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Ending And Beginning Anew

2011 was a roller coaster year for so many people. My year began with a lot of stress, which eventually got sorted. The summer was crazy with stuff for Joan and Rick's wedding, and September gave me a new brother in law. September also brought someone new into my life, and the rest of the fall season seemed to go by so quickly with him in it. I think the best thing is that this entire year I've been so healthy, for the most part! I've lost some dear phriends, and gained many new ones. I'm praying that 2012 brings many good opportunities for my family and friends, and a cure for PH!! Happy New Year everyone!!

Well, Crap!

Those were the words used many times by a sweet phriend whenever she was trying to express frustration over something. Those were the same words many of my phriends who knew Annette used today when we found out she had passed away this morning. It came as a surprise to so many of us. She had some health struggles in the past year in regards to her PH, but lately, many who talked to her reported that Annette said she was feeling ok. Annette died in her sleep, which is the only thing that brings me some comfort. I am hoping that she went peacefully.

Annette's PH journey began a little over 7 years ago. She posted quite often on the PHA message boards. She was a 1st grade teacher, and once she was put on Flolan, she tried so hard to keep up with her job. Eventually she had to resign, or retire. I can't remember which. After that, she did volunteer reading in classrooms. She also did so much with the Omaha PH support group. She helped raise awareness by being a part of a large fund…

Merry Christmas!

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! I hope you're able to celebrate with loved ones. Remember that Christmas is not about the gifts we give, it's about the wonderful gift God gave to us: His son, Jesus. Jesus was born to show the love God has for His people, and to show that we should all be sharing that love with others. He is the reason for the season!

Layaway Angels

Last week I read an article about a woman who went into a Kmart (I can't remember what state), and asked if she could pay off some layaways for people who had toys on their list. Since then, I've heard of at least 8 other stories of total strangers paying off layaways for people, mostly at Kmart or Walmart. There were a couple instances in this area, too. I think it's so wonderful that there are some very giving people out there, and I only wish that I had more money to be able to do the same thing. These people are being called "Layaway Angels," and the name is certainly fitting! They are bringing unexpected joy to the families of people who might not be able to have a good Christmas. To me, their kindness is definitely what the spirit of Christmas is all about!!


My mom didn't make it over here today like she wanted. She was too busy cleaning and getting ready for my sister's arrival on Friday. Oh well, that's ok! I changed the bedding and didn't start a recipe until later in the afternoon, so I only made one thing instead of two. I made the pecan turtle bars, and MMMMMMMM. I'm not sure I can share them. lol I'll make the other cookies tomorrow, and maybe the pecan pie. We'll see how much energy I have!

So, I take my Revatio (Viagra) pills at 7am, 3pm, and 11pm. It's supposed to be taken 8 hours apart. This afternoon around 3, I was on the phone with my mom while I was trying to open the new bottle of Revatio tablets I had, and during the conversation, I thought I had taken my dose. After I got off the phone, I spent 5 minutes struggling to remember whether or not I had swallowed the pills. What the heck??? This isn't the only time I've done this. There have been plenty of times that I go to take my pill…

Getting Prepared

Christmas is 4 days away, and it's hard to believe! I am pretty much set gift-wise. I've wrapped everything except for K's gift, which is in a huge box. My wrapping paper won't cover it at all! I was going to buy some more, but my mom said she'd bring some over later. Once the box is wrapped, I'm definitely done!

My sister, Lisa, is going to make her way home from NC tomorrow. They are driving, so they'll travel to PA to where my aunt lives and spend the night before finishing their trip on Friday. There's no way they could make that trip a full day with an almost 3yr old! I'm so excited to see them! They will actually be here to celebrate Christmas ON CHRISTMAS!! Usually they would come the day after, but this year, they'll be here earlier. My family will be going to Mandy's house for dinner and opening gifts. I'm looking forward to it so much! I'm crossing my fingers that K will be able to come for dessert. It would be nice if he …

It's A Major Award!

Wow, I won! I was not expecting to win, but I did! What did I win? Well, in my last post I mentioned a blog giveaway by Sunshine, and the deadline was last night. There weren't too many who entered, but by random draw, my name was picked to win the prize! I will be receiving a cookbook that supports the Cayman Humane Society, and also a little surprise (which I can't wait to see!)! Thank you very much, Sunshine, for doing this blog giveaway! I've entered a few of these on various blogs before, but this is the first one I've ever won! I will definitely post some recipes that sound delicious or that I end up making after I receive it in the mail! :)

Do You Like Giveaways??

Then sign up for this Christmas giveaway, ending on Thursday at midnight EST!! It's a great cookbook filled with hopefully delicious recipes, and supporting the Cayman Humane Society on the Cayman Islands! This giveaway is being....well...given away (hehe) by a lovely blogger I've been following for quite some time named Sunshine! I'm always jealous of her posts because she lives in such a beautiful WARM place!! lol Anyway, if you'd like to participate in this giveaway, please follow the link! Good luck to all who enter!!


Yes, I'm here. I haven't posted in several weeks, but I am here and I'm doing ok! I keep wanting to write something, but I either A) Have so much I want to say and by the time I want to write I'm tired and I just go to bed, or B) I just have so much I want to write that I don't know where to start, and then I figure maybe I'll do better tomorrow. Tonight, it's a combination of both, and so with that, I'm posting this short blurb to say that I am around, and that I really do hope to be able to write something with more sustenance very soon!!!