Happy Spring! Oh, Wait....

The weather this winter has been very unusual. We've had some days that are almost spring-like, and it's not just in my area! All around the country, places that don't get snow have gotten some, and other places are wondering when the snow is showing up. Of course, I am so not complaining! We've had only a few days that were a handful of degrees, and I didn't go out. But mostly, I'm still able to get around and not freeze horribly, so it's been rather nice. Of course, things can turn on a dime!! I'm still thinking that all of a sudden, we're going to be hit with a huge storm, or a very bone-chilling cold spell. So I'm just trying to enjoy the nicer weather when it's here! 

This weekend wasn't too bad. Yesterday I went out for about an hour to get some food stuff at Aldi's, and to put gas in my car since the weather wasn't too bad. Today I spent the afternoon and evening hanging out with K. We made dinner, watched football (he's trying so hard to get me to understand what's going on, and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it! lol), and played gin rummy (where he proceeded to kick my butt!!). I really enjoyed the time we spent together. He's a really sweet guy! :)

Looks like my week isn't all that busy. I need to get my monthly bloodwork done tomorrow morning. I'm supposed to return some stuff to Walmart, but I'm not in a hurry to go back there yet again. I swear I live there! lol My friend, Renee, might be able to come over on Friday, and maybe she'll be able to try out my new coffee pot I'm expecting to arrive on Tuesday! I also need to make sure I try to contact the person at the hospital who schedules meetings that go on there, because I need to find out if I can have a couple more meetings this spring.  And when I do find out if I can hold more meetings, I need to plan them!! So maybe I will be doing more than I expected this week! We'll see how it goes!

Now before I end this post and go to bed, here is my interesting bit of information that I'm trying to include with  all my posts lately. Do you remember those crazy pots of plants called Chia Pets? They were so popular a couple decades ago and are unbelievably still being sold today (I can't believe it!). Well, apparently, chia seeds can be eaten, and are actually very healthy! Now I supposed if I found some chia seeds that I could eat instead of planting them in a pot that is the shape of a head, I'd be willing to buy some to throw into a snack or a favorite meal! lol You can find out more by reading the link below! You can even learn how to make chia breakfast porridge (not too sure about that??)! 


sunshine said…
Yes, I do remember those Chia Pets, I used to love the commercial. Not sure if I would like to eat the seeds... Have a week and enjoy the weather!

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