Today's weather has been downright nasty! I don't know this by experience. I did NOT go outside! The winds have been awful (it's almost midnight and they are still very strong), and whiteout conditions could be seen from my windows. I can't imagine what driving in that was like!! It's very cold also, with a -8 windchill. For people who have to be out there for whatever crazy reason, I feel very sorry for them!! Tomorrow will still be very frigid, so I won't be going out probably until Tuesday. Maybe. I can go to rehab, but the low temps on Monday overnight into Tuesday will be in the single digits, and I don't think it'll warm up quick by 10:30am! So we'll see. I feel like a weathergirl! lol

I did a bunch of things today. I made egg salad, cleaned the dishrack to the best of my ability (it's stubborn!), made my pecan pie (must try not to eat a piece before Christmas!), and tried to finish working on a 6-strand black necklace I've been making with tiny tiny beads. I was about to start on it when my friend, Karen, called. Two hours later, I get off the phone, and it's almost dinner! Diane made chicken parmesan with spaghetti, and gave me a plate. I shared some broccoli with her, and dinner was YUMMO!! Oh man, I sound like Rachel Ray! I was so stuffed after eating, that I fell asleep on the couch for a bit. Mittens woke me up by scratching at the couch and meowing, but it was good he did! I didn't want to fall asleep for too long! I went to chat for a little bit, then decided to work on the necklace again. Then I get another phone call!! Gee whiz!! I put beads on the tray while listening to Michelle, and after we chatted for a bit, I had to go because my phone was dying. I wonder why!! I was Miss Chatterbox today! lol I finally finished the necklace, though. My eyes are bugging out, I think, because I worked with such tiny beads!! And I'm sure my fingers and wrists will be killing me tomorrow since the beads were so small, a needle wouldn't go through them, and I had to string all the beads one at at time. I don't know how much to charge for this necklace now. LOL I like it, though! I have to take pictures of it tomorrow. So, now that I am done with the necklace, and my eyes are tired, it's time to go to bed!!


ARJUN MS said…
hai Colleen.......
here in India especially in Kerala we dont experience such harsh coldness. parmesan with spaghetti are not familiar, but chicken is very very familiar.your finished necklace must be a great one right?
Thank you for commenting on my blog. i will read yours regularly and do mine, which i am sure you will.

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