It's days like today that make me wonder how I could be thinking about working. I woke up half an hour after my alarm went off at 7am to take my Revatio (I never even heard the alarm, and I keep the phone right next to my pillow!), and couldn't go back to sleep for an hour after. By the time I did get up around 10:30, I just didn't feel well. My head was killing me, and my ear ached. While these issues don't have anything to do with PH, the fact that I feel crummy makes my PH symptoms a bit worse, especially the shortness of breath. I really hate that. I'd rather be short of breath because I exercised or I vacuumed, not because I got dressed. I've been sitting in my kitchen on the laptop all day doing nothing but reading emails, news articles, Facebook, and playing a couple games. Not my idea of being productive at all!!

I have decided to try including something funny or inspiring or informative that I've come across on the internet in my posts. I can't promise something every day, because I know how badly I am at posting every day! But I just thought it would be neat to include, especially when I post something that isn't too happy! So I'm including a video I saw quite a long time ago, but that resurfaced in one of those "end of the year" compilations of funniest videos. If this does not make you laugh or smile like it did me when I first saw it, then I don't know what else to show you that would be funnier or cuter!! I also didn't realize that since this video first was seeing, little Micah has other videos of him laughing as well! He's one entertaining baby!!


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