappy I have felt in the past year, not only physically but emotionally. I got home and completely lost it. I spoke to myself out loud for quite a long time. I have been dealing with anxiety on a daily basis for a year since I broke up with K, and in the last couple months depression has also appeared. The medication I've been on for almost 2 m…