The Air Show!

I had one amazing day today at the Air Show! We got onto the air base after 9am, and explored all the many different air craft that was around. It was really neat! The air show started around 11am with an extremely moving tribute to all the first responders of 9/11. It was rather emotional, and very well done. Then there was about two hours of incredible performances by a variety of planes and jets! I was most impressed by the B2 bomber (stealth bomber), which is the triangle-looking jet pictured down below, and also by the Thunderbirds! They were the main attraction, and the crowd love them!! They are the last several pictures below. Hope you enjoy the pictures!! I had over 100 of them, but I didn't think I should put all of them up in my blog! lol I am just so glad I went today, it was a great day!!


Jen said…
Awesome pics!
I am happy that you were able to finally see the air show. I have been a few times as Manny loves them, but often it is too hot.
I love when they do enactments and the fly overs, loud but so cool.
Hugs to ya Loca..Love ya

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