I left my house a bit earlier than usual this morning, for a meeting with an Education director at the hospital where I go for pulmonary rehab. I was supposed to talk to her after I finished rehab, but when I told her I got out at noon, I had the feeling she usually left for lunch by then. So anyway, I left a little before 10:30am, talked to the director about holding my PH support group meetings at the hospital (which I will be doing now, she put me on the schedule for 2 dates, and they will also advertise for me! Yay!), and then went to rehab. After I finished that, I ran a couple errands, and then hung out at Mandy's for awhile. I accidentally dropped the new ring she made me, and the glass broke off the ring. I felt so bad! So, she needs to fix it, and hopefully she can do a different technique so the glue will hold better. I played with my niece for awhile, since I haven't really done that in forever! We played Cooties, which I bought for her at Christmas. Then we colored! After I left, I got gas, then stopped at my mom's, and finally headed home. The weather had been so beautiful today, and I really enjoyed it! Nothing could break my happy mood!

Until I got out of the garage and heard the barking from the back of the house. UGH!

I got in the house, and 3 seconds later, Frasier comes leaping down the stairs. The apartment door must not have been shut tight up there, because Frasier got out! I felt really bad having to bring him back up there and shut the door, so I dognapped him!! After I put my stuff down, I let Frasier in my apartment, and just shut my door. He whined and whined, running around looking for his mommy, who of course wasn't there! I had him for about 45 minutes or so before Diane got home. I let him out, and she thought he had been terrible, but I told her I didn't know since I hadn't been home almost all day. Of course, I know the real answer to that. LOL I told her about the door, and she thanked me for letting him come hang out! Below are some pictures I got of him, and of Mittens! He wasn't happy! LOL

Frasier was running around upset at first for a while, whining because he probably thought his mommy was right behind me when I came in.

A rare moment of Frasier and Mittens in the same shot! Mittens was not very happy that I let Frasier in. LOL
A rare moment of them both sitting in the same room! I think it only last about 5 minutes. lol

Frasier finally calmed down for about 10 minutes at a time. He's hanging out on my kitchen floor, listening for any sound that might indicate his mommy was home!


Jen said…
LOL..I am sure Mittens did not like that at all...
Frazier is cute even though he barks all the damn time.LOL..
Sounds like you had a busy day..Glad you found a new spot and Advertisement too :))
Take care.
Love & Hugs,
Nancy said…
Mittens does look a bit peeved in one photo. :0)

Because my support group meetings are on Saturday, we meet in the public library.
MarciaB said…
I think Frazier needs to come visit more often. Mittens would get used to it. Poor thing-all of you! lol
Jeannie said…
awww... that's so cute... aren't pets such a delight? wonder if little frazier has separation anxiety? maybe that's why he barks so much... i know there are things that can help him... how old is he? what breed? thanks for the cute pictures! jeannieTX
~ Lor said…
Frazier is a cutie. Good news on your new position, I'm sure you'll be great.

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