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I found out today that I'm going to be an aunt to a niece!! My sister and her husband went to Children's for tests today, and the sonogram shows a little girl. I'm so happy, that's what I was hoping she'd have!! I kept rubbing her tummy and saying "You're a girl, you're a girl." lol I told a friend it better be a girl, b/c if it was a boy hearing that, it'll probably be gay. LOL I'm sure she'll be a spoiled little girl, that's for sure!! :)

Friggin' Cold!

I just have to complain about the COLD, I mean BITTER COLD!!! Right now it's -7 outside, and that's not a windchill! The windchill is -23!! That's just disgusting!! And tomorrow we're supposed to have a big snowstorm. It's not wonder that I'm often stuck in my house for days during the winter!! I hadn't been out since Monday. I ventured out tonight for dinner with my parents, but it was just so cold! I guess I shouldn't complain, this is what I get for living in WNY! Although, Lisa isn't safe from the cold, it's cold down in NC, too! *sigh* Oh well, at least while I'm stuck in the cold, I have other things I can do! Like make jewelry, do a puzzle, read my book, and avoid cleaning! :D

A New what?

A new year has begun...well yes, the month is almost over. lol I almost don't care, but I also wonder what is in store for me this year. Last year, I was in two weddings of two people I love a lot! Renee's wedding was wonderful, and Mandy's wedding was just a ton of fun! The rest of the summer....well, it was going well until the beginning of October, when the relationship between Tom and I just got ugly. It's not as bad now, but I won't ever trust him again. I miss him, I really do. But every time I do talk to him, it's just not the same. So now that he's definitely out of the picture, I've been trying to find someone at least decent to talk to. I did find Euan, even if I haven't met him yet. We have definitely agreed to meet very soon, but I don't know when! I miss talking to him, too. We can go on for hours before we even realize it. I'm hoping this new year will allow me to meet him, and maybe see what happens. And if noth…