Layaway Angels

Last week I read an article about a woman who went into a Kmart (I can't remember what state), and asked if she could pay off some layaways for people who had toys on their list. Since then, I've heard of at least 8 other stories of total strangers paying off layaways for people, mostly at Kmart or Walmart. There were a couple instances in this area, too. I think it's so wonderful that there are some very giving people out there, and I only wish that I had more money to be able to do the same thing. These people are being called "Layaway Angels," and the name is certainly fitting! They are bringing unexpected joy to the families of people who might not be able to have a good Christmas. To me, their kindness is definitely what the spirit of Christmas is all about!!


sunshine said…
Oh WOW! What an amazing story, for sure this is what the holiday spirit is all about, love it and wish I could do more for others, there's always tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

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