About Time!

In the mail today, I FINALLY got the letter stating that my Medicaid spend down was paid for the month of September. It's about darn time!! I will be sending my check for October a heck of a lot sooner, probably by the end of this week. Talk about stressing me out. I sure hope this doesn't happen every month!!

I also got a letter stating that my food stamps will be increased again next month. I guess they really want to make sure I'm eating. lol Can't complain about that, though!!

I got pretty sunburned on Saturday from being out in the sun for at least 4 hours at the air show. I admit I forgot to put suntan lotion on, but I used the spray my sister had for the kids twice. The sun won out, though. My arms would look a heck of a lot better if I hadn't been wearing a regular tshirt. Now it looks like I have a farmer's tan, which will NOT look at all good with my sleeveless dress for the wedding!! Today I tried sitting in the sun for about an hour, seeing if I could even things out a little. Nope. I'm hoping my arms will fade so I won't look so stupid. I'll see by the end of the week if it looks any better, or I'll be buying some sunless tanning lotion to hopefully make things look much better!!


Jen said…
Woohoo glad ya got your letter! Increase in food stamps is a blessing, ya gotta eat! ;)

Hope that ya can even out that farmer tan soon LOL
Hope you are having another great day..love ya...Hugs :))
BTW love the new background, will change mine when our temps get back below 100 and stay there ;)

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