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Happy Birthday Wishes

I am thinking of my beautiful Grandma K. today, as she celebrates her 89th birthday with family who live much closer to her than I do. I wish I could be there as well! I did call her last night to wish her a happy birthday, and we chatted for a bit. You would never know my Grandma was 89. She certainly doesn't look it at all (which is a YAY for me since I have her genes!!). Besides the need for a walker nowadays, she's very healthy. Her doctor told her a couple years ago that she could be around for another 10 years, and she said, "Oh gosh, I hope not!!" lol  So today I'm thinking of her and hoping she gets to celebrate at least a few more birthdays in the years to come!! She is a special lady!!

Whoa, I Got Tagged!

I don't think I've ever been blog-tagged before, and if I have, I sure can't remember! But over a week ago (UGH, I'm sooooo behind), I was tagged by Sunshine of Such Life in the Tropics, and I'm finally getting around to answering her questions!!
And Sunshine's questions are: (insert loud drum roll here if you wish!)
1. If you could go to any place right now where would you go? I'd love to be in Hawaii right now!!
2. What do you keep handy at your night stand? My night stand is used for my glasses (which I hardly wear, bad!), a basket I've had since I was a flower girl in my aunt's wedding many moons ago, and my alarm clock with huge numbers that I've had since I was a teen! 
3. When you were a kid, what was your family game?Hmm, I don't think we had a family game. I know my sisters and I used to make up all kinds of games when we were little!I think our favorite was Piggy. Don't ask!! LOL
4. What's your favorite kinds of food to cook…

A PH Kind Of Day

This week I exercised for 4 days in a row. While I think that is pretty good, and I was hoping to go for 5 today, my body screamed otherwise. Not only did I go to rehab yesterday morning, but I also went shopping for several hours in the afternoon after lunch with Renee, and wow, were my legs and feet just killing me. I was so exhausted by 8pm last night, but struggled to stay up until 10:30, when I just couldn't take it any longer. I was in bed by 10:45, and when K. texted me at 11:15 I was almost asleep. I got up this morning around 10am, but still, my body was telling me it wanted to crawl back under the covers. So what do I call this kind of day that is mostly utter exhaustion?? It's a PH day. It's a day when my body and lungs just don't want to do a thing because I've totally dragged them to the ground, run them over with my car, and then stomped on them for good measure. Ok, yes that's an exaggeration, but that's how I felt for most of the morning!! S…

A Comparison Of Sorts

Everyone knows Mittens is my cute little(??) orange Maine coon kid. I got him as a little fluff ball, and now he is just massive. I quite often call him my little lion cub because, well, he resembles a miniature lion! So last week I saw a video clip making its way around the news and internet of a real king of the jungle who was not so happy with a little 3yr old girl tapping at the glass from which she was admiring him. And immediately while watching, all I could think of was, "Mittens does that, too!!!" I found it so funny to see the lion doing what Mittens does almost every single day to my doors around the apartment!! So, I have a clip below that I took last year of Mittens banging the heck out of my computer room door (because at the time I took it, the Christmas tree was behind that door, and he just KNEW it!!). And I also have the clip from Youtube of the zoo lion doing pretty much the same thing to the glass window separating him from the little girl. Do they not lo…

Hmm, What To Eat??

This weekend it's been downright cold, and I knew I'd be stuck inside. So I decided earlier in the week that I wanted to cook several things, and I bought a variety of ingredients on Wednesday to prepare!

On Friday, I made a homemade pizza!

Saturday, I made a pot of spaghetti sauce in the crock pot!

Today, I am making chicken tortilla soup in the crock pot! I am also planning on going through the cookbook I won to see if there is anything simple I can whip up. However, I don't know where to put anything anymore!! My freezer is so stuffed. It almost looks as if I haven't eaten in weeks! lol

Why, Hello Winter

Guess what finally decided to show up?? The storm started late last night in most areas around here, and it was expected. However, I'm not sure how I feel about it!! The snow is pretty, but it's accompanied by some pretty nasty high winds and bitter cold temperatures. Considering the last two days were almost 50 degrees, and yesterday was rainy, I guess I just can't appreciate the snow!!! I know we're right in the middle of winter, but we've been so spoiled this year so far. It had to end some time, though, and maybe it's no coincidence that we got winter back on Friday the 13th???

Special Delivery!

I never get my mail before 10am, or even before noon. So it was surprising this morning when I heard the doorbell ring and saw the postman standing there! I opened the door, and he had a package that needed a signature. After signing the paper, he handed the package to me, and I noticed that it wasn't for my upstairs neighbor, but for me! And then I saw that it was from Sunshine! Oh yay, it was the recipe book I had won from her blog giveaway last month! I didn't have time to open the package right then since I was trying to get myself out the door to go to rehab. So I opened it shortly after I got home. I was excited to see the cookbook, a "vintage Cayman Island" Christmas card, and even a little bag of treats for Mittens! But I was especially excited to see a very cute panda amigurumi crochet animal that she made all on her own! It is so adorable!! I showed it to Mittens, and he seemed interested in playing with it, so I'm gonna have to keep it somewhere he won…

Happy Spring! Oh, Wait....

The weather this winter has been very unusual. We've had some days that are almost spring-like, and it's not just in my area! All around the country, places that don't get snow have gotten some, and other places are wondering when the snow is showing up. Of course, I am so not complaining! We've had only a few days that were a handful of degrees, and I didn't go out. But mostly, I'm still able to get around and not freeze horribly, so it's been rather nice. Of course, things can turn on a dime!! I'm still thinking that all of a sudden, we're going to be hit with a huge storm, or a very bone-chilling cold spell. So I'm just trying to enjoy the nicer weather when it's here! 
This weekend wasn't too bad. Yesterday I went out for about an hour to get some food stuff at Aldi's, and to put gas in my car since the weather wasn't too bad. Today I spent the afternoon and evening hanging out with K. We made dinner, watched football (he'…


It's days like today that make me wonder how I could be thinking about working. I woke up half an hour after my alarm went off at 7am to take my Revatio (I never even heard the alarm, and I keep the phone right next to my pillow!), and couldn't go back to sleep for an hour after. By the time I did get up around 10:30, I just didn't feel well. My head was killing me, and my ear ached. While these issues don't have anything to do with PH, the fact that I feel crummy makes my PH symptoms a bit worse, especially the shortness of breath. I really hate that. I'd rather be short of breath because I exercised or I vacuumed, not because I got dressed. I've been sitting in my kitchen on the laptop all day doing nothing but reading emails, news articles, Facebook, and playing a couple games. Not my idea of being productive at all!!

I have decided to try including something funny or inspiring or informative that I've come across on the internet in my posts. I can'…

Happy New Year (Three Days Late)!

It's a brand new year! Many people see it as a brand new beginning, a way to start out fresh, to break old habits or start new ones. Some people see it as nothing different, just another year to add to the calendar. I usually try to think of a new year as a fresh start, but I don't make resolutions. I've tried in the past, and I never keep them! Instead, I just try to think of what I'd like to see happening for myself in the new year. For 2012, these are a few of the things I'd like to happen:

*I'd like to find a job of some sort. I know I can't really do a full time job, so it would need to be part time. I'd love to be able to find something to do from home. Going out in the winter is so hard! I might even consider just having a part time job for the summer. I'm on the lookout!

*I have an incredible amount of beads in the other room, and I'm not really able to have a business like I would love to own. I make jewelry as gifts for friends sometim…