A Quick Hello To A Loved One

I stopped to see my Grandpa today after rehab. I like going to see him when the weather gets warmer, and it's been months since I last visited. I told him he has a new great grandson, and that we were going to visit him next month, finally. I told my Grandpa that I've had a good winter, pretty healthy for the most part, and that I'm getting buffed up from pulmonary rehab! I let Grandpa know that the rest of the family is doing pretty good, and we are all awaiting the warmer weather. I let Grandpa know how much I still miss him, even after he's been going all this time. Fifteen years ago today he left us, and I still miss hearing him talk about the weather, hearing him jingle the change in his pocket. I miss going to his apartment on Sundays to have dinner...meatloaf, the best I ever had. That was usually the meat! I know it seems silly to still be missing someone who's been gone a long time, but he was the one grandparent we saw all the time because he lived near us. Even though I know Grandpa sure would not enjoy still being around if he was still here (heck, he'd be 103 if he was!), at least he would see his family, and the great grandchildren born since he's been gone. Of course, I truly believe he does see us, and keeps a watchful eye on us all the time. :)


Cathy said…
Hi Colleen,
Im glad that you posted about going to see your grandpapa. And that you talked to him :)

Thanks for the reminder.
Jen said…
Wow..Colleen..That is strange..My PawPaw's Bday was on Tuesday.(yesterday)He has been gone almost 8 years..and I miss him so much...I understand..I am happy you stopped by for a visit:)) I am sure that helped you also:))
Love & Hugs,
~ Lor said…
Not silly at all. I know how you feel. Although my Gramps has only been gone a short time, my gram has been gone for 13 years now and I don't think I'll ever stop missing them. Hugs, ~ Lori

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