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Ok, so maybe I wasn't the only one

Well, I IM'd that guy last night using my other screen name. I told him I was disappointed that he had blocked me, and that if he didn't want to talk to me anymore, he could have at least told me. So when I got online this morning, low and behold, he was on my buddy list! He sent me a message and said that he blocked everyone last week b/c he had a deadline for work, and when he got to work this morning, he got a lot of angry IMs from a whole bunch of people wondering why they were blocked too. So I guess I feel better about that, knowing that I wasn't the only one. I really didn't think he would have just stopped talking to me, but I never know anymore what the hell men think! They are usually all the same! lol

Found out what happened :(

I didn't think of it until last night, but this morning I went on my other sn, and put that guy's name on my buddy list. Sure enough, there he was, online. I go back to this sn, and he's not online. He blocked me. :( Why, I don't know. I'm really upset about it, I don't understand what it was that I did or said to make him not want to talk to me anymore. This is why I really hate opening up to wait, opening up to guys. I just feel stupid now, and just really sad. A little angry too. Now I understand why I'll never get married, all guys are the same. :(

What Happened??

I had been talking to this guy online for almost a month, since the beginning of December. Very nice guy, I told him all about my problems, and he still wanted to talk with me! We talked just about every day, since he had AIM at work. We even talked over the holidays b/c he brought his laptop with him when he went away. He was flying back Sunday night to Buffalo, and we even talked right before he left. Ever since then, I haven't heard squat from him. He hasn't been online, and I called him once, and he never returned my call. I don't know what to think. I honestly don't think he would have just suddenly blown me off. He seemed like such a cool guy! I really hope something didn't happen to him. It just makes me a little sad, I hate when I get to know someone, and they still talk to me after I tell them everything, and then for some reason, we don't talk anymore. It's hard going through this all the time. I really hope maybe something just happe…

New Year!

It's 2004! No, I'm not sick anymore, it's been a while since I've written. I'm finally better, it took a couple weeks to feel back to normal. The holidays were very nice, it was great having my family all together, and seeing Lisa. I really do miss her a lot, sometimes I wish she'd move back in the area one day, but I really doubt that would ever happen. But at least when she comes back to visit, she comes for more than a few days! So next week, I have to get used to going back to routine. The holidays are over, now I think I'm going to be in wedding mode. Two weddings to deal with within a month of each other, I hope I don't go nuts....or broke!