A Comparison Of Sorts

Everyone knows Mittens is my cute little(??) orange Maine coon kid. I got him as a little fluff ball, and now he is just massive. I quite often call him my little lion cub because, well, he resembles a miniature lion! So last week I saw a video clip making its way around the news and internet of a real king of the jungle who was not so happy with a little 3yr old girl tapping at the glass from which she was admiring him. And immediately while watching, all I could think of was, "Mittens does that, too!!!" I found it so funny to see the lion doing what Mittens does almost every single day to my doors around the apartment!! So, I have a clip below that I took last year of Mittens banging the heck out of my computer room door (because at the time I took it, the Christmas tree was behind that door, and he just KNEW it!!). And I also have the clip from Youtube of the zoo lion doing pretty much the same thing to the glass window separating him from the little girl. Do they not look the same??? The only difference is the size!! LOL


sunshine said…
Mittens is exactly like that lion but only cutter! Loved the video, I hope he liked the treats I sent him >"<

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