Come And Gone

It's hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone by now. I had a very nice day, though. I relaxed for most of the day, eating breakfast, chatting with friends, and opening gifts I had gotten from a couple of good friends. I got asparagus ready to cook when I arrived at Mandy's house, and put together the stuff I needed to bring over there, too. It was a very relaxing afternoon here, and then my parents and Joan picked me up around 4pm. Off to Mandy's we went!

Celebrating Christmas at Mandy's house has been nice. We've done it the past 3 years, because it's easier on them than having to drag the kids and presents over to my parents' house. We finished getting things ready for dinner, then sat down to a food overload!! We had ham that was so good, scalloped potatoes that were quite tasty (due to my dad's perfectly sliced potatoes!), asparagus parmesan (which I made, and I do think I'll make that again for myself!), sweet potato casserole (I ate a smidgen just to try it since I hate sweet potatoes, and I have to admit, I liked these! Mandy's a good cook!!), fruit salad, deviled eggs (Joanie's gooooooooood at making those), pickles (the kids just love the pickles), and a shrimp ring with cocktail sauce. I swear, I think I'm forgetting something!! We pigged out, that's for sure!

After some cleanup, we opened gifts. I think the best was seeing how much my niece loved her Pound Puppy from Joan. She kept telling everyone she had a puppy! She was pretty excited! We all seemed to get some very nice items, and it was a good time seeing the kids open up their stuff. After some more cleanup, we had dessert! I had my pecan pie, and Mandy had made her caramel pecan cheesecake pie thing that she had also made during Thanksgiving. Both were very yummy!! But by the time we finished eating desserts, I just felt like I was on food overload! We stayed and chatted for a bit longer, helped bring stuff upstairs into the kitchen, and then said our goodnights for the evening. It was a very nice time spent with my family, and a very long day!!

Friday, I went out to lunch with three of my friends. That was an enjoyable time, too. I got home, and took it easy before my two best friends and their kids came over. I can't believe how big the kids are getting. I hate that kids grow so fast!! We hung out for awhile, and then they took off. I was really tired that day, too, but it was nice spending time with friends.

Yesterday, I got out for a bit because it was in the 50s!! It was rainy, but still really warm for this time of year. Everything was melting, which wasn't good. There was a lot of flooding in many areas, causing a lot of problems. I had to pick up a prescription, and then I went to my parents' house to get my gift from Lisa. She got me pjs!! That means I got 4 pairs of pjs for Christmas. I did ask for them!! I'm not complaining though! They are all so nice, and I threw out 3 of my old pairs because they were really worn out. That's the reason I asked for pjs in the first place!! She also gave each of us a little bag with lotion and lip balms. I decided to pick the one called Hot Cocoa. And yes, it smells like hot cocoa!! It smells so good I just want to eat it! LOL! I also set up my parents' webcam that I bought them for Christmas. So now, we can connect with Lisa at some point, whenever they set theirs up (I bought them one, too!). Then I went home, and just took it easy again. I've been tired lately, and it's irritating me. Maybe the weather craziness has something to do with it, and the build up to Christmas. I don't know!

Today, the winds are horrendous, so I'm staying indoors! I'm working on a load of laundry, and maybe I'll do dishes. Just another take-it-easy kind of day!


~ L said…
I'm happy to hear you had such a wonderful Christmas. The meal sounds delicious. Never heard of asparagus parmesan before, but sounds like a good one. Hope you're staying warm up there. I'll send you some sun and maybe you can send some snow?!? hugs, ~ L
Anonymous said…
Oh my it sounds like you guys had some good food. Sure wish I had of been there with you. LOL!!

I love your snowman at the top of your blog. He made me smile he is so cute!!

(BTW, I am sending this Anonymous since I am on desktop and it will not let me sign in. This might not get sent either! LOL!!)

Love ya,
ARJUN MS said…
it’s a glad thing that you enjoyed the Christmas with your friends very well.
Your dessert was great, wasn't it? ARJUN MS
phtony said…
Friends, food, and PJ's...sounds like such fun - stuff that the season is made for -

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said…
Hey..Wow sounds like a wonderful time:)) Lots of great food to;)

I love that snowman..My fave color too!!
Hope you had a bite of pecan pie for me;)

Love & hugs,

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