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A Couple Of Updates

Well, when I went to rehab on Tuesday and told the RTs in the office about my free rehab, they said they were going to double check with the financial counselor. They were really surprised I got it approved. They didn't hear from the counselor by the time I was done working out, so they said they'd let me know on Thursday. So, I went to rehab today, and was told that I really should not have been given a free year. However, they talked to some higher ups, and they are still going to honor it. I'm relieved! I guess I'll just have to start putting pennies and nickels away for when the year is over and I need to start paying for rehab again. At least it's still something I won't have to worry about for awhile.

I also got my electric bill yesterday. I had to pick up my jaw off the floor after seeing the bill. Last month, the actual usage was 590kw, and it was about $90-something. This month I only used 193kw, and the bill was $43. Holy crap!! Was my concentrator usi…

Mittens Wants Pizza!!

Another Support Group Meeting Down!

Today was my PH support group meeting, and it went well as usual! I searched my old journal entries last night to figure out when I had started my support group, and found that the first meeting I ever had was October 15th, 2005. I can't believe it's been 4 years! I remember being incredibly nervous that first meeting, not sure what I would say, not sure how people would respond. But all I did was talk about myself, my experience with growing up with PH, and soon after, everyone was interacting. It was a small group to start out with, and eventual meetings would go back and forth from being small to medium-sized, but the past couple years, I think it's been doing well. I seem to be getting several "regulars," which is wonderful! I didn't have a speaker today, but I just wrote down some topics I wanted to mention, and left it an open discussion type of meeting. It went really well, and rather quick, too! The meeting started out with one of the members thanking…

Divine Intervention

I started pulmonary rehab over a year ago at St. M's hospital, and I really feel that I've benefitted from it so much. I've enjoyed going for the exercise part, but I have also really become attached to the people I workout with. I'm the youngest one there! There's a man who will be 92 soon (I soooo admire his determination to be there, not to mention the fact that he walks on the treadmill at an 8% incline!!), another in his mid-80s (and hilarious!), and several other people ranging from 40s-70s. It's a wonderful group to hang out with. We laugh and joke while we are working out, and share stories. I learned that the 92yr old guy built the first house on the street I lived on! I can't even imagine what my street looked like with just one house and apple orchards compared to how it is today. Stuff like that just makes me glad I'm going there!

Lately, however, I've been having a very hard time paying for the rehab classes. It's $36 for 8 sessions,…

Another Week Gone

I am here. I had a good week. Went to rehab on Tuesday, spent Wednesday making jewelry and avoiding the outdoors because it was a nasty rainy and windy day. Thursday I cleaned the bathroom, shook out some rugs, and tried to fight with the vacuum. If it wasn't for getting the cord and the tubing tangled up together and tripping on both or vacuuming them both, I wouldn't mind too much doing it!! Friday I walked a mile on my treadmill. I don't know where I got that energy, but I was happy that I could do it! I'm sure that won't happen for awhile again.

Today I made a lanyard for my friend from college, and it came out so nice. I wasn't sure about the beads and the colors, but I love it. And I think she will, too! I love making custom orders. I try so hard to get things just exactly the way the customer wants it. I spent so much time finding the right beads for my friend, and she said she felt like a pain in the butt, but I didn't want her to just go for somethi…

Busy First Weekend of October

It's hard to believe, but October started on Thursday. Where did September go?? As the years go by, the months seem to just zoom past me and I can't remember anything I did. lol This weekend was nice. Friday I ran some errands before the o2 guy got here to fill up the Bubbas. I took it easy for the afternoon until about 6ish, when Joanie came to pick me up for a night of adventuring. We had dinner at Chili's, which was pretty good. I had only been there once, and I had dessert that time. It was busy there, but we didn't really have to wait too long for a table. I'm just glad there's another new restaurant in that area besides Applebee's. The newness of Chili's seems to have worn off, but I'm glad it's still busy!

After dinner, we went to the Outlets. Joan and Rick went into a shoe store so Rick could find a new pair of shoes for one of his suits. Then we went to Bath & Body and smelled everything in the store. Gosh, I love that place! Joan w…