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Almost Time

It's hard to believe that Christmas is one week away. I started buying gifts for friends and family over the summer, which is becoming sort of a tradition for me. Since I save money every month for Christmas, I have a good amount by summertime to start thinking and browsing for gifts. It makes things so much less stressful when the holidays do come around! Of course, I think I should really wrap the gifts as I get them over the summer and fall, too. I feel like I've been wrapping forever!

With Christmas approaching so quickly, I am also finding it hard to believe that we're about to start a new year. But what has astounded me even more is that we're about to start a whole new decade! Where in the world did the past 1o years go?? I started the year 2000 sick. I rang in that new decade with my boyfriend at the time, in my living room, and under blankets because I was battling a cold. It's hard to fathom that in 10 years, so much is different. But yet, there is so much…

Are You A Donor?

Many moons ago, after losing my teaching job, and trying to figure out how to make ends meet, a friend suggested I become a tutor for the AOL Ask-A-Tutor program. I thought about it, and decided to sign up. I had to go through training, and after that, I started helping in the English tutoring room. The incentive allowed me to get AOL for free each month, about a $21 savings. That was my initiative for joining. But after several months, I started becoming friends with some of the other teachers, and it became more of a social gathering besides just helping students. I tutored at least 4 hours a week, sometimes more, and it was a pretty good time!

A few years ago, AOL stupidly shut down the tutoring program. I soon become an ex-customer of AOL, and found out a bit later that some of the people from the tutoring program had created a new program that gave free tutoring to students from all over the world. I decided to continue to be a volunteer, and I've been doing it since. Not too …