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Bye Bye, July

In a little over an hour here on the east coast, July will slip away and give in to August. Where is this summer going??

The past several days have been mostly involved with trying to function with headaches. I got a migraine in the wee hours of Thursday morning around 2am, as I turned over in my sleep. I could see the aura, and layed there wondering if I should get up and take an Excedrin Migraine, or just try to go back to sleep. Taking the Excedrin usually means the caffeine in the pill keeps me up for awhile. I decided to go back to sleep, but the rest of the night was fitful, and every time I turned, I could feel my head hurting. Guess I should've opted to take the Excedrin since I didn't get much more sleep anyway.

When I got up on Thursday morning to take Revatio, I finally decided to take something for the headache. I got maybe another hour of sleep before I gave up and tried to see if I was well enough to still go to rehab. I really tried my best to get pumped for it, b…

Food Coma

I can basically sum up the weekend with one word: FOOD. Saturday consisted of spending a few hours at 2 grocery stores. Aldi's was first, and both my mom and I stocked up on things we like getting there. I usually try to get a lot of stuff there first, before I head to any other grocery store. While there on Saturday, I saw a bunch of things like blenders, a chopper, food processor, etc. Aldi's carries different items all the time, so when something is there on one visit, it will probably not be there on the next one. Since I had the need for a chopper and a blender, I thought I'd buy their blender, since it wasn't a bad price! When I mentioned this to my mom, she asked why I couldn't wait until my birthday in 2 months. I thought about it, wandered the store for a bit getting other items, and then said to her that maybe she could get the blender for me now so I could use it! Then she stated that she wasn't buy me the blender, b/c she had something else in mind…

A Nice Weekend (Soon To Come)

I did want to write about my weekend, but I am soooo exhausted that I just can't seem to type it all out right now. I hope to do so tomorrow!

I seem to be having loading issues with Blogger lately. It's irritating. I'm not sure if it's just me, or if it's the site. I just hope it gets better soon!

Unexpected Sunshine

I got to rehab today, and one of my friends there was already on the treadmill. She saw me come in, and said hello, and then told me she had a little something for me in a bag over near her purse. So I put my stuff down, and took a peek at what was in the bag. It was a solar-powered flower that is supposed to dance in the sun! I think it's cute, but I also think it was so sweet of my rehab buddy to think of me. She told me when she saw it, she thought it would perk me up on crappy days. It's just little things like a simple thought that make me realize how blessed I am to have so many different people in my life. :)

A Wonderful Weekend

On Friday, I ended up going to the rehab class from 1-2pm, and I liked it. I just took it easy a little, and didn't over do any of the exercises. I'm glad I had the sense to bring my headphones with me, because someone in the room turned the tv on to golf. I don't hate golf, but it's boring to exercise to! I finished up there, went home and had a little something to eat and went to the credit union quick. After that I called a phriend and spent almost 2 hours chatting away about a lot of things. Then I had dinner down at my parents', and came home and watched a Netflix movie, The Bucket List. It was ok. I didn't love it, but didn't hate it, either.

I wasn't expecting to do much on Saturday until my mom called me and asked if I'd like to go to Artpark with her, my cousin, Joan, Mandy and the kids. I thought, why not? I got all ready to go, slathered myself with suntan lotion since Artpark is very much outdoorsy, and the sun was out in full force, and …

Adding Extra

When I had my PH support group meeting in May, the topic was pulmonary rehab. I had asked one of the ladies who works at the rehab center I go to if she'd like to give a presentation about the benefits of exercising, and she was all for it. So during her talk, she mentioned that anyone who started at their center would initially start off with two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. If eventually they felt like doing more, they could add an extra day, which would be Fridays. This was news to me! But I thought that maybe I'd try to start doing an extra day working out at home instead of going to the rehab center. Sadly, this just hasn't happened!! I'm so not disciplined trying to work out at home, and it's sad and irritating to me.

The past couple days I've been considering adding Friday to my exercise regimen, and today I asked about it. E. told me I could come in, and didn't even have to call. The extra time is from 1-2pm, and there usually aren't too …

Shopping and Resting

The weekend went by entirely too fast, and it was a mixed bag of happiness and frustration. Saturday morning I got up a little early so I could shower before being picked up by Joanie to go shopping with Mandy at Kohl's. Lots of stuff was on sale there, and we had coupons! I had fun walking around, trying to help Mandy and Joan find things they liked, and every time they weren't sure about something, I would say, "Oh just try it on!" I didn't bother looking for clothes for myself. I just didn't have the money for anything. I decided on looking for earrings instead. So Mandy and Joan ended up with a pile of things to try on, and I stood outside their dressing room doors waiting to see how everything looked, and saying yes or no. The piles got whittled down a bit, but in the end, they both got several new things to wear for the summer. I hunted through all the jewelry to find some sort of earrings that I'd enjoy wearing, and finally decided on rather long o…


The 4th of July holiday weekend has come and gone, and it was a rather nice one. Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day! It was in the high 80s, but the humidity was so low that it didn't feel that hot unless you were directly in the sun for awhile. It was breathable weather! I didn't have any major plans until Joanie called me and asked if I'd want to go to her friends house for a little gathering, and I said sure! It was a good time! We were there for a few hours until our mom called to say that Mandy was coming over with the kids for sundaes. So, Joanie and I headed there for a little bit. The sundaes were yummy, and I eventually left to go home so I could watch the fireworks from my alley. They were pretty nice this year, and longer than I thought they'd be!

Yesterday was in the high 80s, but this time humidity rolled in. I could feel it when I woke up early to take my Revatio. When I got up the second time, I turned on the A/C. I closed a few doors, though, so they …

Another Gets His Wings

I was called a couple hours ago and told that Brandon passed away tonight. I am sad, yes, but as terrible as he sounded last night on the phone, I was expecting it. I don't know if that makes me an awful person, but I just didn't want him to suffer anymore. Boy I was praying hard for him to have a miracle, but maybe his miracle was supposed to end this way. I don't know. All I know is that he will be missed by his family and his kids, and by all the phriends he made in the past couple of years. RIP, Brandon. May you breath freely forever.