Yay! And An Oops!

Yesterday, I didn't feel like doing too much. It's not like I didn't have anything to do. I think the weather had a lot to do with it, though. It's been rather chilly and fall-like in temperatures, enough to have the heat on at night again. Maybe if I hadn't torn down the plastic already, it would still be warm?? I swear, April was warmer than May has been so far! Makes me wonder if summer is ever coming. I'm tired of wearing layers already!!

What I did end up getting accomplished is ordering swarovski crystals and pearls for a phriend's wedding jewelry set. She asked me about a month and a half ago if I'd be willing to make her something, and I was so excited and honored that she thought of me. I just love doing special orders for people, and I try my best to really make something they will really love for a long time! I hope I can do her proud!

I also went with my dad to the DMV after he got out of work. I gathered much of my paperwork that I thought I'd need to prove who I am, and that I'm not a fake, the night before. And yet, stupidly I guess, I was still somewhat nervous about getting it done. I don't know why I get like that sometimes. My dad dropped me off at the door to go park somewhere, and I went in. I was so surprised at how dead it was. I almost had to do a double check to make sure I was at the DMV. Somehow the nightmare stories of waiting for hours on end at the DMV just didn't seem like they were going to happen this time! A woman told me I could come up to her desk, and I told her I wanted to apply for the enhanced license. She asked for my current license, birth certificate, SS card, a bill, and I can't remember what else, and then she said I could have a seat while she scanned everything. A couple minutes after, my dad came in, and he went right up to the counter to renew his truck's registration. Even he was surprised at how slow it was. I was called back, and asked to step against the wall so she could take my picture. I took of the o2, because well, why not? I approved the picture, and was sent to the cashier. She did the eye test, which I passed easily (I almost think anyone could pass that easily, the chart wasn't that far away!), asked if I was going to make this a renewal of my license as well (which I said yes to, might as well do it now and not wait until next year), and told me I owed $89 (I donated $1 to the organ donation fund). I got my receipt, and my interim license, and voilá! Done! Less than 10 minutes in the DMV, and I can officially cross the Canadian border.

It was a little after 5 when my dad dropped me back off at home. I called my mom to let her know that NOW my license is officially signed so that people know I'm an organ donor. I have been registered with UNYTS for awhile, but now it was on my license, too. My family does know that I'm an organ donor, but I just like to remind them! I made dinner, and spent the evening hosting PHA chat, and watching tv. I felt a little funny when I went to bed, but I chalked it up to weather again and just feeling a little run down.

This morning, I had an appt with my primary doctor. This was the 4th appt in 2 weeks, and I have one more to go next week. I'm a little tired of seeing doctors, but at least the results have been ok! I got ready to go, and went to fill up Artie (my liquid oxygen Helios) from one of the big tanks, and gasped when I saw the tanks. I didn't turn them back on after I got home from the DMV the night before. Oh yes, I was wearing the tubing around the house and stuff, but I had no clue that NO o2 was coming out of them!! It's sometimes hard to even feel 3L of o2 going into my nose, so that's why I didn't pay attention. So that meant I wasn't wearing any o2 for about 15 hours!! OOOOOPS!!!!! I put my pulse oximeter on, and my o2 sats were normal (for me anyway), so I guess not having the o2 on all that time didn't really do much. I did have a little headache when I got up, but I blamed that once again on the weather. I'm still just so amazed that I forgot to turn the o2 back on!!!

When I went to my doctor's, the nurse came in to do the usual med check and blood pressure, etc. She mentioned to me that she was getting married next month, and I said congrats, and then I said that I make wedding jewelry. She was like really?? Well, she ended up asking me if I could make the bridal party jewelry! She wanted a blue color, and I showed her my Medic Alert bracelet I was wearing with a capri blue swarovski, and she got so excited and said it would be perfect with the dresses the girls were wearing! She needs 5 sets, a necklace and bracelet. I am also giddy because I already have the swarovskis in the color she wants!! So, I guess I'm glad that I spoke up!! I have to advertise myself sometimes!! LOL!


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