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Saturday Happenings

Another summer-like day in October happened today, and that was alright with me! I am loving this weather, although I am very aware that it will end soon enough. I haven't yet switched over my wardrobe, and plastic hasn't been sealed up over the windows. I'm still hoping I can hold off on that for another couple weeks. We'll see!

Today, I had a PH support group meeting. I've sort of lost count of how long I've run this support group, but I know it's well over 10 years. I enjoy having meetings, because I get to see my phriends! But, I REALLY enjoy the meetings where I have a speaker, which I've had for almost all the meetings this year. It's very hard to come up with new topics after having a support group for so long, especially when not too many new people show up, or come once and then never again. I have repeated a few topics, but there are still a few that I haven't had at all. So, I need to prepare for next year's meetings soon so I can…

I Blinked, Then It Was October!

Wasn't it just September 1st?? The month that brings the last few weeks of the dog days of Summer, and then ushers us into the crispness of Fall?? I swear, this year September just flew by with a blink of an eye, and today it's October!! I'm always sad when Fall starts, even though it seems everyone around me is giddy with excitement. Fall means colder days are ahead, and I'll be pretty much spending my days from now until late spring in long underwear since my circulation is not that great!! lol
I'm trying to have a better attitude about the long Winter days coming ahead, especially since I don't think we'll be as lucky as the past couple years with "warmer" days that allowed me to get out a lot more than usual during the cold season. I keep hearing and reading rumors that we'll get a bitter winter with more snow, but of course, that remains to be seen. Getting out a lot the last couple winters helped me some with anxiety that didn't all…