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Been There, Done That!

I have a friend, Dee, who is an art teacher, but hasn't been able to get a full time teaching job in this area for a long time. It's so frustrating to see my friends who are teachers not able to get a job around here, especially when they are talented and definitely deserve it!! Anyway, she finally decided to take a daycare teaching position in the late summer/early fall (I can't exactly remember) last year. Since then, she has gotten sinus infections/colds at least 5 times. She's been on zpacks like crazy, which is so bad because that is such a strong antibiotic!! Well she got sick AGAIN over 2 weeks ago, and this time she had no voice, and was even worse than the other times she was sick. Her doctor gave her steroids, a nebulizer, another med, and told her to take Mucinex for the congestion. He told her not to work one week, and she decided to also take last week off. I talked to her over the weekend, and she still didn't sound 100%. But she had called her boss t…

Highs And Lows

The past several days have been kinda yucky for me in some ways, and not so bad in others. Ever since the sweeping incident on Tuesday, I've been either kinda tired, really tired, or just plain exhausted. Wednesday, I was really tired, but I made a banana bread, and chatted with Euan most of the afternoon. That meant I didn't get a nap. By the time Wednesday night came around, I was rather beat. Thursday, I woke up around 1oam, which is a rare occurence, and felt like I never slept. I was so frustrated. I did put a load of laundry in, but I spent most of my day sleeping. Every time I woke up, I still didn't feel all that rested! By evening, it wasn't too bad, but still, I was rather annoyed. Friday was a bit better, I was only kinda tired. My mom came over and helped me with some things around the house, including vacuuming, changing the bedding, and Swiffering. I wanted to ask her to dust, but I thought that was pushing it. lol I did wash my dishes and cleaned all the…


Today I decided to sweep the kitchen floor. It so needed it, with litter from the box scattered around, and furballs in places I usually can't see until I sweep. I hate sweeping. I usually take a long time and slowly do it. It's not like I have a huge kitchen, but I purposely take at least 20-25 minutes sweeping. I was completely exhausted afterward today. It was just a little aggravating, to say the least. I did eventually lay down for a nap, but I just really hate how something that seems so simple just isn't quite that in my world.

I'm also irritated at the crap I'm seeing fall from the sky at the moment. It's half rainy, half snowy, all cold out!! When will this end?? I really don't like how early Easter was this year, because I'm totally expecting the weather to be different now, and it's just not. My only hope is that come April 1st, Mother Nature will truly decide we've had enough, and start warming the place up!!

Well I must nuke dinner no…

My Kid!


Artsy Essay Prize!

Wednesday I received my prize for the Artsy Essay contest, and it is now hanging in my bedroom! I LOVE IT!!! It is just beautiful, and fits the red theme in my bedroom! I am very excited to have one of Judi's gorgeous paintings! :)

Spring Is Here!

Well, spring is here, yes. But only on the calendar!!! It certainly doesn't feel spring-like at all here in Niagara Falls! It's been chilly, although I've been noticing more sunny days lately. However, that's not really helping heat things up! I'm so tired of being cold. I'm tired of the heat going on, tired of long underwear, tired of flannel pjs, tired of plastic over the windows!! I just can't wait for the weather to start being more consistently WARM! Easter is Sunday and it won't feel anything like it, only in spirit, really! So I guess I just need a little more patience!

Yesterday I went out with my mom. I needed some groceries, and after we shopped, my mom bought pizza and we had lunch at Mandy's house. The kids are so cute, but I admit I miss my little nephew most of all! I feel like I've been missing him growing up this winter. We spent a couple hours over there, and it was nice. I watched my nephew crawl everywhere, and pull himself up …


Emergence = New Life, New Beginnings, New Beauty

(March's Artsy Essay Contest - Read more at Judi's blog)

Decorating My Blog!

It's almost time for me to redecorate my blog, and I'm excited about it because it's a step closer to spring!!! I know some people have been wondering how I do it. Well, it involves html. I had no idea really how to alter it until I played around with it for a long time. I don't know if I'd even be able to explain it here without completely losing someone. lol To edit html, you have to choose the Layout section. You'll see 4 sections after choosing Layout: Page Elements, Fonts and Colors, Edit Html, and Pick New Template. Choose Edit Html. Selecting this choice will show you the very large amount of codes and such that create the layout of the blog type you've picked. All the codes made absolutely no sense to me, and most of still doesn't! lol But what I figured out is that I can copy and paste html code of pictures or backgrounds from a host site like Photobucket (an account has to be created there first, but it's free) to certain parts of the html…

State of Disgrace

Well it's official. New York will have it's first African-American legally blind governor by Monday morning. Gov. Eliot Spitzer officially resigned this morning, apologizing to his family, and to each and every resident of NY state. I am honestly still shocked and disappointed that a man of such power and prestige has fallen from grace so rapidly. I'm disgusted at his behavior, especially since he worked so hard years ago as Attorney General to prosecute a prostitution ring. I just don't understand it!! What I also don't understand is how his wife could still be standing by his side this morning at the press conference. I feel so sorry for her and their children. I sure hope Spitzer begs and pleads for forgiveness for years to come because he sure has made an ass out of himself!!

I think the biggest disappointment is that Spitzer was sooooooo wanting to help Niagara Falls get back on it's feet with different projects that have not yet been announced. The new m…

Snowy Weekend!

Friday started off what was one of the snowiest weekends of the winter. The winter storm warning we had was finally not a dud! Niagara Falls ended up getting a little over a foot, which was not as much as some other areas around here. Some ended up with almost 2 feet! I have to admit that, as much as I desparately want the winter to end and the warmer temps to start, I enjoyed seeing all that snow! I wanted to go out and make a snow angel, but considering that I'm over pneumonia (although not over the lack of energy), I wasn't going to be stupid!! I watched my dad use the snowblower twice to clear the sidewalks. I often wish I could help shovel, but there's just no way I could do that! So today is nice and sunny, and the temps this weekend are supposed to be a little better, so I'm sure all this snow will be disappearing soon!

The amount we had reminded me of the snow we used to get when I was a little girl. Actually, I think sometimes we got more than this! My dad wou…

Where To Start??

It seems like a ton of things happened in the past couple days! It's probably not a ton, but it's all jumbled up in my head, so I need to unload! lol

Sunday, pretty much the same as Saturday. I felt a tiny bit better, but too much. I finally finished writing down all the recipes I wanted onto cards, and filed them in the recipe box! I had to laugh, the most recipes I have are for pasta dishes, and sweets! I think the only thing I want to do to the box is glue a bead on it to make it easier to open. I have to search through my beads to see if I have one that will look nice on it! But I was happy to get the project done! I now have only one cookbook left that I bought from my church, and the box, and there is so much space on my counter!! Yay!!

Monday, it was very spring-like here!! I definitely wanted to get out and run a couple errands. My dad called me on his lunch break, and told me to call my mom to see if she was going out, so that I could bring my car down to his shop so he…

Saturday Stuff

Today wasn't too bad. I've been feeling a bit off lately, and I didn't think I'd get much done today, but I was happy that I did. Not that it was a ton of stuff, but it was stuff that I've been wanting to do! I did the few dishes I had so that I could clean all the fish containers. Their water levels were getting drastically low. I was afraid they'd jump out and take up residence somewhere else. lol Considering they are betta fish, I have 7 separate containers, one for each of them. They can't live together, well the males can't. They would fight each other! Although, I do have a female betta, one of 2 I had gotten from my friend. The females can be with each other, but when I had both in the same container, they were pretty nasty. I had to put them in separate containers, and then one committed suicide the next day. I hate when they do that!! Anywho, all the fishies got clean homes, which took about 40 minutes. Not too bad!

After that, I decided to rela…