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I had a nice Memorial Day weekend, with great weather to enjoy and company. I spent Saturday evening with K. on the waterfront in Lewiston, and then we went to the tennis courts on Sunday morning for awhile. Now I can't go crazy trying to play tennis, but K. has been teaching me how to hit the balls and hold the raquet, and I have to say, I was doing pretty good! I kept focusing on the ball every time he whacked it back toward me, so I would end up hitting it right back, and we'd go for quite a bit until I messed up. lol I had fun! He left Sunday afternoon, and I had a lazy rest of the day. Monday I made crock pot boneless ribs and had my dad over for dinner. They turned out fabulous, and my dad raved about them to everyone. Yay! lol

I slept so horrible on Monday night that I was beyond tired most of Tuesday. I didn't even go to rehab, I slept in. However, after only being up a couple hours, I had to go take a nap again. Then I'd read, which would lull me to another na…


When I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do with my sisters and friends in the neighborhood was to walk to our local Wilson Farms convenience stores for candy. Granted, this walk usually tired me out, but it was only about 2 1/2 blocks away, and we usually took our time getting there, and going back. We almost always took the same route, so we were pretty familiar with houses on the way, and the animals we'd meet, and the people we might see. We even nicknamed Wilson Farms "WIF," so when one of us felt like going there, we'd just say, "Does anyone want to walk to WIF?" We bought so much candy there, and even ice creams and other snacks, and I love the memories of just going there often. 
I've noticed in the last few months that "WIF" has been changing over to 7-11 covenience stores, and it makes me a little sad. There will no longer be a Wilson Farms that I grew up with, and even continue to go there once in awhile nowadays. 7-11 st…

Time Flies

Gee whiz, the whole month of May has almost gone by since the last time I posted. My bad!!

Well, as far as I know, the oxygen reservations have been made, both for Orlando, and for Cleveland when I go for my appointments the week before I go to Florida. For some reason I still don't totally trust the guy who set everything up, but I have the phone numbers of the places that will provide oxygen for me out of town, so at least I can call them to make sure things are set!! The last thing I need to do is bring a form to my local doctor for her to fill out about using oxygen on the plane. I need to have something with me when I go to the airport. Then I think I'm set!

I've already started to gather things to pack for my trip, and I'm also trying to figure out what clothing to bring. While it's going to be pretty stinkin' hot in FL for June (like probably 90s with high humidity!), the hotel where the conference is located will most likely be cold. And I mean like art…


Well, after being totally irate with the o2 guy at the office yesterday when I listened to a message he had left me, I called him back. He just kept insisting that the one portable oxygen concentrator (POC) I wanted to use for my flight did NOT go up to 5lpm. I tried as nicely as I could to tell him that it indeed went up to 5lpm, and in fact, it actually went up to 6. I also told him I had seen one just a few weeks ago at my support group meeting, and I saw that it goes up to 6. AND, that the website says it pulses up to....6! Soooo, he said he had to go check. He got back on the phone, and I could hear him flipping through a manual. After a few minutes, he says, "Oh, oh I see, it looks like it does go up to 6lpm." I wanted soooooo badly to yell, "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!" However, I just nicely said, "You learn something new everyday, huh?" So, I pretty much have the oxygen for the plane set, although I did have to call back today and ask for 2 extra batteries…


It may not seem like a big deal, but I spent about two and a half days not being able to use my laptop. It was the longest two and a half days ever!! LOL Late Sunday night, I heard an odd sizzling noise, and realized my laptop charger was crapping out. Greaaaaat. So I hurried onto Ebay and looked for a replacement before the laptop battery ran out. And then, well, the battery ran out! I was able to at least check email and Facebook during the day for the past couple days, but that was about it. I tried turning on my dinoputer Monday. It is just so terribly slow. I updated the virus software and was able to do check a few websites, but it just became so frustrating that I shut it down on Monday night and didn't bother turning it back on. I'm not even sure why I still keep it, but I guess I'm glad I have it for that "just in case" event!

My mom hired someone to renovate my bathroom and the one in the apartment upstairs. The guy started this morning. He's doing …