Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Own Gym??


I had a good workout today at pulmonary rehab! This is good, considering the last time I exercised was a week ago, and it didn't go too well. I walked on the treadmill at home, because it was freezing out. I barely made it to 6 minutes, and I felt so tired. I wasn't feel top notch, so I guess that was the reason I didn't walk better. Anyway, today's workout felt good, and I was happy I went! I kept debating whether I really wanted to, but it turned out to be a good choice in going!

When I got home, I checked my mail. I had an envelope full of leaflets of a wide variety of products. Things like, bags to keep your produce fresh, an angel for your car's visor, balls to keep your laundry from pilling in the dryer, etc, etc. Lots of "Seen on TV" stuff! I went through all of them, and put aside items that seemed interesting, and I wanted to take a second look at them later on. One of the items was a pedal exerciser. My eyes widened at this one! It looks like a very small version of a bike, only it doesn't have wheels at all! If you put it on the floor, you can pedal with your legs while on a chair. And if you put it on a table, you can pedal with your arms. OOOOOOOOOOH!!!!! I was just telling a friend how I wished I had a complete gym at home, because I would definitely try to work out more, especially in the winter. I mean, I have half the gym right now! My treadmill is great to have, and despite the fact I have one 5lb weight (I plan on getting the other one soon!), I can at least walk and use the weight like I would at rehab. But this pedal exerciser thingy would let me basically do my entire routine AT HOME!!! I put that leaflet aside, really considering purchasing it! I had my doubts sort of, until my good phriend, Mason, told me he has one and likes it. That's it, I was sold!! A bit ago, I ordered it, and in three weeks, I hope to be pedaling in the comforts of my home!! I wonder if I will really need to keep going to rehab after awhile?? Part of me is thinking yes, because I really do like the fact I am leaving to go there, and I like the people I exercise with. I think if I start trying to work out by myself at home again, I will get out of the routine quick! So, we'll see what happens. I'm just excited to be able to do pretty much everything I do at rehab at home! Just as long as I go buy that one weight, too, so I'm even!!!

Good Deals

I had planned on going out to some stores at the mall tomorrow after pulmonary rehab, but after I watched the news tonight, I decided to just venture out. Also, something had burned upstairs, and the smell was bothering my lungs! I needed to just get out anyway. So, I did! It was off to KB Toystore first, which is going out of business. I'm really sad about this. It's the first place I go to when I need to get a gift for a child, because they have some good items at decent prices I can afford. Other than Big Lots, which doesn't always have a lot of toy options, Target and Walmart are the two places left to buy toys in Niagara Falls. Toys R Us is out on the boulevard, and I'm not driving half an hour to shop at a toy store! Anyway, I found toys for the two kids who have upcoming birthdays that I will be celebrating with, and off I went to another section of the mall. I had to drive closer to that section, because it was quite a distance, and there was no way I was walking that! The winds tonight were pretty gusty, something I didn't realize until I had gone out, but it wasn't very cold out, so it seemed to be fine to me.

The second store I went to was Bath & Body. I wanted to exchange a lotion I kept for myself from the lotions I had bought as Christmas gifts. I had one leftover, and I wanted to keep the pumpkin one, since I liked the smell when I sniffed it in the store in September. However, wearing it on myself was a different story! I thought my lungs were going to take off and run! So I stood in the line waiting for one of the girls behind the counter to help me, so I could just make sure I could exchange it (I knew they would, they know people don't care for certain scents, so they can't just say no!). One of the employees was on the other side of the counter with her back to me, and when she turned around, my heart did a little flip. It was my ex-best friend. Now, I do see her from time to time, but not often. I was just surprised to see her. I said hi, and she said hey, and then went back to what she was doing. I got called to the counter, and was told that yes, I could exchange, so off I went to browse for better scents! I picked up a Coconut Lime, which I do like because I have the spray. I looked some more, and found a Mandarin Orange. YUMMY!! The lotions are on sale right now for $3 each (a $6.50 savings, although I think they should sell them for that much all the time), and I figured I could swing 3 bucks for an extra lotion. So, back up to the counter I went. The ex-best friend was behind the counter, and she actually asked how I was doing. I just told her good, not much had changed, and she said same with her. It just feels weird sometimes talking to her. I miss her every once in awhile, we had a friendship for over 20 years. But I know that ending it was a good thing, and I don't really regret doing it. Most of the time, anyway. But I digress (again). I got the lotions, and was pretty happy!

I walked across the hall to Old Navy, where I was hoping to spend my gift card from Dee on something in there. They had a lot of sales, 60% off on many items, so I started looking around. Old Navy has truly disappointed me lately with the quality of their clothes. I remember buying tank tops from them about 5 years ago, and the next year, they must have gone with a different manufacturer because the quality of the tank tops the next summer went downhill big time. Anyway, I searched the store, found a few things I thought were ok, but wasn't entirely thrilled about, and thought maybe I'd use the card another time. When I got back up to the front, I went to a table that had "sweaters (hard to call them sweaters when they were rather thin compared to sweaters I do own!)" on it that were 60% off of $25. Never would I spend $25 of them, but with 60% off? Sure, why not?? So I finally had 2 colors I couldn't decide between: a pretty aqua, or a nice purply-pinkish shade. I finally decided to go with the aqua, but it took about 10 minutes for me to decide! I went up to pay for it, and it was $10. That was it?? When I got the change from the gift card, and I went near the front of the store, I looked in my wallet. Ooooooo, I had exactly $10 in bills left! And I knew I had the change for tax. Sooooo, I went back and got the purply-pinkish one! Yay!!

I left the store, and then went to the exit where my car was. When I opened the door, the wind shot it open so hard I nearly went with it!! Thank goodness my car was right there in the handicap spot, so I didn't have too far to walk. I got in, got myself home, got my purchaes in the house, and was happy that I actually did get out tonight to go to the stores. I think it was needed, and I think trying to go after rehab tomorrow would have wiped me out! So now it's off to bed so I will hopefully get up earlier than I have been in order to actually go to the gym!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Come And Gone

It's hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone by now. I had a very nice day, though. I relaxed for most of the day, eating breakfast, chatting with friends, and opening gifts I had gotten from a couple of good friends. I got asparagus ready to cook when I arrived at Mandy's house, and put together the stuff I needed to bring over there, too. It was a very relaxing afternoon here, and then my parents and Joan picked me up around 4pm. Off to Mandy's we went!

Celebrating Christmas at Mandy's house has been nice. We've done it the past 3 years, because it's easier on them than having to drag the kids and presents over to my parents' house. We finished getting things ready for dinner, then sat down to a food overload!! We had ham that was so good, scalloped potatoes that were quite tasty (due to my dad's perfectly sliced potatoes!), asparagus parmesan (which I made, and I do think I'll make that again for myself!), sweet potato casserole (I ate a smidgen just to try it since I hate sweet potatoes, and I have to admit, I liked these! Mandy's a good cook!!), fruit salad, deviled eggs (Joanie's gooooooooood at making those), pickles (the kids just love the pickles), and a shrimp ring with cocktail sauce. I swear, I think I'm forgetting something!! We pigged out, that's for sure!

After some cleanup, we opened gifts. I think the best was seeing how much my niece loved her Pound Puppy from Joan. She kept telling everyone she had a puppy! She was pretty excited! We all seemed to get some very nice items, and it was a good time seeing the kids open up their stuff. After some more cleanup, we had dessert! I had my pecan pie, and Mandy had made her caramel pecan cheesecake pie thing that she had also made during Thanksgiving. Both were very yummy!! But by the time we finished eating desserts, I just felt like I was on food overload! We stayed and chatted for a bit longer, helped bring stuff upstairs into the kitchen, and then said our goodnights for the evening. It was a very nice time spent with my family, and a very long day!!

Friday, I went out to lunch with three of my friends. That was an enjoyable time, too. I got home, and took it easy before my two best friends and their kids came over. I can't believe how big the kids are getting. I hate that kids grow so fast!! We hung out for awhile, and then they took off. I was really tired that day, too, but it was nice spending time with friends.

Yesterday, I got out for a bit because it was in the 50s!! It was rainy, but still really warm for this time of year. Everything was melting, which wasn't good. There was a lot of flooding in many areas, causing a lot of problems. I had to pick up a prescription, and then I went to my parents' house to get my gift from Lisa. She got me pjs!! That means I got 4 pairs of pjs for Christmas. I did ask for them!! I'm not complaining though! They are all so nice, and I threw out 3 of my old pairs because they were really worn out. That's the reason I asked for pjs in the first place!! She also gave each of us a little bag with lotion and lip balms. I decided to pick the one called Hot Cocoa. And yes, it smells like hot cocoa!! It smells so good I just want to eat it! LOL! I also set up my parents' webcam that I bought them for Christmas. So now, we can connect with Lisa at some point, whenever they set theirs up (I bought them one, too!). Then I went home, and just took it easy again. I've been tired lately, and it's irritating me. Maybe the weather craziness has something to do with it, and the build up to Christmas. I don't know!

Today, the winds are horrendous, so I'm staying indoors! I'm working on a load of laundry, and maybe I'll do dishes. Just another take-it-easy kind of day!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Christmas Tree Stalker

Ah, the Christmas Tree! How I love to put it up every year, and take my time decorating it with the lights and the ornaments I've gotten over the years. There's a reason why I insist putting it the day after Thanksgiving, so I can enjoy it for over a month!!
Here is a view from the entrance of my living room. Hard to tell, but, I am not the only one enjoying the tree!
Something lurks in the shadows, something big and fat, with a very weird taste for fake tree limbs!Aha! The Christmas Tree Stalker has been spotted!! This crazy creature comes from anywhere in the house, nibbling at the tree when he thinks Mommy isn't looking!

The Christmas Tree Stalker then tries to hide behind the tree, thinking he will not be spotted. He is wrong! After taking this picture, Mommy sprays the Christmas Tree Stalker with water, and he runs away from the tree! Don't worry, he will try stalking again later when Mommy isn't paying attention!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today's weather has been downright nasty! I don't know this by experience. I did NOT go outside! The winds have been awful (it's almost midnight and they are still very strong), and whiteout conditions could be seen from my windows. I can't imagine what driving in that was like!! It's very cold also, with a -8 windchill. For people who have to be out there for whatever crazy reason, I feel very sorry for them!! Tomorrow will still be very frigid, so I won't be going out probably until Tuesday. Maybe. I can go to rehab, but the low temps on Monday overnight into Tuesday will be in the single digits, and I don't think it'll warm up quick by 10:30am! So we'll see. I feel like a weathergirl! lol

I did a bunch of things today. I made egg salad, cleaned the dishrack to the best of my ability (it's stubborn!), made my pecan pie (must try not to eat a piece before Christmas!), and tried to finish working on a 6-strand black necklace I've been making with tiny tiny beads. I was about to start on it when my friend, Karen, called. Two hours later, I get off the phone, and it's almost dinner! Diane made chicken parmesan with spaghetti, and gave me a plate. I shared some broccoli with her, and dinner was YUMMO!! Oh man, I sound like Rachel Ray! I was so stuffed after eating, that I fell asleep on the couch for a bit. Mittens woke me up by scratching at the couch and meowing, but it was good he did! I didn't want to fall asleep for too long! I went to chat for a little bit, then decided to work on the necklace again. Then I get another phone call!! Gee whiz!! I put beads on the tray while listening to Michelle, and after we chatted for a bit, I had to go because my phone was dying. I wonder why!! I was Miss Chatterbox today! lol I finally finished the necklace, though. My eyes are bugging out, I think, because I worked with such tiny beads!! And I'm sure my fingers and wrists will be killing me tomorrow since the beads were so small, a needle wouldn't go through them, and I had to string all the beads one at at time. I don't know how much to charge for this necklace now. LOL I like it, though! I have to take pictures of it tomorrow. So, now that I am done with the necklace, and my eyes are tired, it's time to go to bed!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh, One More Thing....

These pictures don't do anything to justify how beautiful the bracelet I got from Cathy is, but I thought I'd post them anyway!! I wish the camera would have done a better job! You can at least see how skinny my wrist is, though!! LOL

It Came! And It's Coming Again Tomorrow!!

So, the snow came yesterday. Started around 8am, I think, and sorta tapered off here after 4pm. The Niagara region got the most snow out of all of Western NY. Some areas saw a foot of the white stuff! If I had to guess, I would say there are at least 9 inches out there. I've never been good at judging how much snow is around. I would go out there with a yardstick if it wasn't so darn cold!! We're supposed to be getting another storm tomorrow, with a few more inches, but the winds are going to be really bad. I'll be staying warm again in the house!! Here are a few pics!

This is the view outside my bathroom window. The tire tracks on the sidewalk are from a neighbor who lives a block over. He drives around in an ATV with a small plow, and drives around the area "shoveling" certain people's sidewalks. We've known him for years, and I am glad he comes down my sidewalk!

A picture of part of my backyard and the house across the street. I took this from my bedroom window!
Here's another shot from my bedroom window. My dad plowed the driveway, and pushed the snow into a small hill in the back. He used to make huge hills when we were kids at their house! We had good times on those hills!! I almost feel like going to play on this mini-hill. Naaaaaa!! lol
Here's a shot from the computer room. The deceiving sun was out for awhile this afternoon, making the snow look pretty! I don't know if you can really tell how deep the snow is from the front sidewalk. In the shaded part of the picture, the sidewalk looks like a small well or ditch. lol
Besides taking pics of snow, I also took a bunch of pics of jewelry stuff I did awhile ago, and a necklace set I made yesterday. I wanted to work on another one today, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I've just been doing little things here and there so far today, to make myself a little productive. I'm starting to get a wicked headache for some reason, so I'm off to take it easy! Maybe read for a bit, and drift to sleep for a small nap before dinner!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Coming......I Think......

I reluctantly went to rehab today. I didn't really feel like it, but I had other errands to do afterward, so I just said "Let's get it over with!" I didn't go on Tuesday because it was a balmy 19 degrees out, but I did exercise on my treadmill. When I left this morning, it was 28, not windy, and that made the difference. My rehab stint was ok, not the greatest. The exercise bike really killed my upper legs for some reason today, so I didn't stay on it long. No sense in making them turn into jello! I finished exercising, and went to pick up a prescription. Then I got some stuff for Joan's boyfriend, since it is his birthday today. I have no idea if he reads my blog, so I don't want to post what it is I got him. lol After that, I went to the credit union. I gave Joan the thing for Rick, since I'm sure she'll see him sooner than I would. He's in FL. Ooooooh. Oh well! I also brought with me a 6-strand bronze-y necklace I had made a while back, that one of the ladies Joan works with kept oogling over at the jewelry party last month. She had told me the last time I came into the credit union to bring it with me, and maybe she'll buy it. She did! I actually really loved the necklace, and when she had it on at the jewelry party, I thought it really looked good on her! I'm going to have to make more of them. They are so time consuming, but they come out really beautiful! After chatting with Joan for a few minutes, I went home to relax for the afternoon. In a little while, I'm going out for coffee with a couple friends. We are going to exchange gifts, and it'll be a nice visit, since I will probably be a shut-in for the weekend.

Because......they are forecasting at least 7 inches of snow and bitter cold temps starting very early Friday morning. We'll see if it really happens. Sometimes the weather people say these things, and they never come to fruition. However, this storm started out in AZ yesterday, and if people in Las Vegas were seeing snow, I somehow think we'll be seeing it, too! The weather has been crazy everywhere the past couple weeks. Snowstorms in areas of the country that never see snow, temperatures that are colder than normal. It's not really a big surprised to us hearty Western NYers who experience the nasty winter weather every year, but for someone who is used to wearing shorts in the winter, dealing with cold and snow probably sucks for them!! lol

I need to figure out what to have for dinner. I'm not used to meeting for coffee when it's usually my dinner time. Maybe cereal and fruit! That's easy enough!! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Lovely Surprise!

Today I had to go get my PT/INRs checked again, because two weeks ago they were a little whacked, and my doctor just wanted to make sure they were ok. So I got up, had breakfast, got myself ready to go, and left around 11am. I was happy that no one was waiting to be called to get paperwork done, and that hardly anyone was waiting for bloodwork to be drawn! I was out of there a little before noon, and I went to my parents' house to put up their computer. I got that all taken care of (I was nice and even dusted their computer stand before putting up the new tower!), for the most part, and was playing games on it when my mom came home. She had wanted me to wait until she did something with cords and put a faceplate on the wall before I put up the tower. Ooops. She made lunch, and after that, I unplugged everything, put the faceplate up, plugged things back in, and my mom vacuumed. I turned the computer back on, and was excited to see that I could get on the internet, when I couldn't before that! Yay!! I did several more things, showed her how to use the free antivirus software I downloaded, and around 5pm I left for home.

I had a big box sitting outside my side door, from my friend, Karen! In the mailbox were many cards and a couple pieces of junk mail. After I got myself settled, I opened everything up, saving one care in particular for last. I finally opened that one, and it was from a dear phriend. Cathy made me a beautiful red swarovski crystal bracelet, and the size is PERFECT!! Perhaps she was listening one night when for some reason I ended up saying how small my wrist size is, and that my bracelets fit my three year old niece! lol I don't even remember how that conversation came up, but I didn't think it would be put to use! lol I just love my bracelet, and I called Cathy right away to let her know how much I love it!! She is a sweet, sweet phriend, and not only to me. She does so many kind things for all of her family and phriends, and I think she is a wonderful person! And Cathy, don't tell me to go on and say it was nothing!! Because it really meant a lot to me, and I know the things you do for others do not go unappreciated!!

I opened up my box from Karen after dinner, and took out four wrapped gifts. I have NO clue what she got me!! I gave her a few ideas a month ago on things I'd like, but she always surprises me! I will be waiting, of course, to open her gifts on Christmas morning, like I usually do!! Last year, my favorite gift from her was a shower radio. I can't tell you how much I love it!! So I can't wait to see what she thought of this year! :)

Guess I'll turn in early again tonight. I've been doing that the past few nights, I've just been really tired lately. I hope I'm not coming down with something!! My parents have been sick again, and I've been around my mom a lot. I'm downing the vitamin C!! lol

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Alllllllllll Done!!!

Well it's official: I'm ready for Christmas! I keep wondering if I'm forgetting anything??? I finished wrapping all the gifts yesterday, and everything I wrapped is surrounding my tree in the living room. It looks nice! I almost don't want to give them out! lol My cards have been sent, ecards are ready to go out (yes, some people are getting ecards because I ran out of stamps, and money to get more!), and the big box I need to mail to one of my friends with her Christmas items is all set to go. It feels sooo weird to be done, and yet sooo good. I'm not stressing over last minute gift ideas, or trying to find time to wrap stuff, or anything like that. YAY!

Christmas dinner is going to be traditional this year, which will be nice! I was talking to Mandy today about anything I could make. I am definitely for surely sure, 100% making the pecan pie, because gosh darn it, we didn't have one during Thanksgiving!! But, that is dessert (or part of it, anyway)! We're having ham, scalloped potatoes, and brussel sprouts as part of dinner. I think I'll make asparagus again. I've made it the past 2 years, in the oven, and it's come out pretty yummy! I'm sure other items will pop in there somewhere. I can't think of anything else to add, but maybe I'll come up with something.

My parents' computer came on Thursday. Hopefully soon, I will be able to go over there and hook it up for them. I'm excited. You would think that seeing a brand new computer wouldn't be so thrilling, but, it is! I know I got my laptop over the summer, but I just love new computers. Yes, I'm a dork!! I'm just happy my parents (ok, really, my mom) will have something that works much better than their old computer!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gift Wrapping!I

Today I declared it Pajama Day! I woke up a bit late, and just knew I wasn't going to rehab this morning. I didn't feel like it, plus it was a bit chilly. I've also been incredibly achy the past 2 days in my legs. Tuesday I was out out all day, and that was after I had gone to rehab! By the time I got home, my legs were killing me. Yesterday, my legs were ok until evening. Maybe it had something to do with sitting most of the day at my mom's house, and on her dining room chairs, but they really just hurt. So I decided no rehab today, BUT, I did walk on the treadmill for 12 minutes. Yay! After I took a shower, I put my pjs right back on! I haven't had a pajama day in quite some time, so I thought today would be a good day for it.

The biggest thing I accomplished was getting 90% of my wrapping done. I don't mind wrapping at all. It's kinda relaxing, I play music and just figure out how much paper I need for what gift, etc. My biggest problem with wrapping, however? I cannot cut a straight line for anything!!!! Even if they made paper where lines are drawn so you could follow it while you're cutting, I still wouldn't be able to make it straight. It's terrible!! I end up with many pieces of paper that look more like trapezoids than squares or rectangles! But, I don't care, because there is really not much I can do to improve my skill!! lol I also try to use every scrap of paper for something. I've even been known to put an extra piece of of paper in between a gap that may not have made it to enclose the entire gift. Hey, it's just going to get ripped open anyway, right???

Mittens is always curious when I am wrapping. I had to yell at him to stay away from the paper on the floor, because he would walk right on it and make himself right at home. I did wrap a couple gifts that had nail marks in the paper. lol Mittens did entertain himself most of the afternoon with a huge plastic bag that I had from buying toys at the toy store. It's so big, he just goes right into it, and has room to spare! He was hiding in the bag, and decided to get out, when I realized he had put his head through one of the handles as he was exiting. He was getting a little panicked about it, but Mommy came to the rescue! I took my scissors and cut the handle, and he was free! And then he went right back in the bag! lol I clipped the other handle so I wouldn't have to worry about that! Here is a picture of him that I took with my camera phone, while he was in the bag!!

I made a seafood dish tonight with crab and some veggies, something I just came up with. I like to throw things together sometimes and see what happens! Usually, it is pretty good! lol Then I spent the evening just watching tv. Nothing too exciting. I am off to bed now, hoping that tomorrow I'll finish my gift wrapping so that I can make some jewelry I've been wanting to make. I bought new beads on Sunday, and I got them yesterday, and they are pretty! I also bought beads yesterday. *sigh* I know, I really should be going to rehab for beads, not for my lungs. lol

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cruel, Cruel Weather!!

I woke up to the sun shinely brightly in my bedroom today. It was a nice way to wake up, and the sun seemed so delightful. But that sun was very, very deceiving. Despite the fact it was peeking in and out of the clouds for much of the day, it was not warming whatsoever! Bad, deceitful sun!! This weekend has been so cold, and I haven't been out since Thursday afternoon. Tomorrow will still be in the 20s, but at least on Tuesday and Wednesday it'll be mini "heat wave." I'll be able to go to rehab on Tuesday, and maybe try to go for my xray and Walmart at some point on either day. Then, it'll be in the 20s for a couple days again!

Winter has been hard for me the last couple years, because the weather seems to be more bitterly cold than snowy, like when I was a kid. We had huge snowstorms at least twice a season when I was growing up. It didn't seem like it was very cold when I was little, either. Lately, temperatures in the 20s and low teens seem to be occurring more often, and huge snowfalls happen maybe once or twice. When it's that cold, I don't go out. When it's like that for days, I feel like I'm trapped! Last winter, I had pneumonia, and I really didn't want to go out there because I was sick, and it didn't matter too much. I've been doing pretty good lately, and now I just feel like I'm waiting for the weather to get better so I can go out and get some stuff done. It's really aggravating. And when it's bitter cold outside for days at a time, it's even more frustrating!

I bet you're thinking, "Why doesn't she move??" Well, I've been asked this question plenty of times by many people. I don't move because my family and friends are here. So are all my doctors, and although Cleveland is a few hours drive away to see my PH specialist, he still wouldn't be close if I moved further down south. And yes, I know there are PH specialists in warmer areas, but I really like mine! You really would think I'd be used to living in the cold weather, since I've lived here all my life, but moving anywhere warm isn't really an option. Not unless someone wanted to pay for all my bills in Hawaii. THEN I would move!! hehe

Friday, December 05, 2008

Please Hold

Irritatingly, I had to pick a new Medicare Part D plan, and I decided to make the phone calls today. I didn't want to, mostly because I knew it would take up a lot of minutes on my phone! But, I guess that's why I have 900 minutes?? Anyway, I was changing plans because the one I'm in now will have a premium for next year. Although it seems like a small premium to some people, at the end of most months, I'm surprised when I actually have money leftover. I don't want to be struggling to pay another bill every month, and my medicines are so important, so I need to change to a plan that had no premium!!

The letter I got in the mail had about 8 other plans I could call to see if they A) covered all my meds, and B) worked with Accredo Pharmacy for the Tracleer and Revatio that I receive from them. I called 3 of the plans, two of which I got a live person right away. The first guy was sooo nice, I wanted to switch to that plan just because of him! He said they did not work with Accredo, but they worked with Medco. Hmmmm. I told him I'd think about it and call back, and he took my address to send me some information anyway. The person I talked to about the 2nd plan I called about just said no to Accredo, and I just said thanks for your time. I had to wait several moments for someone to answer at the third place, then I got a live person who told me in one long monotonous sentence that all the operators were assisting others, and would I like to give my phone number for someone to call me back? I said not to bother, I'd call back later!

As I sat there wondering what to do next, I realized that the company I already have a plan through had a different plan listed for no premiums. DUH!!! Why didn't I just call them first?? I wouldn't have had to start all over again with the meds and such! So, I called them. I got transferred to one department after I told the first person I talked to what I wanted to do to switch plans. I had nice Christmas-y music to listen to while on hold, but, I don't know if you've ever had to be on hold while on a cellphone. For me, the music is usually choppy, or comes in and out in waves. Kind of annoying! Eventually I got a very nice lady who helped me for about 15 minutes. There were awkward pauses while she was trying to look things up. Now, when I am on the phone, and someone is trying to look something up or wait for a computer to load, there is always this strange silence, and I feel like I have to do something so the person at the other end knows I'm still there. I usually sniff. I may not be sneezy or sniffly, but I sniff. Every minute or so (what seems like a minute). Finally the nice lady looked up the info I needed, and I had to be transferred back to another department to actually sign up for the new plan I wanted to be under. Another 5 minutes of choppy music went by before I got another lady. She sounded snobby, but she wasn't too bad. She asked a bunch of questions, read some terms about the plan, and got me set up for it all. So, hopefully something will come in the mail very soon!!

The time I spent on the phone was almost an hour. I guess that wasn't too bad! I would have saved myself some minutes if I had just realized in the first place my original company had another plan. **rolling my eyes**


Most people know I make jewelry, but I also thought I'd mention that my sister, Mandy, has been making really really really beautiful glass pendants. I'm not just saying that because she is my sister! I am an addict of anything glass, and every time I go to her house, I want to look at her pendants because I JUST LOVE THEM. lol Anyway, she now has an Etsy store, the same site where I have mine. Please take the time to browse and perhaps purchase something!! She has quite a bit up, but I know she's still working to post more. So save the site! hehe


And by the way, here's my site again, just because!


Thanks for looking!! :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Furry Anniversary

Today marks the 8th anniversary of getting a furry little kitty cat as a Christmas gift from one of my best friends. He went from this:
to this:

All in a matter of 8 years!!! How on earth did I ever live without him in my life??? I just don't know! Mittens has been such a joy to me, and has been here for me the entire time I've had to quit my job. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he makes me angry, but I'm sure if I had a human child, I'd feel all those emotions, too. I've told him all day today that it's been 8 years since I've been his Mommy, but of course, I don't think it means anything to him. It was just an ordinary day! He did, however, curl up under the blanket with me on my bed to take a nap. We haven't done that in so long (he's usually sleeping in his huge box I can't get rid of), so it was rather nice! I am really hoping to have my little man, as I like to call him, for at least another 8 years!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Getting Prepared

It's no secret to anyone that I've been shopping for Christmas since June. I start saving money for the holidays in January, because if I didn't do that, I would never be able to afford Christmas. Over the summer, I started finding deals and items that I thought would make great gifts, especially for the many friends I buy for. So why wait for November/December to buy them? I've been able to pay for 90% of what I've bought with cash, and for the stuff I've used my credit card for, I've put the money right in my bank account to pay it off on the card. So, it works for me, and I have no stress right now because of it! I finished my shopping on Thursday night/early Friday morning from the comforts of my own bedroom! Gotta love the internet!!! Today, I went out and bought 3 boxes of Christmas cards and 2 rolls of wrapping paper at the dollar store. So, I can start slowly wrapping stuff, and getting the cards out in the mail. I feel so gosh darn prepared. I'm just waiting for something to come up. lol

Yesterday I was busy doing little things around the house. I got a couple jewelry orders prepared for mailing, one which went out today. I made a bracelet to complete an order, so that's all set to go soon. I got a bunch of music to make a friend a Christmas CD, then I made a copy for my Mom since she said she'd like one. I finally finished filling out the paperwork for a health care proxy, which really needed to be done a long time ago, but I guess better late than never!! Now I have to give copies to my two best friends who I asked to be my proxies, and to my PCP, who I see on Thursday. I also finished balancing my checkbook for the month, and trying to figure out why I had so extra money left. That never happens! LOL! I also made a pot of beef and noodle soup, which has now turned into a beefy stew! It's still tasty, all the same. I really wasn't tired doing all this, and I didn't take a nap. Which was kinda nice not to need. The gas man called me around 9pm, and we talked for an hour. I do really like talking to him. We have no awkward pauses or anything, and it feels like I've known him forever. After I got off the phone, my friend, Rob, texted me to see what I was up to. He's an old friend from college, and he was home for several days. He ended up coming over around 11, and didn't leave til 3am! We just couldn't stop chatting, and for some reason I wasn't even tired when he left. I sure was tired today, but not exhausted. I guess that was a good thing! I enjoyed his visit, we usually have fun hanging out if he gets a chance to stop by when he's home.

Today I had bloodwork done, went to the ghetto dollar store, then the credit union, and then the post office. I got home just in time to miss the sleet that started a bit after I got in the door. Whew! I didn't do too much more besides eating lunch, and then taking a nice nap!!

It's hard to believe it's December 1st. I can't believe that another new year is right around the corner. Every year seems to go by faster and faster. Sometimes I think it was easier being a kid, because time was so slow! I am hoping for a great holiday, and not only for myself, but for my family and friends, and phriends who could certainly use a good one. Here's hoping the month doesn't fly by too fast, even though I know it probably will!!