Busyness and Stress

I felt rather accomplished today, even though I was really tired when I got up this morning. The weather is definitely cooler in the mornings, and I always feel like I'm getting sick because I'm not warm enough, and neither is the house. I'm trying so hard not to turn on the heat yet! Anyway, after having my prolonged breakfast, I washed the dishes, and cleaned the bathroom. Then instead of changing over my wardrobe from summer to winter, I decided to put down the storm windows and put up some plastic. I had enough for 3 windows, so covered the two in my bedroom, and one of the windows in the jewelry room. I've never covered the windows in there, because that room was barely ever used during the winter. The only time would be when Lisa would come home for the holidays. I am planning on using that room all the time now, so I'm going to close the computer room for the winter. I'll just use it when I have to put bills and such on the desk, and to print things.

After cleaning, I napped a little bit!

I made dinner after getting up, and since my satellite receiver is on the fritz at the moment (which is irritating), I decided to cut up ingredients for a crock pot beef stew I found. I really hope it turns out ok! It calls for dry wine, and I happen to have Cabernet Sauvignon that a friend gave me for my birthday. I opened it tonight, and tried it. Wow, I thought my throat was on fire! I don't think that I like it much, but if it works for cooking, whoo hoo!! I guess I'll see how it goes with the beef stew!

I'll be going out to Amherst tomorrow, to spend some gift cards and have lunch with Renee and her hubby. I have cards for Michael's and Joann Fabrics, so I'll be able to buy more beads and supplies! Then, I have a gift card for Kohl's. I can actually buy myself some fall items, and new slippers! I'm a bit excited!

All this busyness has allowed me to sort of not stress constantly about money. I am having really hard time right now trying to make ends meet. When things suddenly go up on me, like my stupid electric bill recently, it makes me so upset and constantly trying to figure out where I am going to get the money to pay for it. I know I'm not the only person with money issues, and I feel like I should't be complaining. But when I'm stressing, my health can be effected, and that makes things even worse!!! Somehow it'll get worked out. It has to, or else I'll just have to spend my time sitting in the dark with candles and twiddling my thumbs so I'm not using electricity at night with the lights and the tv, and the laptop!!!


Nancy said…
Congratulations on winterizing your home. I haven't even started yet, and the temperatures are starting to drop quickly.

I hear you on the money crunch. I cut my cable back to Basic and saved $40 a month. Since I mostly watched movies and re-runs on the Extended-Basic, I subscribed to Netflix for $14 a month. I get two DVDs at a time and have unlimited watching online. I also watch some of my favorite programs online at Hulu. I should have made this move months ago. Even with Netflix, I am saving $25 a month. :o)
Jen said…
Man...sounds like a busy day...
I hope you have fun today & enjoy your outing..
Let me know how you like Kohls...

I hear ya about the money..even though Manny works..things are tight right now and of course I stress out and then you know we start getting chest tightness etc...well hang in there..all will work out..
Luv ya...
Hugs :))

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