It may not seem like a big deal, but I spent about two and a half days not being able to use my laptop. It was the longest two and a half days ever!! LOL Late Sunday night, I heard an odd sizzling noise, and realized my laptop charger was crapping out. Greaaaaat. So I hurried onto Ebay and looked for a replacement before the laptop battery ran out. And then, well, the battery ran out! I was able to at least check email and Facebook during the day for the past couple days, but that was about it. I tried turning on my dinoputer Monday. It is just so terribly slow. I updated the virus software and was able to do check a few websites, but it just became so frustrating that I shut it down on Monday night and didn't bother turning it back on. I'm not even sure why I still keep it, but I guess I'm glad I have it for that "just in case" event!

My mom hired someone to renovate my bathroom and the one in the apartment upstairs. The guy started this morning. He's doing each of the bathrooms in steps, instead of one at a time. Tomorrow he will rip out my ceiling to put up a new one, because I've had a hole for awhile. It'll be nice to have a new ceiling! Both bathrooms are getting new toilets, whoohoo! I'm also going to have some new lights, and a fan. It's exciting!!

I'm still trying to get oxygen arranged for my June trips. My PH doc answered my high priority email about pulse vs. continuous on Monday, saying that pulse is fine to use on the plane. Yay! So, I asked him if he could fax something to my o2 company. I gave it a day, since I didn't have time to call the company yesterday to finish the arrangements. I tried this afternoon. My company still hadn't received a fax. Argh! So, I emailed my PH doc again. His secretary called me a few hours later and told me she had a new script and where should she send it. I gave her the fax number to my o2 company, and thought I'd give her some time to fax it. But when I called the o2 company, they had nothing. UGH!! I called the secretary back, and she hadn't faxed it yet. What the heck?? She said she was going to do it before 5pm. I had called at about 4:30. So I just figured I'd call the o2 company in the morning. Again!! The stupid fax better be there or I'm going to get really irritated! I already have a feeling that trying to figure out the rest of the o2 stuff is going to get me frustrated anyway. Soo, I guess I try again tomorrow!


Nelle said…
Welcome to my world. I swear that I spend a minimum of an hour a day on medical calls. This week I finally finished up with the teeth (cleaning, new xrays and one filling), my eye doctor (had to cancel three times because of being in the hospital) and today I go for another chest xray to check on the fluid in the lung. Whew. It's exhausting and I am now somthing I swore I would never be: high maintenance! Hope it all gets resolved for you by today. Glad you have your pc back and running.

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