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It's currently 85 degrees right now, and the temperature was predicted to be around 88 today. I find this wonderful news, while I know many others do not. The huge plus to this? The humidity is very low, so I don't feel like I'm trying to breathe in a sauna! I have every single window open in my apartment, including the 2 windows in the jewelry room that haven't been opened more than twice in the 11 years I've lived here. New scenery for Mittens! There is a breeze coming in, winding through the entire place, and I feel quite comfy.

Euan would be picking on me about my love for the heat if he were still around. He didn't like it that well. I would pick on him for how much he loved the a/c, which I don't like much at all. I wonder how we would've lived together had he made it through his surgery and recovered well. We used to wonder that together, and just laugh. I'm sure we would've figured something out!

Toronto, Here I Come

I went out to dinner this evening with Dee and her parents, down to The Silo in Lewiston. The weather was actually really nice today, and it was a beautiful night near the river. I enjoyed the company I was with, and when I got back into Dee's car so she could bring me home, I saw that I had a text. It was from Joanie. She said that she and Rick decided they would be able to bring me to Toronto for Euan's movie memorial event. I just stared at the message and smiled because I was so happy, since I wasn't really sure they could! I am beyond thankful, because this means so much to me. I'm trying to explore the area of the theater on Google Maps to see what's around so that Joanie and Rick can do something entertaining while I'm seeing the movie. Toronto is a big city, so there should be something that they can see or do! I'm not sure if either of them read my blog, but if they do, it really means so much to me that you are doing this. Thank you, thank you, …


About a month ago, as I was trying to get the right key for my side door so I could go into the house, a white butterfly (more likely a moth, but it was still pretty, anyway) landed on one of the pillars that hold up the roof above the side door entrance. I had been thinking about Euan at that time, and that butterfly/moth made me think of him. I took a picture of it, but it still stayed in place for a few more minutes before finally taking off.

Saturday afternoon, I walked over to my computer room window, and noticed a butterfly (a real one, not a mothy one!) flying around. It kept trying to land on the window where I was standing, but finally ended up on the side of the rooftop where I could still see it. It just sat there for the longest time. I went to get my camera, thinking it would be gone by the time I came back to the window, but it wasn't. I got some great shots of it before it finally decided to go on it's way. It brought a smile to my face, since once again I had be…

Yay! And An Oops!

Yesterday, I didn't feel like doing too much. It's not like I didn't have anything to do. I think the weather had a lot to do with it, though. It's been rather chilly and fall-like in temperatures, enough to have the heat on at night again. Maybe if I hadn't torn down the plastic already, it would still be warm?? I swear, April was warmer than May has been so far! Makes me wonder if summer is ever coming. I'm tired of wearing layers already!!

What I did end up getting accomplished is ordering swarovski crystals and pearls for a phriend's wedding jewelry set. She asked me about a month and a half ago if I'd be willing to make her something, and I was so excited and honored that she thought of me. I just love doing special orders for people, and I try my best to really make something they will really love for a long time! I hope I can do her proud!

I also went with my dad to the DMV after he got out of work. I gathered much of my paperwork that I thought I&…

Letting Go

It's been a difficult couple of days for me and many of my phriends. Our dear phriend, Terry, has been taking off his meds today, and will peacefully (I hope) go when his time comes. It was an agonizing decision, I'm sure, by his loving wife and sons. He's been in the hospital since March with several problems, and nothing was helping him. I can't imagine how hard it was to decide to let him go. My love and prayers go out to the entire family. Terry, I will miss your positive attitude, your "laffin" and your hugzzzzzz. Love you so much, my phriend. May you find Mason and Racheal waiting for you to join them with open arms.

I also found out yesterday that another phriend who has been in the hospital since September wants out to go home and be comfortable. I don't understand why the doctors didn't do more for him, or transfer him to another hospital. I don't understand why no one really fought for better care. I am sad that this young man is no longe…

See You Next Year!

Monday I had all my appointments at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. It was a very long day, way longer than it should've been. We got to the clinic 45 minutes before my first appt so that I could get the bloodwork out of the way. After that was done, we headed up to the pulmonary floor, still way ahead of my scheduled time. The receptionist said she'd put me in for my pulmonary function tests, and that I shouldn't have long to wait. Wow, was she wrong! My first appt was scheduled at 9:45, the next one (the walking test) at 10:15. I didn't even get the first appt, and the 6 minute walk (6mw) didn't happen until 11am, when I was supposed to be in another building getting my echo done. It was frustrating to say the least, and I was so antsy by the time they finally got me that I felt like snapping. Grrrr!!

The tech who took me back for my walk started out by saying to me, "They told me you refuse to wear a mask, so you won't wear one?" I just looked at her …