Food Coma

I can basically sum up the weekend with one word: FOOD. Saturday consisted of spending a few hours at 2 grocery stores. Aldi's was first, and both my mom and I stocked up on things we like getting there. I usually try to get a lot of stuff there first, before I head to any other grocery store. While there on Saturday, I saw a bunch of things like blenders, a chopper, food processor, etc. Aldi's carries different items all the time, so when something is there on one visit, it will probably not be there on the next one. Since I had the need for a chopper and a blender, I thought I'd buy their blender, since it wasn't a bad price! When I mentioned this to my mom, she asked why I couldn't wait until my birthday in 2 months. I thought about it, wandered the store for a bit getting other items, and then said to her that maybe she could get the blender for me now so I could use it! Then she stated that she wasn't buy me the blender, b/c she had something else in mind that I needed. Awww! So, I text Joanie! I tell her that there's a blender at Aldi's for $19.99, and maybe it can be a birthday gift for me. Hint hint? lol She texts back and says if I want it, to buy it and she'll give me the money. Really?? Yay! So, I bought it! We pay for our groceries and head toward the van, and I mention what I might look for in the next grocery store that I can use for my new blender, and my mom says I can't use it until my birthday! So, I text Joanie again! I ask her if I'm allowed to use it, or do I have to wait?? She says that she changed her mind, it's for Christmas, and I can't use it til December! hahahaha!!

Off to Tops we go, and I don't have much food stamps left, so I think of the essentials left that I haven't already gotten or don't have at home, and I buy a few more things. I searched high and low for tahini, an ingredient used to make hummus. After probably 20 minutes of going up and down aisles, I finally find some in the Indian section! Plus, it was on sale! I also got some vanilla bean ice cream for milkshakes, and a variety of other items. We check out and my mom drops me off, groceries all over the place. I get things put away, make dinner, and an hour or so after, I play with the blender. I make a yummy milkshake, and I was happy!

Sunday morning, after eating an apple, I make a yummy strawberry smoothie! It was such a big glass, that it was all I had until it was time to go over to Canada for dinner with Rick's family, Joan's fiancé. And thank goodness it was all I had. Because let me tell you, we had the most food I'd seen for dinner in a really loooooooooong time!!! Here is what we had, at least most of it. Some I'm sure I'll forget!!

Course 1:
mozzarella balls
relish tray, including pickled cauliflower and eggplant, olives, and peppers
cheeses and prosciutto
rolls, and fresh Italian bread

Course 2:
pasta and sauce
more rolls

Course 3:
the largest steaks I've ever seen
bbq chicken
basil pasta (made by Joanie)
corn on the cob

Course 4:
random cookies and candies and popcorn and nuts
fresh fruit
chocolate cake
apple crumb pie

Like I said, I'm sure that I'm probably missing something, but that is a ton of food! And I'm soooo not used to eating like that! I kept taking very small amounts of everything since I didn't want to make myself sick! Plus, I would've felt rude not being able to eat so much by the time the 3rd course came around! lol But we all had a very nice time, since it was the first time we had met Rick's parents. We were there for several hours, talking about all sorts of things, and we all seemed to get along. We got home around 9ish, and I had to take a quick bath b/c my legs were so cold from being in the A/C for so long. I was exhausted, and went to bed earlier than I normally do!

I got up Monday morning around 9:30, got dressed and put my sheets in the washer. I ate breakfast, and by the time I hung the sheets outside on the lines to dry, I felt like falling asleep standing up. I was just soooooo tired from all that food, and probably from being cold most of the evening, and just the excitement from it all. I took a couple naps just to function! Thankfully today I felt better, and I went to rehab actually looking forward to walking on the treadmill (not one of my fav things to do!) so I could walk off some of my Sunday dinner!


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