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I've been so exhausted for pretty much a week now. I know why, but I'm not going to bore anyone with details. But it's really driving me nuts. My body just feels so weak, and even worse when I try to make myself do something. I still have been walking on the treadmill, but although it refreshes me for a bit, I find myself needing to go rest for awhile after. I hope this ends soon, because I can't take it!!

I've been seeing some of the kids from the middle school a block away walking home with babies in the past few weeks. It must be sex education time. It makes me wonder if they are actually getting anything from caring for these "babies" for a week or two, or however long they have to care for them. I was telling a friend of mine about seeing the kids, and she said she's seen some in the mall recently with the babies. They were using the babies' foreheads as trays and tables. Hmmmmm, something isn't right about this!

I'm getting tired of th…

When A PHriend Becomes An Angel

When A Phriend Becomes An Angel

When a PHriend becomes an angel,
We may feel shocked and very sad.
We may not understand why,
We may feel so very bad.

When a PHriend becomes an angel,
We mourn the life that should have been.
We hoped they’d see more years to come,
More time with family and friends.

When a PHriend becomes an angel,
We begin to have more fears.
When will it be my time to go?
Is it months or maybe years?

But when a Phriend becomes an angel,
We start to also realize.
There will no longer be the hardships,
No more pains and no more cries.

When a PHriend becomes an angel,
They are now in so much peace.
Breathing easier forever more,
Watching over loved ones with such ease.

To my Phriends who have sadly passed away,
So suddenly gone within this year.
Please know how much I love you,
How you have become so dear.

Another PHriend Gone

I went to read the PH message boards today, and got a big shock. Another PHriend has unexpectedly passed away. Jenni posted a message not even a week ago, postponing the support group meeting she was to have this past weekend. No one seems to have any details on what happened, so it's just so hard to believe she's gone. Jenni was definitely the type of person to keep very active, despite having PH. She was a huge driving force in the PH support group for South Carolina. She took trips to faraway lands, and came back with wonderful stories about what she saw. She shared how she felt, but it didn't seem to keep her down. She had a husband and a step-son, and my prayers go out to her family and her friends. May Jenni breathe easy and free now. She was a wonderful soul.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Baby!!

I am once again living life on the internet fastlane.....I got highspeed again today!!!! It's sooooo exciting to be able to ditch the phone and get onto a website without waiting for a good hour for it to load. And I can watch videos!! And get music if I wanted!! I'm just soooo happy!! :-D

Back Into Exercise!

This week, I began the slow journey of exercising once again. I hadn't really done much of it in January, and I really know that I have to do something. I have been sitting and relaxing way too much in the past couple weeks. Not really much I can do about it, when the weather is so gosh-darn cold outside! It makes me feel so slug-like. So, I started walking again. And I'm proud to say that I walked every single day this week! Now, I'm not walking anywhere near what I used to. This is totally fine, and I keep having to tell myself that. I'm starting all over again, so I don't expect to be walking a mile from the beginning. It is a little tiresome, because I am starting over, but also because it's a little chilly in this room. Breathing cold air is hard on my lungs, so there were a couple days that I was really tired from walking. But for the most part, I did ok. I kept telling myself to just walk a quarter mile. And that's it. Don't push myself, be…

Sunflower Pictures!

Here is the sunflower painting above the loveseat!

A close-up!

A Wonderful Gift!

About a year ago, a PHriend asked for some help regarding her medication, and I was able to help her out. She was so grateful that she wanted to do something for me. I knew she loved to paint watercolors, and some of the ones I'd seen were so beautiful! She sent me her website, and after asking about one of the pictures I really liked, she told me that it was already taken. So I asked her if she might be able to create a painting of red sunflowers, something I've wanted for soooooo long. She said she'd love to do it!

She spent many months working on it, worried the whole time that I might be getting frustrated because she was taking so long. I told her it was absolutely no problem! I know what it's like living with PH. Some days are good, some are bad. So I wasn't worried about it! Finally, after several months, she emailed me and said she had it finished! She said she was nervous because she wasn't sure how I'd like it. It came in the mail about a week late…