Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Couple Of Thoughts

I guess I must really be getting a new housemate! I had my doubts for a couple days, and then tonight my mom said she didn't have Diane's number, and she hadn't heard from her either. But about a half an hour after that, my doorbell rang. It was about 8:30, and I was wondering who the heck it could be, since I had just talked to my mom. Well, it was Diane! She showed up with the rent check! It's official, I have a new housemate!!

Diane came in for a little bit, met Mittens and fell in love (did I mention she's a huge animal lover??), asked about my jewelry, asked a few questions, and then left after I gave her the keys. I think I'm going to like having her live here. She is really nice. And she has already offered to take care of Mittens whenever I'm out of town. Very cool! :)

I had rehab today, and it went ok. I'm a little sore in my arms. I think I used the arm cycle a bit too long! I'm liking the people there, but it's going to take me a bit to learn the names. One lady reminds me so much of my one aunt, and I can't figure out why! I want to call her Mary Alice, but she is Sherry. lol I met a few other RTs, and I really liked them. It's too bad they don't always have the same shifts! But at least I'm getting to meet everyone there!

I have to start getting ready to go away this weekend. My family is going to Horseheads, NY. That is where my mom grew up, and that is where they are having a big reunion of sorts. It's the 30th anniversary of my Grandpa K.'s death, and everyone is coming to remember. I was only 2 when he passed, so sadly I didn't really know him. I've heard all the stories about him over the years, so it does feel like I got to know him a little! I'm excited to see so many family I haven't seen in years. My mom's family is just huge. My Grandma K. had 11 children! I have 8 aunts, and 2 uncles. I believe everyone will be there, except for maybe one aunt, who has had some really bad issues with the family in the past several years. No one knows if she is going to show up. I kinda want her to, because I want to see if there will be drama. LOL! I know, that is bad!

Well, off to bed. I need to do a bunch of stuff tomorrow, and I need the rest! I hate packing and trying to figure out everything to bring! lol

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy Week

I sure did have a busy week, like I said I would. I think I said I would. I can't remember what I've posted lately. LOL!

Wednesday was a good day. I exercised, I babysat, but the highlight of the day was getting yet another package in the mail! One was small, and I was expecting it. It was Ellen's Medic Alert bracelet that she asked me to fix. The package was on top of a big box. I saw Honeycrisp Apples on it, and I knew it had to be from Ellen! She is the only one I could think of who would have sent me them! I've had 3 of them so far, and they are just fabulous!! They are huge apples, and I should probably cut them in half, but I just can't resist, and I eat the whole thing anyway!

Thursday was rehab, and when I was on my way out the door, I found the script from my PH doc in Cleveland. He wrote that he doesn't even want them to check my oxygen. That was huge issue on Tuesday when I started going. The RT was flipping out because every time I checked my o2 sats and heartrate after doing something, the o2 sats were really lower than she'd ever seen them. She ended up calling both my PH docs, the one in Buffalo, and the one in Cleveland. So now they have parameters to work with!! The exercising is fun, and the people there are funny to listen to, since they are all way older than me! Except for the nun who comes. She looks like she might be in her late 30s, early 40s or so. She is really nice! I was told on Thursday that they are trying to schedule a couple classes on how to breathe better while exercising, etc. I'm definitely going to that, too, whenever they are held!

Thursday night, I participated in a Women's Conference, sponsored by The Mental Health Association of Lockport, NY. There were speakers, there was food, there was a fashion show, and there were many vendors displaying a variety of things for girls and women. I had my jewelry on display, and so many people asked me about it! I wasn't really allowed to sell my stuff there (I was told this by the director), so I had a ton of business cards. I also got one lady who owns a tea house that I've been to before asking me if I've ever had my items in a store. She's really interested in possibly having a few pieces! I need to call her about it on Monday. The conference was ok, but there definitely needs to be a LOT of changes if they are going to do this for a 2nd year. The space was too small for the amount of women there, and the noise level was terrible for the one speaker, who was a bit dull in her topic. The fashion show was nice, but not on anything close to a stage, which I think was needed in order for the women to see everything better. So, hopefully there will be changes for next year!

Friday was crash day. I was so flippin' tired from my busy, busy week, that I had to lay back down 2 hours after I had gotten up in the morning. I took an hour and a half nap, and then made myself get up to do something. That ended up being the dishes. Boooooooo. I just took it easy until about 4:30, when my friend, Erin, picked me up so I could go with her and her daughter to her daughter's dance class. I wanted to see her daughter dance since I hear she is too cute!! And, she was!! After that, Erin dropped me off, and then I called my parents' to see if they were going out to dinner. They weren't, but my mom invited me down, so I ate down there. I didn't stay too long after, since I was still pretty tired, and I wanted to go home and watch the debate. And I'm not sure that was too helpful. lol

Today I spent a lot of time working on jewelry stuff I've had to get done for awhile, and just had no time this week. I felt pretty happy with what I got accomplished! Then, Eve and I went out to eat in Lewiston. We had a nice time together! It's starting to finally sink in that she is actually home for good, and we can see each other at any time. Whooo hooo!!

Well now it's late, and it's time for bed. Hopefully I'll get up to get ready for church in time. It starts a half hour earlier now, which throws me off just a tad. lol

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Beautiful Gift

I went to check the mail today, and realized my screen door wasn't shut all the way. There had to be a package of some sort in between the screen and the main door! When I opened it, a big rectangular box fell into the house. Oooooh, what the heck did I order?? I looked at the box. There was my name, but I completely didn't recognize the company! I brought it into the apartment and as I was trying to open the box, I realized that someone had sent me flowers! Who???? I finally got everything opened, and read a wonderful message from a dear phriend.....Annette!! I was so shocked, it was so unexpected, that I got all teary-eyed! Annette sent me flowers because I've been living for 33 years, and because I've been so helpful to our phriends in finding out about them. I called Annette awhile after getting the gorgeous roses, and she was a delight to talk to! I need to call her more often!! It just was such an wonderful surprise from such a wonderful friend. Thank you again, dear Annette!! You truly are an amazing person!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Piling Up Thoughts!

I haven't really written too much since Wednesday. I've just been busy! So here are some recaps:

Thursday, Mandy called to ask if I would like to be her son's godmother. Awww!! I am honored that she's asked! I called the rectory today to ask for a letter from the priest, which is needed in the Catholic church in order to be a godparent. I am also Eve's son's godmother. I feel blessed to be godmother to these little ones. And I just realized that they are both to boys. Hmmmm, maybe that means I can whip them into shape if they are acting up!

Thursday was also laundry day, and a little bit of cleaning day, too. I got quite a bit done, and rewarded myself with a little nap in the afternoon. It felt good to wash all the stuff I needed to!

Friday was laundry day, round 2. I washed the bedding, and put it all back on the bed very slowly. I kinda did it in parts. A little here, the next round a bit later. After it was all done, I took a much needed nap! I needed the energy, and I'm glad I did nap, since Eve and I went shopping after she got out of work! She wanted to buy me a new outfit for my birthday, and she ended up spending way too much!! It even got to the point where I was trying not to pick things up, because she would ask me if I liked it, and if I sorta said yes, she'd throw it on the pile. lol We went to a few stores, and I tried on several pair of jeans, and they were just not fitting me right!! Finally, after another pair of jeans failed to fit me in another store, I asked the sales girl if she could help. She came up with a pair of jeans that were petite and curvy. I apprehensively tried them on. Lo and behold, they fit!! And Eve said sold!! Off we went after that to the Boulevard mall, and after eating at a huge buffet, we went to a few more stores. I got another pair of jeans, and Eve bought herself a couple things. In all, it was a very good time hanging out with her. It's hard to believe she's actually back here for good!! I still don't think it's hit either of us!

Saturday morning/afternoon, I was at my mom's house for a garage sale. I wasn't even expecting to sell anything, but I made $13! I left to take a nap in the afternoon, and then got ready to go to dinner and bowling for my birthday! The restaurant was good, although the cooks forgot about our order, and it just took forever. We got 25 free chicken wings, though! After dinner, my dad left the table, and came back about 5 minutes later with a huge cookie from Sam's Club. I mean, it was huge! Everyone sang Happy Birthday, and I cut the cookie up. I still have a lot leftover, and I think I need to put it in the freezer! lol

After opening some really nice gifts, we headed across the street to bowl!! It was a blast! None of us has bowled in years, but it was so much fun. I think the best bowling entertainment of the night was my sister, Joan, though. She was hysterical! By the 2nd game, she was basically playing I Don't Give A Crap bowling. She would roll it, kick it, even threw it backwards. She skipped up to the lane one time! The best, though, was when she picked up the ball, and Ron told her to just throw it before reaching the lane, and she did. It hit the lane with a huge crashing sound, and we were all laughing so hard that I don't even know if she knocked anything down! LOL! I actually woke up in the middle of the night after that, and started laughing out loud because I had dreamt her doing that. lol It was better than my accidental throw of the ball backwards, and not down the lane!! I'm glad I decided to bowl!

Yesterday was a very blah day. I got up for church, went, got prescriptions, stopped at my mom's for a bit, went home and took a long nap, and then made a necklace and uploaded pictures. Not too exciting!

Today, I shopped with birthday money! I went to Walmart and got a George Foreman grill, socks and undies, slippers, shampoo and batteries. Then I stopped at Mufflerman to see if my muffler needed replacing, which it did, and was greatly relieved that it was free since I had my receipt from the last muffler I got 4 years ago. Whoooo hooo!! After that, I drove across the street and bought 2 new betta fish! I went to Mandy's for about half an hour, and my niece helped me name one of the fish. It is Dorothy. So Mandy named the other one Toto! Then I decided to go home instead of Target. I was really surprised I wasn't tired or needing a nap! I think I was just in a good mood! I made a piece of chicken in my new grill, and it turned out awesome! I can't wait to try other things in it!! I spent the evening watching tv, and chatting. I must soon go to bed since I start pulmonary rehab tomorrow at 11!!

The only other thing I wanted to mention was that I closed a chapter of my life on Friday with an email to someone who thought we could still remain friends. After he hurt me badly, and telling him so, and saying I couldn't keep the friendship open, he emailed me back. I didn't read it. I deleted it, and then permanently deleted it so I wouldnt't be tempted to go back into the deleted folder and read it anyway. I figured if he had to email me back one last time (his email subject said "The Last One"), he had no respect for my feelings. I'm sure he said stuff to make him look like a saint, and me look like an ass. Who knows. I just didn't want to read it if he had to email me back with a title like that. So, the chapter is closed, and I will never re-open it. I really find it a shame that I don't even care at this point. At least I don't right now. Maybe I will later on. Again, who knows!

And now, off to bed!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

33 Years

Today marked 33 years of living here on earth for me. 33 years of also living with pulmonary hypertension and congenital heart disease. 33 years that has had many ups and downs with my health. I still can't believe that I'm still around sometimes, and yet, I thank the Good Lord every day for every year He gives me.

While I was happy during the first half of the day, signing up for pulmonary rehab, and planning out a shopping trip to buy jeans in the later afternoon, the second half of my day ended in sadness. A phriend had been missing in action for several weeks, and many of us were trying to figure out if she was ok. As Keeper of the Contact Info, I had her phone number, and her address. I had been trying to call her, and did leave a message, but never heard anything. I tried emailing her again, thinking maybe she just had a computer problem, but in the back of my mind, I didn't really think that was the case. Her local support group leader hadn't heard from her in awhile, and that worried me as well. Finally, with the help of Mason last night, I called a couple neighbors who lived near her. Thank goodness for the internet. One of the neighbors finally answered, and when I asked if he knew anything about Brenda, he said he was sorry to tell me she had passed away several weeks before. They thought something might be wrong, because she hadn't answered the door when his son went to mow her lawn, and her mailbox was filled with lots of mail. They called the police, who finally broke in and found her in her bed. This happened right before the Labor Day weekend.

It is just sad to know that Brenda is gone. She was a dear phriend, someone who had such wise things to say to newbies, and who could calmly bring helpful words when there was a disagreement on the boards. In the chat room, she was a wonderful hostess on Wednesday evenings. It's where many of us who knew her well first met her. She would ask lots of questions, suggest others who may know how to help, and she did have a funny sense of humor, too. Brenda will definitely be sadly missed. She was a big part of the PH community, and her loss has hit us all very hard. The only consolation I have is that she is no longer suffering from this darned disease called PH, and also not suffering anymore from Scleroderma.

Brenda, my phriend, breathe easier. Know how much you are missed and loved, by the very phriends I know you loved, too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Apartment NOT For Rent

Well, the church lady (ok, lady from church) came over this morning. Diane loved the apartment. I had been drying my hair while my mom was showing her around. When I was finished, I thought I'd go up and say hi. But they started coming down the stairs, so I just opened my door. Diane saw me, and she was so excited, she gave me a big hug! She asked if it was ok for her and her dog to live here, and I said of course! So, she is taking the place!! I can't tell you how relieved I am that I'm actually going to have someone I know, rather than a complete stranger! Diane is so nice, and she's also very busy. It makes me wonder when she'll actually have time to live here!! LOL! She teaches several college courses at one of the local colleges, and she is also working on her Masters. It has something to do with animals, since she is a HUGE animal lover. I am just happy the apartment tenant hunt is over, and I really hope we won't need anyone else for years! Diane said she can move in Columbus Day weekend, the 2nd weekend of October. Cool!!

My mom and I went into Lewiston after Diane left, since I had my eye appt. It was rather quick! I went into a room with this eye machine, and the lady took a few pictures of my retina in both eyes. Then she explained to me what the pictures showed. They were neat! My eye doc came in, and also told me what we were looking at in the pictures. He showed me a very small area in my retina in my right eye, that may possibly lead to a tear (rip) at some point. There isn't anything that can be done about it, only to just keep an EYE on it. haha. So that was that!

My mom and I wandered around Lewiston for awhile, going into some shops. The day was nice, a little cool, but the sun was out. We stopped at this one newer juice bar, and decided to see what they had to eat. We ordered steak and cheese panini sandwiches, which came with a small spinach salad. I also got a tropical berry smoothie. Everything was so delicious! The guy who owns this new place is about 25ish, and his family has been in the restaurant/ice cream shop business in this area for years. I really hope this new venture works out for him, because it was really yummy!

I spent the rest of my day just relaxing at home. I will be going to the rehab center tomorrow to sign myself up for stuff. I guess this place does not take insurance, so I'll be paying for sessions myself. It's $36 for 8 sessions, and they are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, if I go all 8 sessions, it would be about a month. And then I can see if I want to continue. I think if I tried to figure out if the other rehab place I've heard about accepts insurance, it wouldn't make much of a difference. That place is quite a bit farther away, and if I was going there, I'd be paying $36 in gas, at least. I'd just rather go to the closer hospital! That's about all I have planned for tomorrow! Besides celebrating 33 years of life. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend's Gone Already

It's hard to believe that it's already Sunday night, and the weekend is almost over. My weekend was relaxing, for the most part. Today, I went to church with my mom, and then just hung out most of the afternoon in my bedroom with the laptop and the cat. It was so warm and humid here today. I don't usually complain, but the humidity was making me sleepy! And being in the frigid A/C at church made me even sleepier. So I just read stuff online, took a nap, read some of my book (I started The Kite Runner, it's so interesting!). I had dinner and watched a bit of tv, before deciding to go back into the bedroom to hang out before bed. I got in there, and the floor was soaked! I had left my windows wide open, and we started getting really strong winds here from Ike, and I didn't realize it was also raining. So I had to mop up the water with a roll of paper towels, and I got rather SOB! Grrrrr!!! I think I'll be going to bed a bit earlier tonight because of it!

Saturday, I spent the day working on a necklace set for Eve's mom, who wanted it as a Christmas gift for someone. I also went through a bunch of my CDs, and ripped songs off of them to put on my laptop. I know I didn't want many songs on it, but now I have over 350. lol Oh well, I enjoy music too much!! In the evening, my parents, Joan, and I brought a pizza and wings over to Mandy's house. Her hubby went camping with a couple guys, so she was alone with the kids for the weekend. It was a nice time there! We had dinner, watched the kids play around, and we played a few games in the Wii. We left around 7:30ish, and stopped at Tops. I didn't want to go in at first, b/c I was so tired at Mandy's for some reason. But I just decided to go and get a few groceries. I felt like I didn't get much, and I still need to get more fruits and veggies. So I need to go to the other grocery store at some point when I have the time.

Friday was fun, and very busy! I had to go to the eye doc at 1:15, but I left around 12:30 to get a few things at Walmart first. Got to the eye doc on time, and he was actually not running late like he usually does! I was surprised when he was checking my vision and he told me my eyes are still the same. I was happy about that! I still have one box of contacts left from the last time I went. They are so darn expensive, I hate to waste!! My eye doc also asked me if I could come to his other office in Lewiston, to take a picture of my eyes. When I asked why, he said that since I've been nearsighted for close to 3 decades, he wanted to make sure there are no tears (as in rips) or anything like that. So I said ok, and I will see him again this Tuesday!

I left the doctor's and went to Mandy's for about an hour. She needed to pay my niece's tuition for preschool (which she loves, but she's already sick from, poor kid!), and so I stayed while she was gone. For all of 10 minutes. lol But I stayed for a bit long to see new pendants Mandy made, and to watch a show with my niece. Then I was off to Target!

I needed new black boots for the winter, since the ones I've had for over 10 years finally cracked. I had saved $45 in babysitting money to buy boots, which was the limit I had. I refused to spend any more than that, and if I could actually spend less, that would be even better! I started walking toward the shoe section, when I stopped near the workout section. I saw zip-up hooded sweatshirts that I've been wanting in white for so long!! I was excited! I looked to see the sizes, and they had one for me. I noticed they were $20. I decided to look at boots before I made any decisions on buying the sweatshirt. So I got to the shoe section, and started browsing. I found two pairs of boots I rather liked, tried them on, and narrowed it down to the one pair that is ankle high, and rather warm! And the best part was, they were $25!! That meant I had $20 leftover, and I could also buy that sweatshirt! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I was so happy, since I hardly ever get to buy stuff for myself! I made my purchases and headed home!

My mom called me as I got in the door. She wanted to tell me about the lady who came to see the apartment. I guess she is nice, of course that doesn't say much to me. She has a job, and a car, and was asking my mom if she might be able to have a pet. I don't know how long they were over here, but my mom said she should know Monday whether she wants it. I'm feeling so-so about it. It needs to be rented. I am pretty sure my mom hasn't asked for any type of background check, so I will be keeping my door locked at all times!!

Friday night, I went out for dessert with Eve and Erin. It was soooo nice to be hanging out with them! Erin's had a rough time recently, and she needed the night out with her gals. We enjoyed fabulous desserts from Muscoreils, where we usually like to have dinner. Then after awhile, we decided Erin needed a drink, so we drove to The Wine Bar for one. I don't know what they put in our martinis, but all three of us were buzzing. I didn't even finish mine, and I instead I downed 2 glasses of water. I felt better after that! We stayed for a couple hours, and then we went home. We had a nice time together, and it's so awesome to know we can do this ANY time now!!

I have been thinking about my phriends down in Texas this weekend. I know Sheila and Jen are ok, but I am so sad in knowing Jen might not have a house to go back to, since the town she lives in was a disaster area, and they weren't letting people back in. My prayers are with them, and I hope they get to go home soon!! I am relieved to know they are at least safe.

That was my weekend. I have a busy Monday and Tuesday already planned, and then Saturday a bunch of us are going to celebrate my birthday (which is Wednesday) by eating, drinking, and bowling! I am excited, and can't wait to go! I better get to bed now, though, since I have to babysit tomorrow, and make a lot of phone calls about different things. Good night!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember 9/11/01

September 11, 2001

Awaken to a phone call
Turn on the television
See the Twin Towers in smoke
See the Pentagon in smoke
Hear about plane crash in PA
Complete shock and horror unfolds
Deep within our minds.

Longest day ever,
Eyes glued to tv screen
Tears streaming, flowing
Who could do this?
Who would do this?

Nation comes together
Out of terrible tragedy
Love for OUR country
Seen by vigils
Seen by candles burning bright
Seen by OUR flag, our country,
Comes together.

THEY did not bring us down
THEY only brought is together
Made US strong, made US proud
THEY will never break our love
For OUR country!

We will never remember those who did this
We will ALWAYS remember those who died
The innocent victims who have become
OUR heroes.
Please always remember 9/11/01.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab.....

.....and I said YES YES YES! hahaha!!! Well, definitely not Amy Whinehouse's version, but still a good one! I got approved for pulmonary rehab today! My local PH doc's office put the script in the mail, and I should get it either tomorrow or on Friday. So I'll call St. Mary's on Monday morning, and see what I need to do from there. I'm excited!! I'm a little nervous! It's something new, but I am hoping it will be a really good thing for me!!

Holy Crap! And Other Stuff

Sunday my mom and I went to church at the new time, 10:30am. They changed the time from 11am because the Religious Education kids will be getting out at 10:15, and instead of them having to wait until 11 to either go to mass or just be picked up by their parents, they changed the mass time to 10:30 in hopes the kids will just join their parents in the church. Religious education hasn't started yet, but by the amount of people in church on Sunday, it might as well have. Holy crap!!! I could not get over how many people were there. I haven't seen the church filled on a regular Sunday in forever. It actually brought some tears to my eyes. This is how it was going to church when I was a little girl, and even when I was in middle school/high school. But it was also a bit sad to know that several churches had to be closed and consolidated into one church (like we were) because of the dwindling population in Niagara Falls, and the shrinking participation in masses. I just hope that the crowd continues. I also hope my mom and I get to church a bit earlier, so we can get better parking! I wish I could walk to church since I'm 2 short blocks down the street from it, but there is no way I can do it. But that is fine! My mom picks me up and drops me off if she can't get a closer spot to walk in. And if I happen to go by myself, I leave way earlier than my mom would since I know the parking spots fill up quickly!

Monday I had an appt with the PH doc in Buffalo. I actually didn't see him, I just saw his nurse practitioner. She talked to me for quite awhile about how I was feeling, what Cleveland had said in my last visit, what's going on with the support group, etc. I asked her about pulmonary rehab, and she went to talk to Dr. G. about it. When she came back, she told me there were two places who had pulmonary rehab, one in a hospital what would be at least a 35 minute drive (give or take), and one that would be a 10 minute drive to a hospital they had heard rumors of having rehab. Dr. G. wanted me to check with my PH doc and the cardiologist in Cleveland first to see if they approved of rehab, and if they do, to call him back and he'd write a script. Cool!

So I called Mt. St. Mary's this morning to find out of they actually do have pulmonary rehab. Cool beans, they do!! I talked to the lady who had answered the phone for about 5 minutes, asking how it would work there, and do they have anyone who has low o2 sats while exercising?? I told her mine can drop to as low as (Sheila, close your eyes!!) 49%, and the lady was like "Wow, 49??" I told her I didn't want to scare the crap out of anyone, and she started laughing! She said as long as they had my complete medical background, it shouldn't be a problem. So I told her I would call back once I heard from my doctors. I emailed my PH doc, and a few hours later, he said he thought it would be a good thing for me to do, and that it would probably be very beneficial. Whoo hoo! Now I just need a call back from the cardiologist, and I'm good to go!

After my appt yesterday, I went to Michael's, drooled over the beads, but didn't buy anything! Well, I didn't buy beads. I did buy 2 beading items I needed, then wandered a bit before making my purchases and going back to the car. I called Eve, who is finally finally home!! She was busy helping Jody (her bf) set up more stuff around the apartment. I got directions from her, stopped at Starbucks to get my BIL a gift certificate since his bday is tomorrow (the 10th), and then headed to Eve's. Her place was really cute! It's definitely a nice size for them, and her son when she has him. I finally got to meet Chippy, the hamster (that thing was so fat!), and Bubby, the lizard. Oh my gosh, Bubby is HUGE!! He's the size of a small dog. I am so not kidding! I was so overwhelmed with the size of him that I had to take a peek and see him again before I left. LOL! I will have to remember to bring my camera the next time I'm over there, and take some pics. His tail must be 3 feet long! Bubby is being caged during the day when no one is there, and Bubby is pissed about it since he had free range back in NYC. When Eve and her son are home, they let Bubby roam. Eve told me next time I come over, she'll have Bubby out. Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, I can't wait! LOL

Today I rang a few errands with Joanie, then my mom. I had chat in the afternoon, which went well, and I also made a bunch of phone calls. I finally layed down and read, then took a nap, in the afternoon since my head was really bothering me. It was kind of a low key day. I felt like I didn't do anything, even though I did go out twice and I made a bunch of phone calls!!

My mom called me tonight to let me know some woman is coming over on Friday to see the apartment. My mom said she's coming at 2:30, and if she isn't out of work in time, then maybe I can show her the place. I said I have an appt at 1:15, and I don't know if I'll be home in time. Part of me wants to be there to see what my mom is going to say to this lady, and part of me doesn't want to hear it. So I guess I just have to wait to see what happens.

Well, it's bedtime. I need to babysit the "little guy" tomorrow. I am trying to decide if I want to try using my living room/hallway. It would be more room for him to roll around and crawl. I'm just trying to assess what I might need to move out of the room. lol The computer room is ok, but I think he's getting bored, and ornery. He needs a change! I'll figure it out tomorrow by how much energy I have to move things around, and still watch the kid! lol

Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Count UP

I've been totally avoiding my original plans for today, which was making jewelry stuff. Instead, I've been playing around on my laptop, changing my blog background (in case you haven't noticed!), changing the backgrounds of my Myspace page, and Joanie's (she lets me change her page, since she knows I love it! hehe), and chatting with a few friends and my sistores. We actually had a little meeting, it was the first time all 4 of us have been online at the same time in forever!!

Anyway, I obviously have two countDOWNS for 2 events, but I was playing around on the website I use to make the countdowns, and I noticed they have countUPS. I thought I'd try something. I made a new countup, of how many days it's been since I was diagnosed with PH and atrioventricular canal defect (2 holes on my heart). I have posted the countup in my profile section. I have to admit that looking at the number of days I've had PH and AV canal has been so overwhelming for me that I immediately welled up with tears. Because this is not only how long I've been diagnosed with PH. It is also how long I've been ALIVE. And when you think about it, living over 12000 days so far really does not seem all that much. However, living with PH and AV canal has seemed like forever.

It is hard to fathom living with this disease for only a few years, being diagnosed after living a fairly normal lifestyle, and then suddenly having your world turned upside down. I feel terrible for people who have to start living a different way, who have a hard time understanding what the "new normal" is for them, who have family and friends who especially don't get it at all. I can't imagine what they go through emotionally. I've lived with this diagnosis all my life, and for a very long time, being SOB and extremely tired constantly was just MY "normal." I honestly didn't know what it was like to not be SOB from just going up the stairs, or walking down the street, or even talking for hours on the phone. It was an almost every day thing for me, something I just was used to, and something I thought I'd always have. Along came Tracleer in 2003, and my world was turned completely upside down. Oh my gosh, I wasn't SOB after coming up the stairs with a basket of laundry! I could walk down the street to my parents and back without being so tired. I could actually dance for a bit and enjoy myself without having to catch my breath for at least half an hour. The meds have made a huge difference in my life, and I am so thankful for the people who have discovered them. I may not still be able to have a full time job, or to babysit my niece or nephew all day. I still run into days when I have so much energy, and then days when I'm completely wiped out. But I am completely thankful for all those days I have spent here on Earth already, all those minutes of happiness when I can complete a task without being wiped out, all those seconds I have spent being with family and friends I love so much. I hope and pray that I have so many more of those minutes to celebrate, despite PH.

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Countdown Is Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I cannot even begin to explain how beyond thrilled that one of my best friends is finally coming back home to Western NY!!! She has been gone way too long, almost 7 years. It's just so hard to believe that I will be able to see her whenever I want, and not just during holidays, or trips she planned on for whatever reason to come back here. She called me yesterday afternoon, and right after she said "Hey Schnelly!", I said to her "Eve, you're coming home in 2 days!!!!!" She laughed, and we just both were saying we couldn't believe it! She will be here for every holiday, for my birthday, Erin's birthday, Eve's own birthday! I will be able to be there for all of her son's birthdays now, and she will be here for Erin's daughter's birthday. And heck, if I were to ever get married, she'd actually be able to BE in the wedding! Not that I'm holding my breath on that one! LOL! The fact is, she will be here for always now, and I'm so thrilled!!!

Now that my countdown is over, I need a new one!! I want to change my background again very soon, since Fall is upon is now, so when I do that, I'll have another countdown. I know what I want it for, but it'll be seen soon enough! Right now, I need to get to bed. I have to babysit tomorrow, and I surely need my energy to do that!

Monday, September 01, 2008


I woke up a little late this morning, and wondered what to do with my day again. I showered, got dressed, and had breakfast. Then, after I dried my hair, I decided to clean the bathroom. I turned on the music, and kinda grooved while scrubbing! After that, I put on my headphones, and sang off-key to a variety of songs while washing the dishes! I also cleaned the drains, in the kitchen, and the two in the bathroom. I am getting too many centipedes lately, GROSS!! lol Then, after that, I decided to clean under my bed, since it was rather yucky from all the cat fur wafting around under there. I Swiffered under the bed, around the bedroom floor, down the hall, into the living room and under the couch (another furry situation!), and the computer room. I also dusted all around the floorboards in the corners of my bedroom. Then, after doing all that, I decided to sweep the kitchen! I moved the chairs around, moved the microwave stand, moved the rug at the kitchen sink. Yay! After that, I washed my hands, and I cut up the watermelon I bought during my last grocery trip to Wegmans. And then I ate some, and also had pizza for lunch! I was amazed at all the stuff I was able to get done! Slowly, but surely. I just love what music does for me! Sometimes I just get so much stuff done that I've been putting off for awhile when I put those earphones on and start jammin'!

Of course, during lunch, my adrenaline kick started to wear off! I decided that I better take it easy the rest of the afternoon. I couldn't really think of anything else to clean right away, and I sure wasn't going to push it by taking out the vacuum! So I went to read for about an hour, and then eventually fell asleep. The nap was nice! I spent the rest of my day making dinner, and watching tv and chatting online. The usual! And now I am off to bed! I have bloodwork in the morning, which I almost forgot about!!