Thursday, April 28, 2005

Busy, Busy!

I sure feel like staff sometimes! I changed Mittens litter box today. Boy, was that thrilling. The entire time, he sat in a kitchen chair to "oversee" what I was doing. Now mind you, for a task that should take maybe 20 minutes or so for a normal person, it takes me maybe an hour. I have to just do it slowly, take my time. And I don't care! Litter is heavy, you know? lol Plus, I clean the area that the box is in, clean the box, sweep....all the things that make me sooooo tired sometimes. But I pump up the oxygen to 5L, and take it slow! I always hope that Mittens doesn't have to go within that hour, because if he has to, well, he's out of luck! lol

So, I got the box cleaned and new litter put in, and then I took out the garbage. Bringing garbage out can be so tiring to me, too, especially in the winter. I won't even attempt it then. However, when it starts getting warmer, I usually do it. And with everything I brought out there today, I was surprisingly not too tired!! I am always amazed at the difference I've noticed since before taking the meds for my lungs. If I had done what I did today 2 years ago, I would have had to sit on the sidewalk just to catch my breath so I could make it back to the house. I thank God every day for that medicine....I am able to do so much more than I could ever do

So anyhow, I finish these 2 major hurdles I had to do today out of the list of things I needed to get done before going away this weekend. So, I decided to take up Dee's offer to go out to lunch. We went to Michael's, a little Italian place that's been around for years, and has good food! Lunch was yummy, and we had a nice time just chatting about things. Thanks, Dee! :-D

I got home, and made this double walnut bread something-or-other mix that I had gotten from my sister's shower a couple weeks ago. I am bringing one loaf to the shower this weekend, and the other I decided to keep because it smelled so yummy, I wanted to taste it! lol And mmmmmmmm, it's yummy indeed! While it was baking, I washed the dishes. Then I chatted with Renee until I knew the bread was done, so I could go take a nap. Boy was I tired! lol

I did get a lot accomplished today, which is good. I haven't packed yet, though, which is bad. lol Thank goodness it's only for a few days. I don't really need a lot, just something to wear at the shower. I'm looking forward to it, it'll be nice to see family!
Well, this is enough for now. I might type some more thoughts before going to bed tonight. If I don't, I hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be back Sunday night! :-D
Love to all my J-land readers!!

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Colleen- Again, thanks for lsitening earlier.. and HAVE A GREAT TIME! I am so thankful you started going to Cleveland, even if you hate getting there. Love~Sue Comment from maidothemist - 4/28/05 10:33 PM

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What the???? Continued

The following is the email my friend sent me about tonight's results:

I am shocked for the third week in a row. I'm really upset that Constantine got voted off, I thought him and Bo would be the top two. Silly me, they actually have style, stage presence and talent. I agree there is no redeeming quality to Scott. He looks like a Freakin Bull Dog. All I could think of is that smug look on his face. I'm Pissed. Him and Anthony have no stage presence. Anthony just bores me when he sings, none of his songs are memorable to me. If he is trying to be another Clay, he has got to be crazy. Clay is ten times better. Ok I'm done now complaining. lol

I couldn't agree with her more!! You go, Dee! lol

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ok i have to say this.. (sorry) I dont see Scott as smug. Sure he isnt the most attractive guy, and he has a chip on his shoulder the size of a buffalo, but he knows how lucky he is to still be there. I think he is more insecure with attitude, than he is smug or pompous... :) Just my observations. :p~~ That said, I am extremely disappointed and although I played it off with Soph (who was just crushed), I cant fathom how Constantine was voted off. My only thing is Constantine was starting to irritate me with his sexy smoldering look and also HE was starting to seem smug, like .. "here i am people - you know you want me and love me" Maybe he was starting to turn his fan base off? Comment from maidothemist - 4/28/05 4:07 AM

What The?????????

Can someone please tell me what it is about Scott Savol that I'm missing? Is there some sort of charming quality about him that I can't see? I mean, all I see is a smug I-know-I'm-better-than-you attitude, and no personality whatsover. So if I'm missing something, please just let me know.

On that note, I can't believe Constantine is off the show. I swear, if Bo is gone next, I refuse to watch the rest of the season. Because I tell you what, if Scott or Anthony won the contest, I'd be terribly disappointed and disgusted. Just my opinion.

I'm so angry right, I must go down and hit the punching bag a few times. UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! >:-O

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THAT fiasco... was just plain baffling. Granted, he sucked the other night but omg... GONE??Comment from maidothemist - 4/28/05 4:03 AM

Some Things About Little Ole' Moi

I borrowed this quiz from a journal I started reading here: Promise...Me, and she got it from this journal: Hey I'm Country

1) Name the Last Four Things You Bought: Two hair things made out of cat's eye beads (they were only a buck, and I can make at least 4 bracelets out of them, whoo hoo!), a trio of small flower pots, and a package of pansy seeds. Shower game gifts.

2) Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink : Water, water, water, and sex on the beach when I go out.

3) Last Time You Cried? I don't remember.

4) What’s In Your CD Player? Avril Lavigne's latest, it's a great CD

5) What’s Under Your Bed? a container of clothes, some miscellaneous boxes, and occasionally the cat

6) What Time Did You Wake Up Today? 9:30am

7) Current Hair? long red hair, with roots.....must get my hair done!! I'm growing my hair really long so I can donate to Locks of Love

8) Current Clothes? jeans, shirt, sweatshirt

9) Current Desktop Picture? some waterfalls

10) Current Worry? I am worried about my best friend's father, who is in the hospital again and is not doing very well.

11) Current Hate? Hate is such a strong word. I would have to say I strongly dislike things, instead of hate. Currently, I strongly dislike one of the contestants on AI, and hope he's leaving tonight. lol

12) Favorite Places To Be? reading on my bed, with my cat napping in my lap; in my ocean room (my computer room)

13) Least Favorite Place? I really can't stand going to Cleveland when I have appts for my PH specialist.

14) If You Could Play An Instrument? I used to play the organ when I grew up. However, I'd love to be able to play the saxophone, but you need strong lungs for that. lol

15) Favorite Color(s)? red and black

16) How Tall Are You? I'm 5'1", except when I wear my really tall shoes. lol

17) Favorite expression? Like the look you give someone?? I don't really know, perhaps it's just smiling at someone passing by. :)

18) One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Talk To: Honestly, I wish I could talk to Tanya. I really do miss her from time to time, she was my best friend for over 20 years. *sigh*

19) Favorite Day(s)? Days when I know I'll spend time with either friends or family.

20) Where Would You Like To Go? Hawaii

21) Where do you want to live when you get married? Considering this may never happen, I can't really answer this question. lol

22) Favorite food? Any food with pasta, and cheese. Yum!

23) Color of most clothes you own: I own a lot of black and red. Go figure.

24) Number of pillows you sleep with? 2 pillows, it actually helps me breathe better at night.

25) What do you wear when you go to sleep: In the winter, nice warm flannel pjs. In the summer, a t-shirt or nothing. :-X

26) What were you doing 12AM last night: I believe I was chatting with my sister about her new Verizon cellphone. lol

27) How old will you be in 10 years: I'll be 39. Scary!

28) What do you think you’ll be doing in 10 years: I don't know what I'll be doing, but I sure hope I'm still going strong!

29) Do you have braces? I did, but that was like ages ago. And my dentist still tells me I have some great teeth. :D

30) Are you paranoid? Not often.

31) Do you burn or tan? I always burn, I have to use a fake tanner to look like I got anything. lol

32) What is the brand of your wallet? I have no idea, I've had it for several years. I forgot where I got it.

33) First piercing/tattoo? I got my ears pierced when I was 18 maybe? I don't remember.

34) First enemy? If I have enemies, I don't know about them.

35) Last person you yelled at? I don't really yell at people, except for when I'm driving. Some people are idiots. lol

36) Last crush? Well, if anyone remembers my escapades from last summer, that would be him. lol

37) Last thing you ate? A HOMEMADE egg mcmuffin sandwich, none of that McDonald's madness. lol

38) The last time you had sex it was...? Oct. 1st. lol

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it's very nice to meet you and see your journal. Great entry!! judiComment from judithheartsong - 4/28/05 6:50 PM

38) The last time you had sex it was...? Oct. 1st. lolohdeargod.. I am so pathetic Comment from maidothemist - 4/28/05 4:19 AM

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Bottom Three

My prediction for the bottom three after tonight's show (which wasn't too bad, I thought):

Scott Savol

Anthony Federov

Constantine Maroulis

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ok for the first time ever... I think Anthony was the best TONIGHT. And Scot/Vonzell in second. I still love Bo.. but dude.. what can I say. ::::::::running:::::: I am sorry about your dad and the shower. He probably doesnt know what to expect. Men think these showers are some secret woman ceremony... We did this for my sister and Tony who were coming in from NC and it was a blast. You wil have more fun not worrying about whether or not he is having fun... Comment from maidothemist - 4/26/05 10:23 PM

A Little Irritated

Ok, so my sister's baby shower on Saturday is a family affair. It's meant for everyone in all the families of all the relatives we've invited, guys and gals. So, I hear from my mom today that my dad isn't coming to the shower. After asking why, I find out he was asked to work on Saturday, meaning he'll get a nice overtime check. Well, ok, I suppose it's fine since the money can go toward all my mom's spending on this shower. lol I just wondered how my sister would take it, if she'd be upset or not care.

Well, my sis writes me email today from work. She tells me that when she brought her car to my dad's shop last night to look at it, he said he didn't realize the shower was on Saturday. He said that he loved her, but he just had no interest in going. She told me that at first she didn't care, but after thinking about it, she's rather disappointed. Mainly because this is supposed to be a family thing. However, and we both agreed to this later when we talked, that it's probably a good thing he's not coming because all he would do is bitch and moan about my mom's family. It's no secret to us that he doesn't like everyone. That's ok, because neither do I. But this is supposed to be for Mandy, and HIS FIRST GRANDCHILD. I'm just rather frustrated and irritated that he wouldn't look past the people that bug him and be there for Mandy and Ron. I have half a mind to tell my dad that, too, but then I don't want to guilt him into going, and have him in even worse of a mood. Because he would most definitely complain even more.

So, whatever. We are going to go, and we'll have a good time. I'm looking forward to seeing family, and spending time together for a good reason. If my dad wants to stay home with the dogs, so be it. Maybe he'll perk up more when the baby actually arrives. Ugh!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Just Stuff

Today was a rather interesting day. Maybe. lol I felt really tired, and just wanted to go back to bed, but I had places to go. My sis picked me up after school to get prizes for the games we're playing at the baby shower on Saturday for my other sis. But first we went to Verizon. She finally decided to go get that cell phone! I HAD to make sure that she got a thing for referral, I wanted my free 25 bucks! lol So then, we went back and picked up my mom, since she wanted to go shopping, too. We went to the Dollar General, and found some nice gifts, and finally something to use for favors. While checking out, my sis realized she locked her keys in the car. Ooopsie!!

Now here is a nice part of the story. While my sis went searching for some help, I sat inside the entrance of the store with our stuff. While I was there, I just watched people. I love people watching! I saw one older man at the counter paying for stuff, and I thought I saw something fall from his hand. Sure enough, when he started leaving, I saw the money on the floor. I told him that he dropped it, and he went back to get it, and thanked me very much for telling him. No problem, have a great day, I said. My sis and mom came back in to wait for my dad (yeah, we had to get him out of work to bring the spare keys). The older man came back into the store where we were sitting, and handed me a Mega Millions ticket, and said "I hope you win something," and started walking back out. I was so shocked! I said thank you very much, and he smiled and left. Now, I know that I'm not winning any money because I am just not that lucky. lol But the wonderful gesture that man made just because I told him he dropped something makes me realize that there are some really good people out there. I never expected that at all, and it was such a nice feeling that he would do that! :)

So, my dad came with the key, and we were on our merry way to another store. lol We got some more nice things, and I think we're pretty much set on gifts for the shower games. The rest of my day went well, too. I went out to a couple stores again with my mom to find some more things for the shower, and thencame home and napped. I felt like I almost napped all day after I woke up. lol

I also got a call from my friend, Rob. Kinda unexpected, since we mostly talk on the computer. He told me he was on Grand Island, also unexpected because he lives in Maryland. lol He is here for the week visiting, since his 30th birthday is tomorrow. So HOPEFULLY he will make some time to see me! He said he would, but you never know with him. lol

Well, guess that's it for now. Nothing else exciting going on, just getting ready for going away this weekend. It should be a good time seeing family! :)

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ok so listen up- when is the drawing and how much stinking money did this man drop? And good luck with the baby shower (although I will talk to you before then). And what on earth does your sister consider the best ice cream stand in town.... ANDDDDDDDDDD why are you both named after food? :) Love ~me Comment from maidothemist - 4/26/05 2:52 AM

This is the sister who locked the keys in the car. I was rather appreciative of having my dad leave work even though he had a lot of orders due in an hour and wasnt able to start on any of them. and i offered to buy him ice cream from the best ice cream stand in town cause we were right near by but he had to work. so i got him lotto tickets instead. and if it wasnt for me being so excited about my new cell phone, which i love, colleenie would not have gotten the mega millions ticket so i at least want some of the money!! :D Comment from balonie24 - 4/26/05 12:19 AM

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Gummi Worms, Anyone?

Last night, a bunch of my friends and I went to dinner at Red Lobster to celebrate Dee's birthday. I have to tell you, it was one of the best times I've had in a long time! Dinner was almost non-stop laughter, from the huge gigantic Bahama Mama Dee ordered (have you ever seen the size of those things??), to the rather interesting talk about gummi worms. Don't even ask, you do NOT want to know! LOL It was just hysterical! The waitress rocked, she was very friendly and put up with our giggles and hysterics for over 2 hours. She actually reminded me of the waitress in the movie, Sideways. After our great time at the restaurant, a few of us went downtown to Cafe Etc to have a couple drinks with Dee. As if she needed more after drinking the ENTIRE drink she had at dinner! Not to mention a complimentary shot from the waitress! I told you she rocked!! (Her name is Jenna, by the way. If anyone cares to go to the Red Lobster near the Factory Outlet in NF, ask for her. She rules!) Cafe was a blast, as we shouted "WHAT??" over the awesome jazz band that was playing last night. The place started filling up with people a while after we'd been there, but we left near midnight since we were all pretty tired. The entire night was just a blast, and I am pretty sure that everyone had a great time!

It's times like last night when I know that I truly love my friends. They mean so much to me, just as much as my family. I don't know what I would do without them. I would feel so lost! All of my friends are definitely close to my heart, and I sure hope they know it! :-)

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Sounds like fun! I doan wanna know about the gumi worms Comment from maidothemist - 4/23/05 3:25 PM

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Not too much to report from the homefront. Euan wrote last night and said that next Wednesday isn't a good day for him, and might we be able to meet next weekend. I told him that next weekend I will be out of town for my sister's shower, but I could give him directions to my grandma's house if he felt like taking a three hour road trip. lol But! While I'm disappointed, I am not bummed about it!! Because I KNOW we will meet! We both want to meet each other, and it will happen soon!

Today I did my dishes, which I sooooo dreaded. I had used all my plates, bowls, and almost my entire silverware drawer. LOL I also swept the floor, which entertains the cat for some odd reason. I made a beautiful gift for a friend, who's birthday is on Sunday. I can't say what it is since she reads this, but I'm sure she can figure it out. All I can say is, I want it!! LOL

Well, that's about all the blah blahing I have for tonight. I think I'll go read. I'm almost done with my book, and I'll be ready to move on to another! Have a good night, all! :-D

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Tonight was results night. Anwar got booted. I'm pissed!!

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I am sad to see Anwar go but lets face it.. he needed to leave sooner or later anyway.. Soph cried Comment from maidothemist - 4/23/05 3:23 PM

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wishes Come True?

"So how about it? I said April and I want to be true to my word. When would you like to get together? Because, let's face it, if the two of us are still actively searching and coming up dry, then STILL bumping into one another, I think someone up there is seriously trying to tell us something. lol So pick a date and we'll go on a date. I'd absolutely love to."

Those are the words Euan typed in an email to me last night. I actually got some chills of excitement, because it meant he was actually serious about meeting me! So this morning, we got to talk online for a while. We are making plans to meet each other next Wednesday. Yes, next week! I'm so excited about it, and I can't wait! He can't either. I haven't decided where to meet yet, but I'll come up with something. It all depends on how well I can give him directions. lol Yaaaaaaay! Now, there is a part of me that is trying to calm myself down. Anything can happen between now and next week. He might not feel well. I might not feel well. The weather might really stink. Who knows. lol But, I'm just keeping it calm, while being happy at the same time. If that makes any sense. lol

I had a very enjoyable day with my friend! We went to lunch at a place in this little town called Lewiston. Lewiston is very neat, with it's main street lined with antique shops and restaurants. We got to sit on the patio outside, and it was just awesome!! The day was totally gorgeous out, it felt like summer! We ate lunch, and then drove around for a while before going to a movie. We saw Beauty Shop, and we were the only 2 in the theater. lol But it was wonderful spending time with her!

I came home, rested for a while, and was reading when my mom came into my apartment and asked if I wanted to go to dinner with them. My parents were "celebrating" the anniversary of my dad's accident. Well, if they wanted to, I was all there. lol We went to Red Lobster, which I hadn't been to since my birthday in September. It was really nice. :-D

That's the extent of my day. I'm pretty tired now, so I'll be heading to bed! Dreaming wonderful dreams, I'm sure. ;-) Hope you do, too!

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OMG! I feel like I am the one who will be meeting him! Lol Yyayyyy Comment from maidothemist - 4/23/05 3:22 PM

Wow!! Yaaaay!! What did I tell you? lol I am SO happy for you, my friend. :-D Pls. send pic if you can..his, and both together! :-D Comment from anglswinks - 4/20/05 4:35 PM

April 19th - BAD Day!!

April 19th is a day of three top memories for me. First of all, we all know it was the day of the Oklahoma City bombing. It's hard to believe that it was 10 years ago today that it happened. I saw pictures of the memorial site last night on the news, and it is sad. All those chairs for the people who died in the blast, and the little chairs for the children. It's still hard to fathom that the person responsible for this came from my neck of the woods. Timothy McVeigh lived in a small town called Pendleton, which is perhaps half an hour or 40 minutes from where I live. Maybe a bit more, I'm not sure. I've never been there. But unfortunately, he was from here, and he did a terrible thing. But, now this day is to remember the innocent who died.

April 19th is also the day my father had a terrible accident at work. It also happened 10 years ago, because I remember watching the Oklahoma news reports on the tv in his hospital room. A 2-ton piece of pipe had rolled on top of my father's legs, and miraculously was stopped from rolling totally over him by a little piece of cardboard tubing. It was horrible. My dad's knees have never been the same again. Oh, he can walk and stuff, but he's just not the same! The thing that amazes me is how well he handled it. I mean, here he was, with this heavy piece of pipe on him, and he calmly gave his friend directions when his friend found him and was in hysterics. It's mind-boggling really! But, I'm glad that nothing worse happened to him! He may still be effected by it today, but at least he's still here!

Five years ago on this day, I had to quit my teaching job because of my health. I cried on the way up to Admin to give them the note from my doctor. I loved my job, as hard as it was sometimes. But when I look back now, I realize that I would not be here if I had not listened to my doctor and kept on teaching. It was literally withering me away. My doctor tried to keep her composure when she told me to quit, but I tell her all the time thank you. If she hadn't insisted on it, I just might not be here.

And so, I am hoping that April 19th will NOT have any more bad memories for me! I'm over it all now, but it's hard to just forget about it when the day comes up! lol

I'm off in a short while to spend an afternoonwith a good friend who is visiting today. We met at the financial aid office at NU, and have been good friends since! I'm looking forward to hanging out with her! It's always good times!! :-D

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OMG Colleen- Now I hate April 19th too. :( And Pendleton is 20 min from you because its 15 from me... and you drove through it anytime you went to the Lockport Center Comment from maidothemist - 4/23/05 3:21 PM

Cloud Nine

Without going into many details right now, since I'm yawning away while typing this, I just have to say that I got an email from Euan tonight. And it's good news. Very exciting news, at least for me. lol :-D'

But I must go to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow with my friend, Karen, who is visiting. I'm so happy to be seeing her, she is just a great friend!! :)

Nighty-night! :-D

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Hmmm...And just WHO told you this would happen if you WAIT for the gentleman to make a move? LOL Yaaaay!! I am SO glad for you, my friend! :-D Comment from anglswinks - 4/19/05 12:34 AM

Monday, April 18, 2005

A New Journal

I came across a journal tonight while I was browsing some message boards, called The Journal Jar. I thought it was so neat, because this person answers a different question every day of the year! Sooooo, I decided to start another journal, my own journal jar. I will only answer the questions in that journal, but keep up with this one, too. I am quite far behind on the questions, since the author of The Journal Jar started the questions in February. LOL But, if I do a bunch a day, hopefully I'll catch up soon! If you care to read, here's my journal jar: Colleen's Journal Jar. Hope you enjoy if you care to read! :-D'

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Wow! Cool idea. :-) Maybe I will start one too. :) Where did you get the questions to start? lol I DO need a nudge ya know. LOL Comment from anglswinks - 4/18/05 4:37 PM

Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Busy Weekend

This weekend went by quickly, but it was a good one. Saturday, I bummed around the house doing things here and there most of the day. It was so beautiful outside, that I had windows open, and the front door open! I sat out on the porch for a few times, totally soaking up the warmth of the sun. I just loved it! What a way to boost my spirits after a yucky Friday. My neck still hurt, but I just took it easy. I wrapped all the gifts I had for my sister's first baby shower, made some white chocolate-covered strawberries for girls' night (which didn't turn out how I thought they would, but they tasted FABULOUS!!), and got to read a bunch more out in the sun. It was a nice day.....and then, it was girls' night!

I went to Mo's with my sisters, and there ended up being seven of us there. It is always so nice to hang out with the girls! We gossiped, ate yummy munchies, and just laughed! We also watched the movie, Sideways. The movie is hilarious, for anyone who hasn't seen it. At least, we thought it was when we saw it in the theaters. There are some scenes in there that just made us laugh so hard, you would have thought we were not breathing!! Just a funny movie! Anyhow, after a while it was down to Mo, Dee and I. And boy, did we get to talk about guys. It was so needed....Dee, with the weird psychos who totally seemed to be ok at first, and then ended up being huge jerks in the end; Mo, with a totally great guy in all aspects, except that he can't decide if marriage is right for him; and me with just nobody, except for one prospect that is ending up being not too promising. And boy, did Mo ever get riled up as she was talking to us about stuff!! It was just definitely needed, and I didn't get home and into bed until around 2:30am!! It was a great time, though!!

Today was Mandy's shower, and it was very nice. The weather was even better than yesterday, and we spent part of the shower outside on the deck. They had games and stuff, they were fun. Mandy got a LOT of nice things, especially the little clothes!! I tell you what, my little niece is gonna be stylin'! lol Seeingall of the things she got makes me a little more impatient in waiting for Hailey's arrival. lol I'm just so excited!!

Well, that was my weekend, and it wasn't too bad! I was thought-free about Euan, because I made myself not think about him. Well, except for a few moments in our girls' night discussions. And since I have a busy couple days this week, I am not going to think about him for a while. Or at least not have long thoughts about him. I can't guarantee a fleeting moment here and there. lol I can't worry about it. If it's meant to be, it'll happen. It's not really up to me anymore. And with that, I am off to read or do something for a while! :-D

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Thank Goodness This Day Is Over

Well, my crappy Friday is done. Almost. My neck is still killing me. I can't even tell if there's been any improvement in it. I've tried ice, heat, some weird blue stuff (that's the actual name of it) that smells rather nice, and I'm going to attempt Ben Gay when I finish writing this. And also 3 Tylenol so far. At times like this, I really wish I wasn't on a blood thinner, because then I could take ibuprofen. Anyhow, physically, I'm still not doing too well!

Emotionally....well, I guess I'm just sad. I'm entitled to be. A good friend tells me that love is a waiting game, and that I need to wait and see what the other party (Euan, in my case) has in mind. She is right. There is not much else I can do at this point, but wait and see. For I have been the one to call him, and email him most of the time, just to let him know I'm thinking of him and hoping he's doing ok. If anything is going to come out of it, it's up to him now. So, I am taking a step back, and am going to try to not get so upset every day I don't hear from him. I do have to keep in mind that he has not been feeling well, and is recovering. I should know what that is like. So, I shall wait and see.

G'night everyone. :)

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Being too available has it's disadvantages! There are some guys left, that are a bit old know the kind...guys that like to call a girl first, be the one who is the aggressor in the situation, etc. Hold back some on the information!! Don't give him enough to compare you to other ladies. Most men will compare before making a big decision on with whom to be exclusive, and those who he will not be. Hang in there. He is probably waiting for the time to IM or e-mail you first. Waiting to ask if he can meet you, not you asking him when. My thoughts and prayers are with you. :) *HUGS* Comment from anglswinks - 4/16/05 4:59 PM

that should say but not nut.. i hope your neck feels better btw Comment from maidothemist - 4/16/05 4:31 PM

Ugh- can I tell you, that even though there are times i wish i never married jim, the time in my life when i met him, was the greatest time of all, and I will tell you why.. I was only having fun. I didnt care if I met anyone. Suddenly, there were men everywhere. Sadly I picked the wrong one for me.. nut it was fun nonetheless. Hang in there girlie Comment from maidothemist - 4/16/05 4:30 PM

Friday, April 15, 2005


The pic sums up how I'm feeling right at this moment. Thanks to a good friend who sent the email to me. You know who you are. ;-)

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LOL Don't expect your friend, NOT to use it from time to time. ;-) Feel better, my friend. Remember, love hurts at first. Maybe Euan is feeling just like the pic himself. Never know!! Waiting for love to come, is like waiting and watching for water to boil. Inner feelings boil faster than the water. Love also is a waiting game. Wait and see what the other party has in mind, so as not to be too disappointed if the other party chooses just friendship, if they don't, then pleasant surprises is what they choose in their time. ;) Comment from anglswinks - 4/15/05 9:19 PM

The Insanity Continues

My message to Euan:

Why, hello there! Imagine my surprise as I was browsing Yahoo personals today for the heck of it, when I came across yours. How long have you had it up? I don't remember seeing it before, but then again, I haven't browsed the profiles in a while. lol Anyhow, I like what you put in your profile. And of course, I like your picture, since it's the same one you sent to me last week. lol In all honesty, I really like the talks we have shared, and have been hoping to talk to you more, and meet you soon. I think you and I really do get along, and have a lot in common, which is something I haven't found in a really long time. I miss seeing you online. We seem to have great chats for a few days, and then, poof, you're gone for a while. lol Well, I hope that you are feeling ok, and I also hope that we can talk again soon. Take care, Colleen

Not too bad, is it? I hope not. Guess we'll see what happens. To be continued, possibly. lol

I'm Gonna Go Insane

Here is a quote from a friend of mine, and the reason for it, I shall describe in a second: "Men suck! They can all go f***in' jump in the lake! lol"

I would so have to agree at this point. And here is why. Since I can't do all that much today, I decided to browse the Yahoo personals. I thought maybe I'd just see what was out there, and send a message or two since I paid for a month membership. (ugh) As I was browsing, I suddenly came across a profile with a VERY familiar face. It was Euan's. And it was the SAME picture he sent to me last week. So I can only guess that he made the profile last week some time. It also said he'd been on in the last 24 hours. Well, if that's true, then he's not loading his instant messenger when he's online. I honestly don't know what to make of this. Does this mean he's just putting it up just because? Is he not really that interested in getting to know me more? Which I find hard to believe. Or am I making too big of a deal about it? I just feel so upset and confused. To be quite honest, I am going to send him a message on it, and see what he does. I guess it can't hurt, can it? Maybe if I actually show him I'm interested, maybe he'll get the hint!!! I'm beginning to feel more and more miserable the more I think about men lately, that I think I'll just totally give up and be single forever. Maybe that'll solve everything. *sigh*

I'm going to send Euan a message, and see where that gets me. Wish me luck.

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:-X Comment from anglswinks - 4/15/05 8:50 PM

Not A Great Start Today

Well, today is turning out to be a crappy one so far, and it's not even noon. First of all, when I was waking up this morning, I went to turn over and felt a snap in my neck. Now it hurts like crazy, and I can barely turn my head to the right. I've put heat on it, and I'm about to try ice. And also a Tylenol. This is just great. Another day goes down the drain, this time because I hurt myself.

I also got a call from one of my best friends this morning, which surprised me because I know she's usually working. However, she called to say one of her brothers died. I'm not sure I even met this brother, but she did talk about him often, and I feel bad for her and her family. In all honesty, I thought she was going to tell me her father passed away. He hasn't been doing all that great lately. However, that was not the case.
Anyhow, that's been my Friday so far. I can't even guess if it'll get better or worse right now. I'm going to put ice on my neck, and hope for the best.

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Awwww....:-( I am SO sorry that you are hurting, my friend!! I hope you will feel much better as the day goes on. ((((((((( Feel better HUGS to you))))))))))))) Comment from anglswinks - 4/15/05 1:00 PM

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Quite a Work Out

I wasn't feeling all that spectacular today, but I tried exercising despite that fact. I thought maybe I'd do half an hour of walking, which usually equals a mile for me. As time went on, and the more I kept thinking about stuff, that half an hour became an hour. I walked around the apartment for an hour, and it equaled a little more than 2 miles. What propelled me to walk that long was the frustration, loneliness, and anger that I've been feeling lately. The music I was listening to helped also. lol It did make me feel a little better after that. Just a little.

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(((((((((((((Colleen)))))))))))))))) I feel your pain girlie- truly I do Comment from maidothemist - 4/16/05 4:26 PM

You are love-struck! lol That's the problem!! Make yourself walk outside where there is no phone or computer to wait for a call or IM~! Maybe you'd have a message when you got back. :) Comment from anglswinks - 4/15/05 1:37 AM


No word from Euan today. I give up. :-(
::::::dragging myself to bed:::::::

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Don't give up so easily!! Euan has been sick, and is probably busy catching up on things. He WILL contact you, one way or the other. :-) Maybe being a little less too available would be in order??? I dunno! I hope you feel better tomorrow, my friend!! Comment from anglswinks - 4/15/05 1:35 AM

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Well, I guessed it. Nadia is gone from the show. My 25 votes didn't help her out, and that's too bad. I don't think we've seen the last of her though! I'm a little ticked off that Scott Savol once again had escaped from the final three. And what the heck was Bo Bice doing down there????? Ugh!!! (seems to my favorite phrase lately lol) So, three of my picks still surviving....can't wait to watch it next week! :-D

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I am telling you, Anwar is going to win!! He was flawless, and will be the next "American Idol." They DO need to get rid of Scott. He has a "nice" voice, but, a nice voice does not an "American Idol" make. Comment from anglswinks - 4/13/05 11:01 PM


It's rather sad when the ice cream truck guy goes by the house wearing a sweatershirt and a jacket. Something is wrong with that picture!! LOL

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ROFL! I just kwpt reading to see whats up with Euan .. nothing I see :( Damn men Comment from maidothemist - 4/13/05 9:32 PM

I would say so!! LOL You'll have to ask him what is with that next time you see him. Let me know. LOL :-D Comment from anglswinks - 4/13/05 5:18 PM


Not much going on here today so far. I woke up feeling dizzy, and had to put my head down again. I realized it was my ear. I stopped using the steamer at night, so I think it's causing my sinuses to act funny. I thought my day was shot, but it's been alright. I was able to exercise, and I walked around up here for 45 minutes, totalling 1.5 miles. And I wasn't too tired, either! I think that's a fluke. lol The rest of my day will include making a necklace set as a gift for someone, and trying to read To Kill a Mocking Bird. Shockingly, I have never read it! I have to laugh b/c yesterday I got to chapter 4, and only THEN realized the main character is a girl. Whoopsie! lol Anyway, that's it for now. I am off to start on the necklace!

Men Suck!!!!

Ok, I am having a "what the heck is up with men" issue tonight!!! One of my friends had been seeing a guy for maybe a month now. They talked for a few weeks online, then a couple weeks on the computer, and then finally met each other a few weeks ago. From the sound of it, they seemed to really get along well!! The last time they hung out was Sunday. So today I was thrown for a loop (and so was she) when he gave her the "it's not you, it's me" speech. WTH???? She totally doesn't get it!! He told her she was the sweetest girl he's met in a long time, that he needs some space, yada yada. Space??? They've only hung out together 4 times so far. UGH!!!

So, I have another friend (not from this area) who's been going out with a great guy for over a year and a half. I thought for sure this was it for her, that they'd be getting married very soon! I was so happy, and she was too! A couple weeks ago, she tells me they've been on and off since February, and he's telling her he's not sure if he even loves her. WTH??? I know she was hoping to be engaged to him, but I can't believe the stuff he's telling her. I feel so bad, b/c I know she loves him very much. She's trying to give him some space, but it's been agonizing for her, since she really thought things were great between them. UGH!!!

And we all know my situation with Euan. It's not going anywhere right now, and I was so hyped up last week. WTH????? I can't take it anymore, I'm just going to totally ignore men for the rest of my life!! UGH!!!!! lol
Ok, now I've ranted and raved, I must go to bed. I can't wait until Saturday night, for girls' night again. We are going to have some interesting (perhaps drunken) talks about men!!! lol :-D

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Hmmm...Men!!! Okay, there IS something going on. Maybe moving too fast, or well, to fast to the sleep area? Maybe? I dunno! Maybe men today just don't have what it takes to be husbands!! Maybe they all want one thing, tell another, and really mean a totally different thing. Make sense? lol I dunno, but, I would deffinitely take time to thoroughly KNOW someone before bouncing into a serious relationship. Comment from anglswinks - 4/13/05 12:27 AM

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

This Show Made Me Feel Old!!

AI was on tonight, and the theme: sing a top song from the year you were born. Gosh, did I sure feel OLD tonight!! Hearing some of the contestants say "I was born in 1980-so-and-so" was like ahhhhhhhhh!! lol Of course, I'm the same age as Bo and Constantine, so all was good there. :-D

The songs weren't too bad. Constantine was my favorite performance, mainly b/c I just LOVE that Queen song! Yes, it has been overplayed, but I don't care! :-P

My prediction for who's leaving tomorrow: Nadia. The poor girl was just pummeled by the judges on her song choice. Simon even remarked how she'd be the one to leave in the MIDDLE of the show! I thought she did a great job with the song she chose, even if no one really knew it. She looked wonderful, too! However, I don't think she's gonna make it. And if she doesn't, she'll be the first of my four picks to go. I'm gonna be soooooo bummed. :-(

Ok, let me get back on the phone to vote!! :-D

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omg I LOVED CONSTANTINE!!!!!!! I have moved him into 1st plce followed closely by Vonzell Comment from maidothemist - 4/13/05 9:28 PM

I Got Nuthin'

Not much happened today. I was kinda feeling blah and tired. Went to a couple stores with my mom, and got some wrapping paper stuff for the gifts I bought for the baby showers. Made dinner, watched tv, that was the extent of my day. Thrilling. lol

I found out my PHriend is doing ok, she's out of the hospital. She is not 100% yet, but at least she is home. It's a start on the road to recovery, hopefully!

Still haven't talked to Euan. Once again, I feel like an ass getting my hopes up. *sigh* I need to stop doing that to myself! Oh well, off to bed I go!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Pretty Tame Weekend

This weekend was pretty nice and quiet, definitely quieter than last weekend. Friday night I ordered was a movie night at home, with my mom, when we ordered Ray. We also did the invitations for my sister's baby shower at the end of the month in Horseheads. Saturday was spent grocery shopping with my parents. I usually go with just my mom, but when you add my dad to the mix, it can be quite a fun time! He told us he wanted to steer the cart at Aldi's, which is just funny because those carts are possessed, and they are hard to keep from going right into a fellow shopper. lol At Wegman's, I kept sending him off to find things for me, since he likes to wander at any given time, leaving us to ask "where's dad?" every few minutes. After shopping, unloading, and putting everything away, I relaxed for a while until I went out with my sister. We went to Third St. and chilled for a few hours, going to a few different bars (mainly to see if there were any large masses of people anywhere, it was pretty dead for some reason!). It was quite nice though, I love my sistore!! Well, I love all my sistores! :-D

Today I went to mass with my mom. My church was supposed to be celebrating it's 55th anniversary, but they cancelled it to have a mass remembering the Pope. Our former pastor was the homilist, and his homily made me realize how much I miss having him at our church. He told the story of actually meeting the Pope several years ago, and when he told the Pope that he was from Niagara Falls, the Pope told him to let his church members know he was praying for the people in NF. I thought it was a touching story. After church, they had a HUGE cake and juice/coffee, so my mom went down to eat and mingle. It was rather nice! After that I went home and fell asleep for a bit since I had a wicked headache. I think it was the cake, it had very sugary icing! Then I went to get my prescription filled, and then went to the cemetary. I just wanted to see if the crocuses had come up more, or if the snow killed them off last weekend. Gladly, the snow hadn't gotten to them! Afterward, I stopped by my parents', and ended up having dinner there. Then, went home!

I tried calling Euan tonight, and when he answered, he and his family were eating dinner. He told me to call back around 8:30, but when I tried, no one answered. I just left a message on the machine, and I'm hoping maybe tomorrow he'll be online. *sigh*

On a little bit of a sad note, I have a PHriend (it has become a habit on the PH message board I frequent, to call each other PHriends, and is rather endearing, I think) who is not doing so well. Her husband posted the other night that she is in bad shape, has some sort of infection that they cannot figure out, and she's gone without food and water for almost 12 days. She is on a medicine for her PH called Flolan, which is almost like having an IV for the medicine, one type of therapy I hope to avoid if possible. She had quite a few relapses during the winter, all which she made through, thankfully. Just a few weeks ago, she went to Hawaii with her husband to celebrate their anniversary. Apparently, she did great there, only having one night where she wasn't feeling to well. Her husband is greatly concerned about her, as we all are. It's funny how I've never met anyone that I'm getting to know from the boards, but we all feel like family. Anyway, I'm keeping her in my prayers, I hope they can figure out what is wrong, and they can help her to get stronger.

Well, I must take my medicine, and then I think I'll go and read. I'm rather tired tonight, so I just might end up falling asleep alot earlier than usual! Have a good night, everyone in J-land!! :-D

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It sounds like it was mostly a lovely weekend- I am wishing your phriend well. Comment from maidothemist - 4/10/05 10:33 PM

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Another quiz!

According to the quiz on this page:, I am a fox!! Which is quite funny because my hair does match the color of the fox above!! lol
You are the Fox. You are quite intelligent and use it to your advantage. You are a diplomatic person and use that to help your friends in times of crisis, not choosing sides. You are also very patient, waiting for what you want.
I like the last statement, that I'm very patient, waiting for what I want. Gosh, that has been true with soooooo many things in my life. Right now, I think I'm trying oh so hard to be patient on how things might turn out with Euan and I. I try to play it off like it's nothing. But sometimes, I just miss talking to him when he's not online, that I think I'm insane!! But, time will only tell. I might try calling him this weekend, now that he gave me another number to try reaching him. I'd really like to talk to him on the phone, since we haven't in such a long time! Keeping my fingers crossed that he'll actually be home when I do call! lol
Well, I'm a bit tired. I watched Ray tonight with my mom. Excellent movie! Jamie Foxx was such a great actor in the film, it's no wonder he won awards for his role as Ray Charles. I actually cried in some parts of the movie, and I don't usually shed tears. Go out and rent or buy the movie if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!
So off to bed I go! :-D

Friday, April 08, 2005

Happy Sunny Friday!!

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Niagara Falls!! Although it's not as warm as the past couple days, the sun makes it seem that way! I'm kind of tired today, but I'm going to get dressed (yes, it's after noon,and I'm still in pjs! lol), and meet my friend Renee for lunch! She said she's willing to come up this way, so we're going to a small place with good food!! YUM!! I hope the sun perks me up! I could actually go back to bed, but there's no way I'm missing the sunshine! lol Must go get dressed.....have a happy Friday! :-D

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ahhhhh.....Love lol

All day I kept hoping I'd see Euan online. I kept checking every once in a while to see if he IM'd me, or if he was on my buddy list. A certain friend said she had a feeling I'd hear from him before the end of the day. Sure enough, tonight I did! :-D I don't know what it is about the two of us that allows us to talk for long periods of time, and not even realize it. When we started talking, he had said he thought he'd go for a walk after a bit. We talked so much, that eventually I asked him if I made him miss his walk. He said no, that he'd rather talk to me anyway. *blush* So anyhow, he was asking which bridge I was closer to, and wondering how long it would take to come over here. I don't even think it'd be 20 minutes. Of course, with the bridge traffic, it could make that about 20 hours. LOL Just kidding, but one never knows. So maybe it's a sign that we'll be meeting soon! I can't wait to meet him, we get along so fabulously online, that I'm more than sure we would in person, too!

As much as I'm happy that Euan and I are talking again, I am trying to just keep it cool. I mean, come on, we've only been in touch again for the past couple days. But there has always been something about him, ever since we first started talking, that has made me feel connected to him like no one else. Not even Tom, I have to admit. But at least the one good thing about talking to Euan is that I'm forgetting about Tom. Well, it feels like I am. Although I still do miss him sometimes. So maybe I'm not. Ugh, I hate my emotions. Maybe I'm pms-ing. lol I don't know, but I DO know that I'm now beginning to ramble, so I shall end this journal of confusion, and go get my jammies on! :-D

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Ahhhh....Love is in the air. :-D Isn't Springtime wonderful? lolI wonder how long it will take him to come to see you? Maybe within the next couple of weeks? OR sooner? Hmmmm..need to concentrate on this one. lol Comment from anglswinks - 4/7/05 1:26 PM

Why Nikko???

I just can't believe the results for Idol. First of all, Fantasia rocked the house!!! My girl sang her butt off, and reminded me why I loved her in the first place! What a powerhouse she is!! Ok, now the results. I was completely surprised with Nikko and Vonzell being part of the bottom 3. Obviously, someone wasn't paying attention to the competition last night. I totally understood Scott being there, but why wasn't Anthony?? Ugh!! To top it all off, when I heard Scott was safe, I slammed my hand down on the floor right next to the cat because I was so mad!! Poor thing jumped a mile high! He then took a huge wide turn out of the living room to be away from me. lol I'm very disappointed that Nikko left, very. But, at least none of my favorites were even in the bottom 3 this week. :-D


I just finished exercising for the day. It went pretty well. I was getting a little tired halfway through, so I just sat for a minute or two. I hate interrupting my walk by sitting down, but it's better than just collapsing! Mittens tried to trip me up a few times, but at least he was running around getting his exercise, too! lol So now, after all that hard work, I sit here eating a chocolate bunny! LOL Kinda defeats the purpose now, doesn't it? :-D

Hello Sunshine!! :-D

I came across this picture, and I just thought it was beautiful! Plus, it matches the fact that we have some sun today!! Yaaaaaaaaaay!! Well, we had sun yesterday, too, but I was actually out enjoying it. lol I am hoping to open some windows today to let the fresh air in. That's if I ever stop freezing! Nothing much else planned for today. I hope I can talk to Euan, we kept missing each other yesterday. Bummer! lol Well, that's it for now, I just wanted to post this wonderful sunshine! Hope it's sunny in your neck of the woods today! :-D

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Oh that is MARVELOUS Comment from maidothemist - 4/6/05 8:45 PM

Yaaaaaaaay! You have sunshine again. :-D The picture is beautiful. I'll show you mine when I write. ;-) lol I DO have this feeling, that Euan will be in touch today. :-D Be patient, little one, be patient. :-) Comment from anglswinks - 4/6/05 3:52 PM

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My A.I. 2 Cents!

Tonight's performances on A.I. centered around musicals. Yes, I said musicals. It's the first time they've had this theme on the show, and frankly, I was a little afraid of what was going to be in store for the show. When I first heard musicals, I thought to myself, what in the world are Bo and Constantine going to sing?? Well, they ended up sounding rather good, in my opinion!! I honestly was drooling when Constantine was singing. The man is hot. It's something about his eyes. He oozes sex appeal, and it is appealing to me!! lol Paula couldn't have said it better when she said she was falling in love with him. Paula, HE'S MINE!! :-P

I thought the performances went pretty well tonight, actually. I have only two major complaints:

Scott Savol - the dude just has to go, I can't tolerate him anymore...and after his domestic abuse news coming out this past weekend, I'll be surprised if it doesn't hurt his chances.

Anthony Federov - I would personally like to kick Anthony's butt into another atmosphere for getting Climb Every Mountain from The Sound of Music stuck into my head all night. If I ever watch that movie again, I will definitely have to leave the room when that song is on. Ugh!!

I voted like crazy for my fabulous foursome: Constantine (still drooling), Bo, Anwar, and Nadia. I think I voted most for Nadia. If that girl is in the bottom three again this week, I will be PO'D!!!! Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow! :-D

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It's either Anwar or Nadia. lol Preferrably, Nadia!! She was beautiful, and was flawless in her performance. :-D Comment from anglswinks - 4/6/05 12:59 AM

Chillin, just chillin lol

I was able to talk to Euan again tonight. We talked for about an hour. Our conversations today have been so nice! I so miss talking to him! We talked about everything, from the weather to books we've read or are reading, to desserts. lol I hadn't seen a current picture of him in a while, so I asked if he had one. So, he took one with his webcam! lol His smile is just wonderful, and his eyes just seem to show that he is a wonderfully kind person. We talked about when we had first started talking to each other, a little over a year ago. He told me that when he saw my profile on, and saw the long red hair, and the big smile, that he knew he just had to write. Awww! The thing was, the only way I could get back to him was to subscribe. So, I did a free 3-day trial, and cancelled it before it was over. Just so I could write him back. lol So, I don't know if all this means anything, but I have found someone that I just so totally get along with, and can talk to for hours. We definitely agreed to meet, though. In fact, he suggested some time this month. So I'll be looking forward to when we both decide it can happen. Yay! :-D

On a little bit of a downer note, I watched Lifetime's movie tonight, Odd Girl Out. It was about a high school girl who, in the beginning of the movie, started out with the popular girls. By the middle of it, she had become a total outcast, all because of gossip and rumors her own friends were spreading. It was just awful. I felt so enraged and so sad at the same time, watching this movie. She eventually tried killing herself. It was just horrible. It made me go back to my high school days. I had my group of friends, we were pretty close. But I always had been envious of the popular girls. I wanted, at one point, to be in their group. I even remember writing them a letter. I was rejected, of course. But kids in schools today are even more brutal than they were when I was in high school, and that wasn't all that many years ago. I feel sorry for kids today who go through this school bullying. I don't envy them at all. I certainly hope there is more being done on the administrative level than when I was in school!

Well, guess I'll putz around a little more before going to bed. Gotta go for bloodwork tomorrow. Yippee. lol Have a good night, everyone! :-D

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Nighty night lover girl Comment from maidothemist - 4/5/05 12:19 AM

Monday, April 04, 2005

Yankee or Dixie?

Someone from my PH website ( posted this quiz on the message boards. I am 43% Yankee. What are you??? lol


I've just spent the last 2 hours talking away with Euan!! I am sooooo happy right now, I'm about to burst! lol I've so missed our chats, and I hope that there will be many more to come. He is doing good, he's now taking his 3 months off of work so he can rest and recover from his mild heart failure in January. He even suggested that during that time, he'd like to meet me....even if it was this month! I definitely would love to, it's been over a year now since we've first started talking. So, we'll see what happens! I'm just happy that we finally had a chance to actually talk again for a while, and not by email or missed IMs either! So, I guess now that we both decided to break away from the computer, I should go take my shower, and actually do something more productive with my day. LOL Although, talking to Euan was productive!! :-D

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woohoooo i want details too ...Comment from maidothemist - 4/4/05 7:36 PM

Yaaaaaaaay!!!! I am SO happy for you. :D But, I do expect DETAILS later. LOL :D Comment from anglswinks - 4/4/05 1:02 PM

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Snow Is Still Here >:-O

I woke up about 5 hours later (yes, I was tired lol), and the snow was STILL here. Figures! ::::rolling eyes::::
I had an awesome weekend!! And I'm tired, but happy! Friday night was such a blast!! And last night was a lot of fun, too. I went to Dee's house for a girls' night get-together. We ate good food, had some yummy drinks (Dee's mudslides rock!), and played some games. I didn't think I'd stay too long, since my sister came with me, and she hasn't gone to bed later than 11pm in months. lol But we all ended up leaving some time after midnite! It was quite a good time!

Today was my little niece's baptism. My mom came with me, which was nice since I don't know how my little car would have gotten through all the slushy streets. (stupid snow!!) Little Sydney was so good during the ceremony! She is just soo cute. Afterward, Erin had everyone for a brunch at the school, and that was yummy!! My mom dropped me off at home, and I was so tired from such a busy weekend, that I ended up sleeping for almost 5 hours! I'm tired now, so I'll be going to bed soon. But my weekend was just so much fun! Despite the crappy weather. lol I just love being able to spend time with my friends, it's a great feeling! :-D

April Showers....and not rainy ones, either!

This weather is CRAPPY!!!!!! I can't believe we have about 5 inches of snow, and it just keeps on coming!!! Ugh!! I'm going to take a nap, maybe it'll be all gone when I wake up?? ROFL!!!

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No such luck... Comment from maidothemist - 4/3/05 11:26 PM

Awwww! :( I'll have to send the California plows to dig you out!! lol Let me know if it is gone by the time you wake up!! rofl!! Comment from anglswinks - 4/3/05 5:41 PM

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Happy Hour Fun!!

Oh, it was happy hour last night!! lol I went to Mr. Goodbar last night with Dee. By the time our friend, Mo, met us there, we were pretty buzzing!! lol I had an awesome time last night, and I wasn't even concerned about Tom. I was happy to see him, I thought he looked really good, and he put on a really good show with his friends. But, there were other people there I knew that I talked to, and we just had a blast! I was proud of myself that I wasn't following Tom's every move. Maybe I'm finally moving on. Or maybe I was too happy to care. Whatever the case, I'm glad I went out last night, because I almost didn't!

On a much crappier note, WHAT IS WITH THE WEATHER?????? We have maybe 1 or 2 inches of snow outside right now, and it keeps coming!!! If this had happened yesterday, it definitely would have been fitting for April Fool's day. However, now it's April 2nd!! This just stinks!!!! >:-O

I'm going to take a nap. I'm tired from last night, and maybe, just a tad bit hungover. :-X lol

Friday, April 01, 2005

Mellow Mood

I don't know why, but this evening, I've been feeling rather mellow. Maybe it's because I'm tired. Or maybe it's because I ate a huge dinner, and at a later time than I usually do. lol I don't know, I just feel blah. I think I've been thinking about things too much again. lol I hate when I do that. I'm approaching 30, I feel like I haven't accomplished anything in my life, I'm single, and I almost feel like I'm trying too hard to find someone, or maybe I'm not trying at all. One of my friends has started seeing someone, so that definitely makes me the single one out of all my friends around here. I know, I should be more appreciative of what I DO have in my life. First of all, I have life. With my health conditions, that's a positive in itself! Second, I have accomplished a LOT in my life so far. It may not have been what I hoped for, but I have done a lot. I have 2 degrees to my name. I have battled through some tough times with my PH, and I continue to do so. And thirdly, I have many family and friends who love me, and who are there for me when I need them. I know, not the same as having a guy in my life, but still, it's nice to know that I am cared about by many people. So it seems like I should have just answered my own question of why I shouldn't be so mellow. But, I guess I have a right to just feel blah every once in a while. I go through it quite often. Hopefully I'll get out of this funk soon. I should this weekend, I have several plans! Tomorrow night, going to watch Tom and his friend play at Goodbar. Saturday night, going to my friend's house for girls' night! And Sunday is my little niece's baptism. So, at least I won't have time to wallow in self-pity this weekend. lol Guess that's why I'm like this tonight. So, I'm off to bed, so I won't have to wallow much longer. lol

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I can tell you why you feel so blah!! YOU ATE TOO MUCH! LOLSeriously, I hope you perk up soon. :) You should have a good time this weekend. I get to stay luck stiff. rofl!! Comment from anglswinks - 4/1/05 1:46 AM