Shopping and Resting

The weekend went by entirely too fast, and it was a mixed bag of happiness and frustration. Saturday morning I got up a little early so I could shower before being picked up by Joanie to go shopping with Mandy at Kohl's. Lots of stuff was on sale there, and we had coupons! I had fun walking around, trying to help Mandy and Joan find things they liked, and every time they weren't sure about something, I would say, "Oh just try it on!" I didn't bother looking for clothes for myself. I just didn't have the money for anything. I decided on looking for earrings instead. So Mandy and Joan ended up with a pile of things to try on, and I stood outside their dressing room doors waiting to see how everything looked, and saying yes or no. The piles got whittled down a bit, but in the end, they both got several new things to wear for the summer. I hunted through all the jewelry to find some sort of earrings that I'd enjoy wearing, and finally decided on rather long oval metal earrings. I didn't even want a bag, I just put them on when we got back into the car!

We stopped at Tim Horton's for a cheap and yummy lunch, and then went to an outside event called Sanborn Days. Mandy wanted to see what kind of crafts people had, and when we browsed, I think she was relieved that she never bothered signing up for it. Her jewelry would probably never have sold because it's so much better than all the stuff we saw there! So we left there, and dropped Mandy back home, and then Joan dropped me off. I spent the rest of the afternoon just taking it easy because I was tired, but I did have a very nice afternoon with my sistores!

I woke up on Sunday morning just after 9, and cleaned the entire bathroom after I put my eyes in. It needed to be done, and I just decided to do it since Mittens hadn't even come to say good morning to me when I came out of the bedroom. After that, I got dressed, fed Mittens, and put in a load of laundry. I ate breakfast and chatted with a good phriend, and then I put the wet laundry into the dryer and put another load in the washer. Then I did dishes. I just felt so motivated to finally do some things, and I guess since I had some energy, I thought going in right from the moment I got up would be smart! But something slowly started to get in the way, and it was irritating from the start. Cramps. Stupid damn cramps, and one Tylenol didn't really work right away, so I eventually had to take another one, which I really HATE doing. After the 2nd load of laundry was done, I hung the towels on the lines in the basement since I had no energy in trying to hang them outside. I got the dry laundry out of the dryer. The dishes were done, the bathroom was clean, and by that time, chores were over. If I wanted to do anything else, it would have to wait since the pain was getting to be unbearable. I nuked my heating pad (which is white rice sewn into a rectangle pouch of material), and went to lay down in the bedroom. Almost 3 hours later, I finally felt better. It was a relief, I tell ya!!

After dinner, I decided that I wanted to go down to the Falls to see the fireworks go off at 10pm EST. During the tourist season, the Canadian side of the Falls shoots off fireworks on Friday and Sunday nights at 10pm on the dot, and I haven't gone down to see them in a couple years at least. Quite sad, honestly, because I absolutely LOVE fireworks, and I love seeing the water. The Falls is in my own backyard, and I barely ever go there to just look at their beauty! So anyway, I went with my mom, since it's been awhile since she's seen them, too. The weather was beautiful, not chilly and not stifling. Tons of people were walking around, but of course, it's tourist season! I tried so hard to get a picture of the Falls, but it was so misty and way too dark for anything to show up on my camera. I'm going to try going down during the day when the view is much better! The fireworks started exactly at 10, and I filmed the entire thing. They lasted just over 5 minutes, and were very beautiful. The crowd around me was rather animated and entertained by the display, and at the end of it all, you can hear their applause. I'm so glad I went down there, and I am hoping maybe I'll feel like going again some night before the tourist season is over.

Today I had to get monthly bloodwork done, and before I left the house I could already feel cramps coming. I reluctantly took a Tylenol, and I'm hoping it didn't mess up my results, but I wasn't to wait around to take it after I got back home. As it was, I needed another one after I did leave. I spent a couple hours with the heating pad again, this time napping with Mittens. I really didn't get anything accomplished today. I'm hoping for better results tomorrow!!


great nice post i am also enjoying the whole day with great masti and maja.In between i have purchase rakhi for my younger brother ...
Bonnie, NV said…
Colleen in your off time can you come to Nevada and work on my house?? I'll have a heating pad wainting for you. LOL LOL Really some day it would be so nice to come visit and see the falls. Brian and I have never visited the east coast. Just waiting for an invitation. hint hint lol Love ya Bonnie
Jen said…
Hi Loca,
Hope the cramps have left ya now..those damn pestering things..ughh

Sounds like you Sistores have a great time @ Kohls..I cannot believe you got outt that place with just a pair of earrings..LOL

Love ya and miss chatting with you..Maybe catch ya on Fb soon! HUGS :))

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