Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Southern Doggies!!

Zoey is the first doggy, Lexie is the second one (the black Lab). And then there they are together! They were not happy with me out on the deck this morning, because I kept yelling at them whenever I went in the house for something not to follow me inside! It was so nice out there, they needed the fresh air! lol

New Bling!

Here's the new ring my sister, Mandy, made for me! This is the one I had accidentally broken when I got it the first time. :( She fixed it for me again on Friday, and I didn't wear it until Saturday for the trip. I've been wearing it every day! It really is pretty!! I'm laughing, though, because you can see my camera, and even my fingers, reflected in the pics. LOL

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Writing From The South!

Hey ya'll! I'm Southern for the week!! My parents and I made it to Lisa's last night around 9ish. The drive was pretty good, despite the fact that I got a bit carsick. I don't usually have that problem, but I don't know what happened this time. The last leg of our trip was in horrendous rain, and it was kind of scary! We also saw frogs leaping in the road, and we were trying to avoid them. But, we made it after leaving around 7:30 in the morning. For some reason, it seemed to go by faster than I thought it would!

My new little nephew is ADORABLE!! I've been able to hold him several times already. He'll be 2 months this coming Thursday, hard to believe! He's a pretty good baby, though. Loves to eat, sleep, make silly faces, and smile or smirk once in awhile! He's so loveable!!

We went to brunch this morning at a place called Sweet Tomatoes. It's a huge buffet, and it was so good! We met my Aunt who was in the area for the weekend, and that was nice to see her. We ate until we couldn't eat anymore, and visited with each other for awhile. After that, we went back to Lisa's to just hang out for the rest of the day. The weather was really nice today, about 70 despite being pretty windy. It was enjoyable!

I'm not too sure what kind of plans we have going on this week, other than having bbq with Lisa's MIL and a few other guests on Wednesday evening, and letting Brandon and Lisa go out on a date on Friday night. Oh, we might be painting a fish in the baby's room, since the theme in there is ocean. I think that'll be neat! That's about all I know for sure what will be going on! I might try to post later on in the week! Til then, see ya'll later!! :)

The Cabbage Patch Diaries (on a Sunday!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Quick Hello To A Loved One

I stopped to see my Grandpa today after rehab. I like going to see him when the weather gets warmer, and it's been months since I last visited. I told him he has a new great grandson, and that we were going to visit him next month, finally. I told my Grandpa that I've had a good winter, pretty healthy for the most part, and that I'm getting buffed up from pulmonary rehab! I let Grandpa know that the rest of the family is doing pretty good, and we are all awaiting the warmer weather. I let Grandpa know how much I still miss him, even after he's been going all this time. Fifteen years ago today he left us, and I still miss hearing him talk about the weather, hearing him jingle the change in his pocket. I miss going to his apartment on Sundays to have dinner...meatloaf, the best I ever had. That was usually the meat! I know it seems silly to still be missing someone who's been gone a long time, but he was the one grandparent we saw all the time because he lived near us. Even though I know Grandpa sure would not enjoy still being around if he was still here (heck, he'd be 103 if he was!), at least he would see his family, and the great grandchildren born since he's been gone. Of course, I truly believe he does see us, and keeps a watchful eye on us all the time. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Candles Anyone?

I've spent the past few days trying to clean up around here for a candle party I'm having tonight! I've hosted a Partylite party many years ago, and I've been to many of them as well. Even though they are rather expensive, I love the candles! They burn completely away, and they don't leave a mess. Pretty cool, I think! I was asked several weeks ago by a former high school classmate if I'd like to host a party, and I thought why not? It's been so long since I've had a bunch of people over here anyway! So, I've been making sure my place looks presentable! My biggest issue is the cat. He'll hide when people are here, so that's not the problem. It's just, his fur is everywhere! My mom vacuumed the rugs yesterday, so that's taken care of. I just spent half an hour brushing off the couch about 8 times, and I think I've gotten up the fur that's been on it. I love my couch, but it's irritating at how much the fur sticks. lol But, I think it's good to go, and I'm ready to have people over! I am taking a small break right now. I've cleaned the bathroom, swept the kitchen floor, went around the place with the Kone, and got the kitchen table pretty clear. I made my rocky road brownies yesterday, so I just have to cut those up and put out the other goodies before everyone comes! It should be a good time!

As you can tell, I've changed my blog background. I don't really like it. lol I found some cool blog backgrounds yesterday, but when I tried to change it, I would have lost all the stuff on the side of my blog! Sooooo, I might play around with it later when I have more time. I wish I understood html code more than I do, because I might have been able to figure out how to not lose so much info with the backgrounds I really like! Guess what I have will do for now!

Oh yes, London (the bird in the backyard) was taken back home the day after I posted her pics. I guess she's doing ok!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I left my house a bit earlier than usual this morning, for a meeting with an Education director at the hospital where I go for pulmonary rehab. I was supposed to talk to her after I finished rehab, but when I told her I got out at noon, I had the feeling she usually left for lunch by then. So anyway, I left a little before 10:30am, talked to the director about holding my PH support group meetings at the hospital (which I will be doing now, she put me on the schedule for 2 dates, and they will also advertise for me! Yay!), and then went to rehab. After I finished that, I ran a couple errands, and then hung out at Mandy's for awhile. I accidentally dropped the new ring she made me, and the glass broke off the ring. I felt so bad! So, she needs to fix it, and hopefully she can do a different technique so the glue will hold better. I played with my niece for awhile, since I haven't really done that in forever! We played Cooties, which I bought for her at Christmas. Then we colored! After I left, I got gas, then stopped at my mom's, and finally headed home. The weather had been so beautiful today, and I really enjoyed it! Nothing could break my happy mood!

Until I got out of the garage and heard the barking from the back of the house. UGH!

I got in the house, and 3 seconds later, Frasier comes leaping down the stairs. The apartment door must not have been shut tight up there, because Frasier got out! I felt really bad having to bring him back up there and shut the door, so I dognapped him!! After I put my stuff down, I let Frasier in my apartment, and just shut my door. He whined and whined, running around looking for his mommy, who of course wasn't there! I had him for about 45 minutes or so before Diane got home. I let him out, and she thought he had been terrible, but I told her I didn't know since I hadn't been home almost all day. Of course, I know the real answer to that. LOL I told her about the door, and she thanked me for letting him come hang out! Below are some pictures I got of him, and of Mittens! He wasn't happy! LOL

Frasier was running around upset at first for a while, whining because he probably thought his mommy was right behind me when I came in.

A rare moment of Frasier and Mittens in the same shot! Mittens was not very happy that I let Frasier in. LOL
A rare moment of them both sitting in the same room! I think it only last about 5 minutes. lol

Frasier finally calmed down for about 10 minutes at a time. He's hanging out on my kitchen floor, listening for any sound that might indicate his mommy was home!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Surprise In The Backyard

A guy came over this morning to fix the blocked pipeline down in the basement, and my parents both eventually made it over here to talk to the guy, and figure out if there were any other problems with pipes they could ask him about. After he was here for about an hour or so, he took off, pipes working and all! My dad went back to his shop, and a bit later my mom left, too. Or so I thought. Ten minutes later, she rings my doorbell. She tells my that she and my dad had been picking up sticks, branches, and such in the backyard, and my dad wanted to know what the oversized pigeon was doing in a cage back there. Huh???? I had no clue what he was talking about! So I stepped outside to look, and sure enough, there was the bird! Honestly, I've never seen a white pigeon! I've always seen the males. Later on in the afternoon, I took the above pics. Why not blog about the guest in the backyard??
I have since found out information about the bird. Of course, my upstairs neighbor had something to do with it's presence! The bird's name is London (for London, Ontario), and she is a racing pigeon. Now, maybe I've missed something, but how the hell do you race a pigeon?? I've heard of pigeon racing, sadly, but I don't quite know what happens with it! Anyway, London has a broken wing, which I kinda figured, because why would she be in a cage in my backyard?? Apparently London needs a home. I like birds, I had 3 parakeets growing up. But I sure hope London doesn't end up permanently residing here. So far, I don't think my neighbor is planning on bringing London into the house. I think that is good, because I don't want it cooing me awake in the mornings!! lol I do have to admit, though, every time I looked out my bedroom window this afternoon (where I have a clear view of her), I awwwww'd. She is a little cute, to me anyway!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My New Workspace!

My spare bedroom has become my new place to make jewelry! Thanks to my sister, Mandy, she actually asked me why I didn't just put my old kitchen table into the spare room for beading. I swear, sometimes I just don't think outside the box. LOL! She's the reason I went from looking for a rectangle table since I wanted to keep making jewelry in the kitchen, to looking for a square one. And that eventually led me to my current new table set that I just love!! So, thanks my sistore!! Because of you, I am a happy camper!! LOL!

The Cabbage Patch Diaries!

I told a friend several weeks ago, when she was looking at my old childhood sticker book, that I had found my childhood diary in my drawer. Well, I know it's always there, so it's not like I hadn't seen it in decades. But, every time I clean out that drawer, I read most of it and laugh. My friend told me I should share it, and I thought, why not?? So, Fridays begins the Cabbage Patch Diaries. I don't remember how many entries I have, but I'll keep it up for as long as there are entries! Instead of retyping what I have written, I've decided to scan the pages. I apologize now for the terrible handwriting!!! LOL! I think it's so funny to see how far along my handwriting has come since I began this diary at the age of 10. Anyway, please enjoy this series of The Cabbage Patch Diaries!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Twice this week on the way home from pulmonary rehab, I took a road called Lewiston Road into the Deveaux section of Niagara Falls. The road is a complete joke. I wonder how many people cops pull over because the driver looks like they are swerving back and forth in the road, when in all actuality, that driver is trying to avoid the tremendous amount of potholes all along it. This isn't a short road, it goes on for quite some distance, and eventually turns into Main Street/Portage Road. There are so many roads in Niagara Falls that are awfully holey. It's a disgrace. I know money is needed to fix the potholes, but my goodness! We are a tourist town, and the roads are ruining how people travel around here!!

HOPEFULLY, with the stimulus money from President Obama, we will be getting roads fixed. They won't be just patched up, they will be torn up and redone completely. I saw a list of the major roads chosen for reconstruction, and I'm happy to say that Lewiston Road is on that list! THANK GOODNESS!! Another one is Buffalo Avenue, which I usually take to get to the bridges when I need to travel to Buffalo. I'm really surprised I haven't lost a tire or my entire car sometimes when traveling these roads!! So, I'm really just happy that something will be getting done. It can't happen soon enough!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Windy Wednesday

I'm having a better day today than I did yesterday. So far, at least. Yesterday I woke up really early, and couldn't really go back to sleep. I even read for awhile to try to get myself sleepy, but the book is so darn good, that I finally had to just force myself to shut my eyes. I "slept" for another hour, but it didn't feel like I did. So, I got up and got ready for rehab. Rehab went well, then I went to a few stores in the slight rain that was happening. It was just a very blah day. The weather was crappy, I hardly had sleep, and then the dog was barking for hours. I finally laid down around 3ish, but couldn't fall asleep until a little after 4. Just wasn't my day!

Today, despite the high winds, the sun has been peeking out occasionally. I've eaten breakfast, exercised, washed the dishes and folded laundry, and I'm about to work on some jewelry after finishing lunch. I'm tired, but not like yesterday. I guess listening to music since 11:30am has been helping!

I'm still loving my table, but I think I might look into maybe getting a glass piece to fit on top of the table. Mittens has been caught on the table a couple times, and he gets smacked in the ass for it! He knows as soon as I start coming near that he's in trouble. lol I try to approach him carefully because I'll get so upset if he decides to bare his back claws while getting down, and scratches the table. Sooooo, I need to do something. I hate tablecloths, they aren't my thing, so the glass top might be my only option!

Guess I better get to work on the jewelry! I'm happy that now I have a separate room for it, and I can actually use my kitchen table for eating and hanging out! I'm just hoping I won't keep it cluttered like the other one. lol

Monday, March 09, 2009

A Tiny Update

My Aunt D. had a pacemaker put in this afternoon as a result of her stress test. My mom is going to try to find out more info later!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Kitchen Tables Past And Present (A Photo Essay)

Prayers On The Way

My mom told me yesterday that her sister, is in the hospital. She is having some issues with her heart, and may need medicines, or a pacemaker. Everyone is hoping the meds will be tried first, which is understandable. Her sister's heart was beating too slow, she passed out, and now her life may be heading for some big changes.

My Aunt D. is a wonderful person. She has given me inspiration many times, and I admire how she goes on when faced with a lot. She is mentally challenged. It used to be referred to as mentally retarded, and I absolutely despise that word when someone says it in a joking fashion. My aunt can sometimes be smarter in some ways than ordinary folk! She's in her 50s and she's been living on her own in various places, even if she does get help for things like shopping and going to appointments. Her brothers and sisters make sure she is a big part of the family in everything from birthday celebrations to just having her for dinner. She has worked for many years, and been called a good worker. Whenever we've gone to my Grandma's for a visit, or whenever she's come to see us here in the Falls with my Grandma, Aunt D. has a huge smile and jokes to share! She loves dogs. Oh, does she love dogs!! She likes to wear them down by playing fetch for what seems like hours, especially to the dog running after whatever she's throwing! For the most part, Aunt D. is a happy person, and seems to enjoy her life. I know that she has had some down moments, too. But really, who doesn't??

So, I'm praying my aunt will recover from this health issue (she's looking better already, from what I'm told), and be able to continue to do many of the things she has already been doing. No matter what, though, my Aunt D. certainly has so many people who love her and want the best for her. Whatever happens, she is cared for by her family!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Where'd The Week Go??

In some ways it seems like this week just zoomed by. In other ways, it has felt like it was just creeping along. I received an email in the early afternoon yesterday from Walmart. My table set had come!!!! So much for the estimated delivery date of March 11-16th!! I had wanted to take pictures of jewelry yesterday, but those plans got scrapped as soon as I read the email. My new mission was to clean the spare room, clean off the old kitchen table, and move it into the spare room! I spent over 3 1/2 hours doing just that. I got rid of a ton of boxes and crap that I thought I'd need for shipping jewelry, but, it's just not happening! I dusted the shelf in the spare room, and moved all my beads there. So now when I make something, I won't need all the beads on the table! It's less cluttered! I moved each kitchen chair into the spare room, but I'm not too sure what to do with them, since they don't all fit in the spare room. That room also has a daybed, which I'm not getting rid of, and I am only using 3/4 of the old table for beading, since it fits better that way than being completely round. But, I'll figure out the chair situation soon enough!

After the chairs were in the room, I folded down the sides of the kitchen table, and slowly began shoving it in the direction of the spare room. With Mittens on top. He kept walking around on the table wondering where the heck I was going, and finally just jumped off it when I got stuck in the hallway. I guess he got tired of being jolted around! After maneuvering quite a bit, I managed to get the table into the spare room, and then had to figure exactly where I was going to put it. That is when I realized it wasn't going to be completely round again. I got it situated, clamped my magnifying lamp back onto the table, put my beading tray and tools on the table, and voila! I now have my own beading room!! Yay!!!

I didn't expect to be getting my table set last night, because I figured my dad might be tired from working. So, this morning, my mom called me around 11 to say that my dad was willing to drop what he was working on at his shop to go pick up the set. I called Walmart to make sure we'd get help bringing the item out to the truck, and when they said of course, I called my dad, and we met at the store at 11:30. Almost half an hour later, we were getting the table set onto the truck! Well, I shouldn't say "we." I should say the 2 Walmart guys, one who said to me as we were waiting for my dad to get his truck, "That table set is heavy as hell." LOL! He was right, though, it definitely took both of them to load it in the bed of the truck. My dad took off for my house when it was all loaded in, and I got there a few minutes later after he did. My mom was waiting, too. I got my house open for them. It took several minutes to get the box open, and several more to get the inner box open! It was glued like crazy!! My dad had to use a crowbar to break it apart. Finally, though, it was open and there were all the pieces! I helped bring in one load (3 seat frames), but basically I didn't do too much after but supervise where everything was going. My dad set the big tabletop against the wall, and I just went "Ooooooooh!!" It was soooo pretty! They got all the pieces inside, and my dad took off back to his shop. My mom asked if I'd like her to wash my floor with her steam thingy, and I said sure. So she left to go get that (she never came back, she'll do it maybe tomorrow lol). Fifteen minutes after my dad left, it started pouring buckets outside!!! Whew!!!! What great timing!!!

So, I got to work on making the chairs after I ate something. The first one took a bit of time, but the indirections (my dad calls them that) were really good and actually understandable!! I got the frame together, and was trying to put the seat on, when I encountered a problem. I couldn't get the screws all the way into the seat. I only got two of them in, but there are 6 that need to make the seat secure, and there was no way I could just ignore the 4 that weren't cooperating! I called my dad, and he said he'd be able to bring his drill with the right bit to make it easier for getting the screw into the seat. Soo, I worked on the 3 other chair frames. They are done! Then I went to rest, then had dinner, and then decided to put the table together. I layed the tabletop (that sucker is heavy) onto the huge piece of bubblewrap that was around it on the kitchen floor, screwed the legs in, and attempted to put it upright. Well, I got it laying on it's side, and that's where it still sits. It's just too heavy, and I think I did enough damage today to myself by putting together the chairs!! lol My dad was going to come down here tonight to help finish getting everything together, but then we got a huge thunderstorm, and I decided to take a bath instead!

Sooooo, my table is laying on it's side in the kitchen, waiting to be standing on all four legs. And my chairs are skeletons of themselves, waiting for seats!! Tomorrow will be another day! It's been difficult for me to think that, because I am soooo hardheaded about wanting things done when I want them done. But seriously, I can't do anymore myself, and I know that I have to wait for help. And like I said, tomorrow is another day. :)

Sunday, March 01, 2009


The sun is shining today, despite the cold weather out there, and it's put me in a much better mood than I was in yesterday. I was really exhausted, and I spent most of the day lounging or napping. I asked my neighbor if she wanted to upgrade our Dish package to 200 channels, because it wouldn't be that much more money between the two of us, and after she found out we'd have Animal Planet, she was thrilled!! So I spent the afternoon overwhelmed with how many channels we now had, and couldn't find just one thing to watch! lol That was my excitement yesterday. I went to bed around 1:30am because I wanted to finish watch Gremlins!!

Today I've cleaned the bathroom, and scrubbed the shower out. I haven't done that in forever, because it just exhausts me. I did get tired, but not as much as I usually would. I put together the envelope for the PH Pals winner, wrote a check out, shredded some paper, and scooped the litter box. Yeah I know, soooooo exciting! However, what IS exciting is that I bought the table set I had wanted from Walmart.com!! A couple weeks ago, I was waiting to buy it because I had filled out an application for a Walmart credit card. While waiting, I'd keep going back to the link just to look at the table, and one night, it said it was sold out. I was so bummed!!! But every day I would go back, and this morning when I did, it was back in stock!! I never really did hear about the credit card, and then I realized....Walmart.com lets you pay with Paypal. I didn't even NEED a credit card. DUH!!! Well let me tell you, I put that table in my cart and continued to buy it quicker than you can blink!! LOL! The shipping date to the store (it would cost $107 in shipping if I had it sent here!! No thanks!!) is estimated to be around March 11-17th, so I have time to put beads in the spare room and put the former kitchen table in there, too.


Ok, yes, I know I'm nuts! I'm also a wee bit tired, and I think it's time to go lay down! Unfortunately with earphones on. The dog is barking. *sigh*