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Wedding Weekend

My youngest sister gets married tomorrow! Last night was the rehearsal and dinner. My sisters and I went out for a drink afterward, and had a nice time together. This afternoon I'm going with Joan to get a pedicure. Tonight's a dinner with much of my family at my parents' house. And tomorrow is the big event! I sure hope I have the energy for everything! I might need several days to recover!

Happy Birthday To Me!! :)

Today was my 36th birthday! I planned on it being pretty low key, and it was until Mandy asked if we'd want to go bowling after having cake at her house! I haven't bowled in a few years, and I thought it would be rather entertaining to watch the kids play, so I said sure thing! I left the house around 5:30 to pick up a Carvel ice cream cake at Wegman's. I got an Oreo one, which I thought would be the right size for 7 people, and there's a lot leftover. It was tasty! We headed to the bowling alley afterward, and got ready to play one game. The kids got to play bumper bowling. I think my score would've been a heck of alot better if I used it, too! LOL The kids were so funny to watch! H would dance to the music playing while trying to throw the ball down the lane. And S would just run up to the lane and let the ball go flying! The finished their game a lot quicker than we did. We kept having issues with the ball getting stuck in the gutter, and then our turns all got …

A Sweet Sign?

I was sitting in my kitchen earlier today, just playing around on the laptop, when all of a sudden, I heard a music box go off. It was very brief, only maybe like 10 seconds, but enough to make me completely stop what I was doing and stare toward my hallway in shock. I didn't recall having a music box! So I got up and walked near the bedroom, trying to think what I might have in there that plays music. Nothing. I went down the hallway and stood in the entrance to the living room. There across the room sat the snow globe I received from Euan the first time we ever met in person. I went over to it, and turned it upside down, and gave the winding part a turn. It played the exact same music that I heard just minutes before. I haven't touched the snow globe in about 8 months. There was no rhyme or reason for it to go off. All I could think of was that yesterday was Euan's birthday, and tomorrow is mine. Perhaps he wanted to let me know that he was still around in spirit, when s…

About Time!

In the mail today, I FINALLY got the letter stating that my Medicaid spend down was paid for the month of September. It's about darn time!! I will be sending my check for October a heck of a lot sooner, probably by the end of this week. Talk about stressing me out. I sure hope this doesn't happen every month!!
I also got a letter stating that my food stamps will be increased again next month. I guess they really want to make sure I'm eating. lol Can't complain about that, though!!
I got pretty sunburned on Saturday from being out in the sun for at least 4 hours at the air show. I admit I forgot to put suntan lotion on, but I used the spray my sister had for the kids twice. The sun won out, though. My arms would look a heck of a lot better if I hadn't been wearing a regular tshirt. Now it looks like I have a farmer's tan, which will NOT look at all good with my sleeveless dress for the wedding!! Today I tried sitting in the sun for about an hour, seeing if I coul…

The Air Show!

I had one amazing day today at the Air Show! We got onto the air base after 9am, and explored all the many different air craft that was around. It was really neat! The air show started around 11am with an extremely moving tribute to all the first responders of 9/11. It was rather emotional, and very well done. Then there was about two hours of incredible performances by a variety of planes and jets! I was most impressed by the B2 bomber (stealth bomber), which is the triangle-looking jet pictured down below, and also by the Thunderbirds! They were the main attraction, and the crowd love them!! They are the last several pictures below. Hope you enjoy the pictures!! I had over 100 of them, but I didn't think I should put all of them up in my blog! lol I am just so glad I went today, it was a great day!!

September Weekends

This week seemed to go by quickly, probably because Monday was Labor Day. The weather wasn't all that great, reminding me miserably that winter will be here sooner than anyone wants. I went out to lunch on Wednesday with Renee and Dee, and it was a nice time! We enjoyed our meals at Michael's Restaurant, and then talked forever after. Then we got back to my place and talked forever again! It's always so nice to have such good friends to share so many things with. I'm glad we were able to hang out for awhile!
Thursday, Mandy and I went to Wegman's for some sushi, since it was her first day of having no kids all day. Her son was all dressed and ready for school, with his backpack on, at 7am. lol A little bit too early!! I'm so glad he's enthusiastic about going, though! I hope both he and his sister have a great year!
Tomorrow I'm going to the Air Show at the base for the first time ever! I've always heard the air shows going on when I was growing up, …

Anytime Now!!

My financial state gets turned upside down last month. I do all of these things to crunch numbers, lower bills, make arrangements for help, and within about a week, I'm somehow able to pay for my bills again, including the medical insurance.
And yet, here I am, still waiting on the good old state of NY to actually tell me my first payment to them was accepted, and that I will have my appts and such covered for September. Come on!!! I bend over backwards to make sure I'm not screwed, and yet, it doesn't seem to matter!!
My caseworker did tell me on Friday that I should just tell whoever I see that I did pay for my Medicaid spenddown for September so in case Medicaid doesn't cover my 20%, they can submit the bill over again. How friggin annoying! I guess that's what I'll be telling the lab tomorrow when I go for bloodwork. I just don't want to end up with bills for anything, because I DID what I was supposed to do!! ARGH!!!

Celebrating Your Special Day

I got my first birthday card today, even though it's not until the 17th. It came from the place I had asked to help me with payments for my Medicaid spenddown, and I was surprised to get it. It was a very nice card, and I just wanted to share what it says on the inside:
The Wonderful Thing About Your Birthday
Is celebrating footprints from afar the magical miles of memories that has made you who you are. Steps that at times seem faded and sometimes full of fear your birthday is a reminder that you did persevere. So as you celebrate your life reflect upon it with a smile because the path that created you was worth every single mile. Gifts that can't be sent for they will be with you all year long as you make your next footprint. *APJ*
I admit that I got a little teary eyed reading the card, because the words ring so true. While some people hate the fact they are gaining years and getting older, I relish it. My parents were told they didn't know how long I might live, so I thank God for eve…

September Days

It's just barely into the 2nd day of September, and I'm already missing the summer. Summer hasn't officially ended by calendar standards, yet to me, whenever September hits, I immediately think fall. Which then immediately reminds me that the dreaded winter is coming soon. Booooo.
Tonight I did something I've never ever done before. I went to the movies. BY MYSELF. I checked to see if the final Harry Potter movie would still be playing tomorrow night (well, really waaaay later tonight, since it is almost 1am on Sept. 2nd), and it wasn't. OH NO!! I did NOT want to be seeing this final installment of the series on a much smaller screen at the cheap theater, and I definitely did not want to end up seeing this last movie just on my tv. There was only one time it was playing, and that was 9:40pm. So, I decided to just go on my own! And I have to say, I really enjoyed it! I felt so daring. LOL! I liked the movie, and I won't be giving away any details for those who ma…