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Just To Let You Know......

I got my wireless router this morning. I'm coming to you live from my bedroom!! lol This is good because I've really felt yucky today. Nothing PH related. And I'm not getting sick. Just wish I felt perkier! Oh well, I'm just gonna chill for awhile. Maybe play some music and take a nap. Mittens is at the other end of the bed napping already. I think he's got the right idea! lo

My New Toy!

I got an email on Wednesday saying my Dell laptop had shipped! Whoooo hoooo! So according to their tracking, I should have been getting it by this coming Monday. Well, it arrived yesterday morning! Double whooooo hooooo! Sadly, the wireless router isn't getting here until Monday, so I'm still stuck sitting at the same desk as my computer while I'm online. Kinda defeating the purpose. lol But, I am getting used to the features of the laptop, and the one thing I dreaded most......the touch pad!! LOL I'm working with it, though! I thought I would buy a little mini-mouse, but other than it looking so very cute, I don't think I'll need one. But so far, I like owning a lappy! LOL

Last night, I woke up around 3am thinking I was dreaming about bombs, but the sound of crashing thunder was what I was really hearing! Although I had shut down my computer and laptop, I decided to get up and unplug them from the wall. I know I have a surge protector, but well....I don't…

Getting Back To Normal

My sistore left this morning around 9. I had gotten up at 7 to take my Revatio, and never really fell back to sleep, so I hung out with Lisa and Brandon until they left with the dogs. I'm sad they had to go, but it was a nice visit. It was also a little tiring. I know that seems to be a silly thing, to be tired from having company, but my routine was totally scattered for 5 days, and there were a few days I didn't get to rest. So now I am in recovery mode, I guess. I am still in pjs, and I haven't done much yet so far!

So much has happened since Friday, but I think I'll just break it down into sections. I'll write about the birthday party! It was so much fun! There were quite a few people, and cute little kids running around. Once people started coming, I didn't see my niece for quite some time! I think she was in her element. lol Cake time was fun. I had my camera in one hand, and Mandy's camera in the other, and I was taking turns trying to get pictures of…

Busy Days Ahead

My sistore, Lisa, is en route to the Falls, from Raleigh, NC. I talked to her a little bit ago, and they had just hit Pennsylvania. They still have quite a ways to go, and I don't think they'll get here until maybe 9 or 10. I don't care how long it takes, I just want it to be a safe journey! I didn't realize until this morning when I talked to her that they'll be staying until about Thursday. I thought they were going to leave Tuesday, but I guess not! It'll be a nice visit then. :)

Tomorrow is the kids' birthday party, and I'm so looking forward to it. It should be alot of fun, and there have been quite a few people invited, including kiddos! Mandy is really hoping it doesn't rain, because there isn't a huge enough area for tons of kids running around. I haven't seen the forecast yet today, so I'm hoping it'll be fine tomorrow!

Well it just started raining out of nowhere. It's very odd because I'm looking out my window, and I …

I'm A Little SOB.....

Here is the tshirt many phriends bought for the conference this weekend in Houston. I wish I could have been there (a few have posted on the boards from last night's meet-n-greet, I'm so jealous!!), but I am wearing the shirt today in solidarity with my phriends! I love them all!

How Could I Forget??

I purchased a laptop on Friday!! Mandy got a little booklet in the mail from Dell last week, and I picked it up last Thursday. It had some too deals on the kind of laptop I'd been looking at for months. I finally decided to buy a Dell Inspiron. I spent hours on Friday evening going through all the steps to build it, just to make sure I was getting what I wanted. I even called my BIL, Ron, to ask him a couple questions. He's the go-to person on computers. lol I finally had everything in the checkout, and pushed that Submit button, whoo hooo, it's slowly being built! I say slowly, because the estimated ship date on it is 7/22/08. Good thing I didn't need it asap! lol I am excited, even though I didn't that way so much on Friday. I think I was still in shock over Tim Russert, it kinda put a damper on the event. Once I know it's on it's way, then I'll be more happy! lol

Crazy Weather (And Other Happenings)

I guess I better try typing this as fast as I can, because I can hear thunder yet again, and I think another storm is on it's way. Last night I had to turn the computer off around 1o because we got a big storm. This morning I didnt' have it on for long before we got another storm, this time including hail. It cleared for a bit, but now it's gloomy again, and I think we might have another one coming. I know they said tonight we might have more, too. Not to mention the weather is going to drop to fall-like temperatures for the next few days. Grrrrr!!

I had a busy weekend. Saturday was my PH support group meeting. I ended up having 22, which includes 9 PH patients, caregivers/family/friends, the Accredo rep, and the people from my oxygen company who were doing a presentation on oxygen therapy. We had a yummy lunch, conversation, a great presentation, questions, and fun! I enjoyed it, and everyone thanked me again for doing the meetings. I am going to have another one in the fa…

A Sad Loss

I couldn't believe it this evening when I found out from one of my friends that Tim Russert had died today. What an incredibly sad loss. He was such a good man. He absolutely loved his job, and had such a passion for politics. I can't even begin to imagine the general election season without his thoughts and breakdown in numbers on the candidates. I always enjoyed seeing him on the Nightly News, which was often at least once or twice a week lately. I only watched Meet the Press a few times, but he was excellent on that show. Always asking tough questions in a manner that meant he wanted to find out the answers for the Average Joe. There will never be such a compelling host on that show ever again, in my opinion.

The loss of Tim Russert hits the Western New York area especially hard. Tim was from South Buffalo, perhaps only a 25 minute ride from Niagara Falls. He truly loved his Buffalo background, and he never hesitated to mention his hometown to anyone. He was a huge Buffalo S…

Fantabulous Hair!!

Don't mind me, I was just playing with the camera after coming back home from Mandy's! I love my new hair, it's dark!! lol

Guess I've Been Busy!

I didn't realize it's been a week since I last posted. Oooops! This week was busy, for the most part. The last few days have just been tiring, and that's because I was involved in garage sale stuff for this weekend. The last 2 days, I've been exhausted since I began my days waaaaaaaaaaaaay earlier than normal! I'm very tired as I type this, so if I have a typo, forgive me! lol

Earlier in the week, I was feeling a bit blah, and it didn't have anything to do with PH stuff. Let's just say I had cramps, and I haven't had those in months and months. So Wednesday, especially, I felt really ick. I just layed around for awhile, until I decided to get up and go run a few errands. That sort of helped (well that, and the Tylenol I took!). In the evening, I listened to the hockey game while putting stuff together in the spare room for the garage sale, and pricing everything. I had quite a bit I wanted to try to get rid of, and I cleared out alot of the room!

Friday I…