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My Favorite Animal

To and fro, to and fro,
swishing through the waves I go.
My home is in the dark blue sea,
stretching far as I can see.

To and fro, to and fro,
swishing through the waves I go.
Swimming fast along the way,
in the waters I love to play.

To and fro, to and fro,
swishing through the waves I go.
Building speed to jump up high,
out of the water, into the sky.

To and fro, to and fro,
swishing through the waves I go.
Diving back into the sea,
so smoothly and so easily.

To and fro, to and fro,
swishing through the waves I go.
I wake up slowly from my dream,
a dolphin's life seems so serene.


My favorite animal is a dolphin, and this is a poem I wrote for Judi's Essay Artsy contest!


I had a feeling today might not be pleasant to wake up to. Last night, I went to bed around 12:30am (whoa, early for me!), got all nice and comfy, drifted off to sleep almost immediately, and then awoke about 25 minutes later to a loud crash! I realized the crash was thunder, and not even 2 minutes later, there was continuous thunder and lightning. I had to get up and shut off my computer, since I do like to leave it on for a few days. Anyway, when I got up this morning and got out of my bedroom, I could feel the humidity. Now usually humidity doesn't bother me. Or it bothers me a little, but not enough so that I can't do anything. Today it's just downright yucky. I've been doing only a few things here and there, but I'm tired from it. While I realize I could turn on the central air, I'm not doing it. I hate a/c. It's not even all that warm enough to warrant turning it on. I've got most of my windows open, and there is a really nice breeze happening. Bu…

It's Alive!!! It's Alive!!!!


Today I decided to try turning on the phone again, to see what it might do. I was fully expecting nothing. It took a few seconds of staring at the Verizon graphic that appeared after pushing the power button for me to realize that the screen was actually letting me view things!!! It finished powering up, and there was the tulip I took a picture of a month ago!! I tried the music player.....that worked too!!!!! I am telling you, I was so emotional that I had tears in my eyes! I had to recharge the battery for awhile, but I now have it all reprogrammed with my phone number, and I am playing Janet Jackson as I type!

Did I mention that I am beyond excited here??????


A Couple Of Pictures

Here are a couple pictures from the 90s dance party. I didn't have my camera with me, or I probably would have taken alot more. But it didn't fit in my jeans pocket, and I don't usually carry a purse when I go out to a bar! From left to right, Dee, Joanie, me, Carly, and Mandy! Me and Joey, the DJ!! He was dressed as a ladybug from the movie Ladybugs, with Rodney Dangerfield, I think. He played awesome music that night! He also had some pretty cool trivia questions, a few of which I knew, but I didn't get up there fast enough to answer. lol


My cold is finally starting to make a turnaround! I actually slept through the night last night. The night before was terrible. I was so stuffed up, I couldn't even wear the oxygen. I tried steaming my face, I tried putting Vicks all over my chest (yes, I know this is not a wise idea being on o2, but I was desparate!!), and I even tried opening my front door and sticking my head out there for like 5 minutes, hoping the cooler air would break something up. I watched tv for about an hour, and finally tried going to bed at 1:30am. Needless to say, yesterday I took a looooong nap!! But today, well today so far it's a much different and better story. Hopefully in another couple days, I will be totally fine!

Well I better get dressed. I need to run out to the credit union to deposit a check that I got from the discussion panel thingy I participated in last week. I was surprised it came so quick! I also need to take a loan out to put gas in my car. lol It's past $4 a gallon here n…

Catching Up

I had a busy week last week, for the most part. Something was going on every day. Monday was the only day I had relaxed, which was fine with me. Tuesday, I went to lunch with a friend who was in town for a few days. I hadn't seen her in over 3 years, since she lived near NYC for a long time, and now she's in CT. She wasn't here for great reasons, but seeing her perked her right up, and I was so glad we were able to get together. We went to Lewiston, right down near the Niagara River, and had lunch at this place called The Silo. It was such a nice day, and it is always so beautiful down there, and peaceful. We had lunch and chatted for a few hours. She dropped me off, and I rested for the remainder of the day. I think sitting in the sun got me tired out! But, hey, I got my Vitamin D intake!

Wednesday was the infamous phone incident, which occupied most of my day. Later that evening, I met up with Karen (my friend) at Olive Garden for dinner. We enjoyed a fabulous meal, and e…

Background Change

It's quite obvious I've made a change in my background, yet again! Poor Merle was having a hard time with my last background, and I kinda wanted a change already anyway. lol If you haven't notice, the background is moving to resemble ocean water. While I just love it, and a couple people who I had check it out like it, too, please let me know if looking at it makes you seasick!! I don't want to be responsible for someone feeling like they need to puke while reading an entry! LOL

I Am A Jackass!

Yesterday morning, after exercising, I continued to listen to my earphones with my cellphone, jammin' to music on my phone. I went into the bathroom to do a few things. The cord of my cell's earphones kinda got tangled with my tubing, I tried to fix it, hit the earphone cord too hard, and watched as my cellphone flew into the air, detached itself from the earphones, and landed smack dab in the toilet. Yes, IN THE TOILET. I dove in after it, not even 2 seconds later, even though I felt like everything was slow motion. The phone was still playing music, and I had some hopes that maybe it would be ok. Until I started wiping off the water. I wasn't even hitting keys, and my phone was doing all kinds of crazy things. All I kept saying out loud was (skip over this sentence if you don't like swear words lol) "I can't believe I fucking did that!" I must have said it at least 10 times. I was so sick to my stomach, because not only did I use that phone to make call…

New Playlist

Today's been a relaxing day. I've been doing stuff on my computer, including working on jewelry pictures for my site which now need to be posted, and creating a new playlist. The songs on this list include songs from the 90s. Mostly dance songs. This Friday, one of my friends is DJing an I Love the 90's Dance Party, and I am sooooooooo excited about going! He did an I Love the 80's party awhile ago, and I missed it because I wasn't feeling well. So I am definitely looking forward to dancing away! All the songs on my playlist, and all the songs my friend will be playing, will just remind me of high school and my college days going out to the clubs and dancing. I sometimes miss those days, but heck, I'll just turn on this playlist and dance in here!! haha!

My, Oh My

I am not exactly sure what's happened to me in the past two days. However, let me just what I've gotten accomplished!

*got my $300 from the IRS
*washed dishes
*called the pharmacy
*called the o2 company/got a return call and planned out my next support group meeting
*washed a load of laundry
*ran out to the pharmacy, the dollar store, and the credit union
*vacuumed (yes, Sheila, shield your eyes LOL) the one rug in my computer room, and then used the hose to vacuum corners and such in several rooms
*took a nap!

*dusted all the rooms
*took down the plastic!
*took a nap!

It didn't seem like I did that much today, but I did. Usually, if I have a day like I did Friday, I'd spend the next day paying for it. I was tired today, but it was an exhausted feeling, so I was able to do low-key stuff around the house. I'm just impressed. I never get this much stuff done, and on top of all that, I still feel like I have a tiny cold. I don't know what j…

About My Dad....

My mom told me today that the appt my dad had with the ENT was good. The doctor did a hearing test, and although my dad still has no hearing in his right ear, his left ear is just fine. The doctor said that the ringing in his left ear might have to do with arthritis in my dad's neck, something he's been dealing with, but apparently hasn't told my mom! Anyway, I'm very relieved that his hearing is good in his left ear!!

A Couple Updates

First of all, Sunday night, I tried going on the IRS website again, to see where I'd have to call about my tax form (which I found, by the way, in a place I should not have put it!!). While on the site, I decided to enter my info again to see if it happened to be there, and aha! It showed up! According to what was written, my tax stimulus money should be deposited in my checking account on May 9th! Now, I am only a tiny bit excited, since I still have 2 days to see if this actually happens! But if I am $300 richer on Friday, than my laptop dreams are alive again!! Cross your fingers!!

Second of all, I got a call on Tuesday afternoon about my foot xray.....that I had on THURSDAY. I'm so glad it wasn't so serious that they waited all that time to tell me the results! Anyway, my nurse said that the xray showed bunion formation, which might be causing my foot problem. I am not even kidding, I almost said to her "No shit Sherlock!!" However, what I DID say to her was, …

Excited Beyond Words!

I found out something tonight that got me so beyond excited that I almost started crying!! I really can't go into details, for I won't find out if this news will come true for several months, but I am going to pray with all my might that it does!! I know this is a very vague entry, but I just had to put it down!!

An Equation!

+ Lady


Soggy Saturday, Sunny Sunday!

Yesterday was a very BLAH day. It rained pretty much all afternoon, although it was warm out. It got me in a BLAH mood, so I spent my entire day doing......NOTHING!! Ok, I exercised, showered, got dressed, but that was the extent of it. I spent alot of time online, then I read before taking a nap, and I had a late dinner and just vegged in front of the tv for awhile. It was highly exciting, I tell ya!

Today has been a pretty sunny day, for the most part. I wasn't feeling right this morning when I got up....late! So I didn't end up going to church. I did exercise after awhile, got dressed, and chatted on the phone with a couple people. I filled out paperwork to reapply for food stamps. I knew it was coming up this year, I just didn't know when. I got the paperwork yesterday, so I want to get it in asap! I will not mail it, because in 2004 when I had to reapply, they never got my info, and my food stamps got cut off. I was NOT happy!! So I'll just drive down there, since …

Health Stuff

I got my foot xrayed today. I've had the script since I went to the NP last Wednesday, but I was hoping my foot would magically heal itself and go back to normal. Seriously, that's what it's done before when this has happened. But noooooo. So I just went and got it xrayed, even though I really don't think it's going to tell me or the doctor anything at all. I mean really, if it was broken or even a hairline fracture, wouldn't I not be able to do anything with it?? I'm still exercising!! Anyway, it's out of the way. I think I'll get a call about it in a couple days, according to the tech who took the films. So that means next week. I'm not really worried about it, since I am pretty damn sure I didn't break anything.

I found out on Monday afternoon that Digitek, the medicine I take for my heart, was voluntarily recalled by the company that distributes it. There was a possibility that the thickness of the tablet was more than what it should be, …