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Busyness and Stress

I felt rather accomplished today, even though I was really tired when I got up this morning. The weather is definitely cooler in the mornings, and I always feel like I'm getting sick because I'm not warm enough, and neither is the house. I'm trying so hard not to turn on the heat yet! Anyway, after having my prolonged breakfast, I washed the dishes, and cleaned the bathroom. Then instead of changing over my wardrobe from summer to winter, I decided to put down the storm windows and put up some plastic. I had enough for 3 windows, so covered the two in my bedroom, and one of the windows in the jewelry room. I've never covered the windows in there, because that room was barely ever used during the winter. The only time would be when Lisa would come home for the holidays. I am planning on using that room all the time now, so I'm going to close the computer room for the winter. I'll just use it when I have to put bills and such on the desk, and to print things.


Message To A Dear Phriend

Dear Mason,

Happy 21st Birthday! Of course, I wish that you could actually be here to celebrate it. I know that I will never forget your birthday since it is a week after mine. I missed not getting a funny birthday card from you this year. I also missed not being able to pick one out for you. But I will be thinking about you all day today. Many of your phriends will be celebrating for you with drinks and some of your favorite foods. I promise I won't eat fish tonight. lol If I can find Oreo Cakesters, I will get some just so I can have one (or more) in your honor. Maybe I'll even stick a candle in it! I miss you, HB, and I hope you know how much we all love and miss you. We can never forget what a dear phriend you were to so many of us. I will never forget how much our friendship meant to me.

Love ya, my phriend,
Your SC

Another Year

Thirty-four years ago today, I was born. Nine months after I was born, after not gaining much weight (ounces instead of pounds), and having several doctors tell my parents something was not right with my heart, I was diagnosed with atrioventricular canal (just a fancy way of saying I have 2 holes in my heart!) and pulmonary hypertension. The doctors gave my parents more grim than optimistic news. They told them to basically try to have another baby very soon because they really didn't believe I wouldn't make it to my first birthday. They gave my parents a range: "Oh she could live a year, she could live 50," but I personally feel they didn't have all that much hope. I was diagnosed too late for them to correct my heart, so basically, there was nothing they could do for me but keep watching my heart with years/decades of echoes, and digoxin (which has kept my ticker working!). There was just nothing to do for the pulmonary hypertension when I was a child!

After al…

A Nice Evening Out

Saturday afternoon, I called my parents to see if they wanted to go to the Peach Festival later. Mom told me that Dad was sleeping, so they'd let me know. A couple hours later, Dad called, and asked if I still wanted to go. It ended up just being the two of us, since Mom just didn't feel like wandering around. So Dad picked me up and off we went! Dad dropped me off so he could find a parking spot. The place was CRAZY!!! The weather was perfect, not too hot, not freezing, and no rain in sight! So of course, everyone was there! I found Dad about 15 minutes later, and we walked around trying to figure out what to eat. I ended up getting a shaved steak sandwich, pretty much like a Philly cheesesteak. It was very good! Dad got his usual bratwurst from the German tent. He likes to talk to the owners in German while waiting! Showoff!! Actually, I think it's pretty cool! :) After we ate, we decided we needed something more, so we picked fried dough. By the time we finished eating …

The End of Summer

Many months ago, I had a very vivid dream about meeting Mason. I went out west to California to where he was living while waiting for his transplant, and my mom was with me. Mason was in a wheelchair, and we had to help him get in our van so we could go somewhere to eat. We ended up at a mall, and then suddenly Sammy was there and Mason's mom, Janet. I remember feeling sad because Mason wasn't feeling all that great, and so we had to bring him home. But I had at least gotten to meet him, despite him not doing so well. I told him this dream the next morning, and he was just happy to hear about the part of meeting me.

Several weeks later, I had another vivid dream about meeting Mason, only this time Mason was very healthy! He actually came here, and he helped me around with my o2 as we visited all the places I had planned on showing him when he had wanted to make a trip to the Falls almost a year ago. We spent the day very happy, and I could actually hear our laughter in my dream…

A Little Collection

I'm not sure when it started, maybe with my little turtle from Aruba given to me by a good friend, but I have a little collection of turtle figurines that reside on my kitchen windowsill. One of them is glass (the Aruban turtle), one is porcelain (the one with the surprised face), and the rest are wooden bobblehead turtles from Mexico. The little Mexican turtles are all from a guy who sells them at the Peach Festival, an annual event that comes every 2nd weekend of September. That means this weekend! And guess what?? That means 2 more turtles!! I do hope the guy is still there, or I'll be very disappointed. I am so tight on money this month, but I have saved up to get the turtles. I know, sad, huh?? Hey, I have to have something to make me happy! If anyone knows where I can get little turtles of any kind, let me know!! I just love them, they are cute!